UK Baby Passport Photo: How to Take It at Home

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Child Passport Photo at Home in 4 Steps

1. Take and Upload a Photo

Grab a camera phone, take a regular photo of your child and upload it here. We'll remove its background and make the size right (all other baby passport photo requirements given below must be met anyway).

2. Check Out the Preview

In less than a minute, we'll crop your image to the correct baby passport photo size and remove its background. Then, you'll see a preview of your photo: if you don't like it, retake as many times as you want.

3. Choose a Format

Either get a digital baby passport photo with a code and a self-printing template—or get all of the above plus 8 printouts. In any case, we'll double-check your image against the rules.

4. Get Verified Pictures

Whatever option you choose, you'll get expert-verified UK baby passport photos. Use the digital picture to apply online or your new printouts to apply by post. Either way, we guarantee acceptance!

How to Get Passport Photo for Infant

  1. take a picture of your baby (no need to be a professional photographer)
    STEP 1
    Upload image to prepare
  2. download an accepted baby passport photo uk
    STEP 2
    Get verified pictures

UK Baby Passport Photo Requirements

  1. Correct Size and Ratio

    A picture for a UK baby passport has to be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high, while the baby's head must measure 29–34 mm. Digital photos should be 600x750 in pixels and take up from 50KB to 10MB. In our baby passport photo service, all these dimensions are set for you automatically.
  2. Picture Background

    A newborn baby passport photo must be of a uniform light grey or plain cream colour. In case you're taking the picture against a white sheet or a wall, it can't have marks, creases or patterns. If you're using our professional service to take a baby passport photo at home, we'll set the correct background for you.
  3. Age-Independent Rules

    Aside from baby passport photo requirements, there are rules for all ages from adults to very young children. Say, a passport photo must be coloured and focused. Also, it can't be edited or have any shadows or lighting defects (use natural light to avoid red-eye).
  4. Facial Expression

    Children under 6 don't have to look directly at the camera or keep a neutral facial expression in their photo shots (children under 1 don't even have to keep their eyes open). As for hair in an infant passport photo, it can't cover or obscure the face or its features.
  5. Clothes and Accessories

    A head covering is allowed in UK baby passport pictures for religious or medical reasons only. The infant's clothing should contrast with the background. Glasses can be left on for medical reasons (no glare or reflections), but the frames can't cover baby's eyes.
  6. Baby Passport Photo Online

    You can upload a regular picture and get valid baby passport photos—a digital image, printable template, and 8 prints. This is allowed by the official rules in the UK. Plus, your photos will be double-checked for compliance, which is why we offer a 100% acceptance guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to take a baby passport photo at home by yourself?

    If you want to do it without the help of our service, you’ll need to make sure that your snapshot meets all baby passport photo requirements.
    Follow these guidelines to take a compliant picture:

    1. Find a Well-Lit Place: You’ll need smooth and even lighting, and this is where natural light works best—try to find a room that has at least two windows with daylight coming in. If it’s too bright, use curtains to diffuse. Your main goal here is to ensure even lighting without any shadows.
    2. Set Up a Light-Coloured Background: Put a non-patterned light grey bed sheet onto a flat surface and then lay your baby on it. If your little one can already sit up straight on their own, you can use a plain wall of the same colour as your background.
    3. Make Sure Your Little One is Ready: See that the baby is calm and comfortable. If he or she keeps crying or getting distracted, you can use toys to calm them down (but there can’t be any toys or dummies in the photo).
    4. Prepare Your Camera: Your smartphone will do—just open the camera app settings and select the 35×45 aspect ratio. Also, make sure the resolution of your photos is at least 600 x 750 pixels (if you provide a poor-quality image file or prints, your passport application might be rejected).
    5. Take Multiple Pictures: As soon as your kid calms down, take photos using your phone camera. Make sure that the head and upper shoulders aren’t tilted and the head is fully visible (also, no hands in the photo, either yours or the baby’s). As for the face, the baby passport photo rules don’t require kids to look directly at the camera or keep a strictly neutral facial expression. In fact, your baby can even smile—just make sure his or her mouth is closed and eyes are open (children aged one or less can even have their eyes closed).
    6. Choose the Best Photo: Scroll through the snapshots you’ve just taken and pick the one that meets all the above requirements best.

    To be sure your new picture will be accepted, you can upload it here—we’ll double-check it against the rules.

  2. How does your service verify pictures?

    Each image is checked against the official baby passport photo requirements listed here—by a trained UK expert. Also, there are rules for all ages from adults to very young children: say, a passport photo must be coloured and focused and can’t be edited or have any shadows or lighting defects—we’ll verify your photo against these standards as well.
    This way, we make sure that His Majesty’s Passport Office accepts your photo the first time.
    Plus, we give a money-back guarantee: if your picture isn’t accepted (which is very unlikely), you’ll get a full refund.

  3. How quickly will we get our photos?

    As for the digital copies, they will be ready almost instantly. You’ll be able to either download them on your device or have them sent to your email within a minute.
    In case you order printouts, they should be delivered to your address within 2-3 working days (but the digital copies will be sent to you instantly anyway).

  4. What should a baby wear for their passport photo?

    Technically, there aren’t any strict rules, since HMPO doesn’t provide any specific dress code for little ones. Still, you should pay attention to the following:

    • Keep the Baby’s Clothes Neutral: Avoid anything too bright. The safest option here is to choose something of plain colour that makes a good contrast to the background.
    • Don’t Put on Any Headwear: Whatever the age, hats, bows or other head covers are strictly forbidden (the only exception is made for religious attire).
    • No Accessories: No toys, dummies or other similar objects are allowed.
  5. Where to take a UK baby passport photo near me?

    You should have at least one of these options nearby:

    • Chain Store: Many supermarkets and convenience stores have a dedicated photo service—for example, you can get a Morrisons passport photo at some of their branches (it’s best to phone ahead and make sure the place does provide such services).
    • Post Office: Whatever the branch, the photography service is only available as part of the Check & Send service (where the employee takes your photo and helps you to apply). This is more convenient but comes at an extra cost.
    • Photo Studio: For one, you can try a Jessops passport photo—they will definitely have all the means and conditions needed but can cost you more than the first two options.