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How to Get 97% Off
Jessops Passport Photos

1. Take a usual photo by yourself

Use your phone to take a picture of yourself. Follow the rules for UK passport photos: look straight into the camera with a neutral expression and avoid any shadows on your face or upper body. The background and size can be anything at this point.

2. Upload it here to get a template

Hit the green button to upload your new picture to our website. In an instant, we'll crop it to the passport photo size and replace your backdrop with plain light grey. Then, you'll see the preview of a 6x4" template with four biometric images.

3. Save your biometric pictures

Choose how you want to check your UK passport photos for compliance: by AI or with the help of a certified UK expert. After checking, you will be able to download your new picture in two formats: a 35x45 digital passport photo and/or a 6x4" template.

4. Print your photos at Jessops

As a cheaper option, you can have your photos printed online, which will cost £0.22 only. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Jessops store and get your printed passport photos there (this option is much faster, but the price is £0.55).

Get Correct Photos Right Now

  1. add a regular full-face picture to process it into a passport photo
    STEP 1
    Upload usual digital photo
  2. download a biometric image meeting all requirements of the authorities
    STEP 2
    Get printable 35x45 picture

Jessops Passport Photo Service Information

  1. Pictures for as Low as £0.22

    Get passport photos at Jessops for £0.22 now! Have your biometric image taken and checked, then print your UK passport-size picture or receive its digital copy. Try it now (you won't even need to sign up or enter card details) and get a ready-made image in minutes! Upload a photo to begin.
  2. Other Passport Photo Options

    Alternatively, you can have your image taken at any Jessops store in the UK, which will cost £9.95 (an additional digital copy is £5). The expert staff will guide you through the process, use advanced equipment and ensure that your passport photo meets the specific requirements.
  3. Printing Pictures In-Store

    If you already have a digital copy of your picture, you can go to any Jessops branch in the UK and have it printed. Simply bring a 6x4" digital passport photo template made here, and the friendly staff will assist you in printing it correctly—for the price of £0.55.
  4. Printing Passport Photos Online

    To save money, you can also print pictures directly from home using the dedicated service. Using their online photo printing page, you can upload the UK passport photo template made here and have it printed for £0.22. See the F.A.Q. section below for a step-by-step guide.
  5. Jessops Opening Times

    Most stores open at 9 AM and close at 5:30 PM on weekdays (and most close on weekends). Before you head to get that passport photo, remember: the opening times vary depending on the location, so it is best to check the operating hours on the retailer's official site or by contacting the nearest store.
  6. Finding Your Nearest Jessops

    To do that from home, use the store locator tool on the retailer's official web page. Enter your postcode, and the tool will provide you with a list of outlets along with their addresses, contact details, opening hours, and information on the services they provide (like taking passport photos or express printing).

Jessops Passport Photos:
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to print a passport photo at Jessops online?

    Ordering your printouts online is a good way to save both time and money–here’s how you do it:

    1. Use the step-by-step guide at the top of this page to prepare a background-free passport photo template. Make sure its size is 6×4″!
    2. Navigate to the Jessops passport photo printing page
    3. Select the 6×4″ size and gloss finish, then click Get Creating
    4. In the central field, click Browse files and upload your template (you will be asked to create a new album, confirm it)
    5. Make sure the uploaded passport photo template is selected and push ADD 1 PHOTOS TO PROJECT
    6. On the next screen, simply click Add to cart
    7. Double-check the size of your passport photo printout, as well as the finish and quantity, then push CHECK OUT
    8. In case it’s the first time you’re using this service, enter your email and choose Checkout as Guest or Register an Account
    9. Enter your name and phone number, then press Create Account
    10. Select how you want to get your UK passport photo: collect it in-store or have it delivered to your home
    11. If you want to arrange pick-up, enter the address of the branch you need. To have your passport photo shipped to you, specify your home address. Then, click Continue to Payment Method
    12. Use your preferred method of payment. Whether you’re going to pick up your pictures or have them delivered to your home, they should be ready within the next 10 business days

    Unless you need a newborn passport photo (these are notoriously hard to take at home), ordering pictures online is the most convenient option to print home-made pictures.

  2. How to print your passport photo at a Jessops store?

    1. Prepare Your Digital Photo: Ensure that you have a digital copy of your passport photo that meets the required specifications, such as size, face proportions and resolution. Transfer this file to a USB drive, memory card or a mobile device.
    2. Go to a Jessops Branch: Locate a branch that offers passport photo printing services. You can check the website or contact them directly to confirm availability.
    3. Consult the Staff: Approach the staff and let them know you would like a printout of your passport photo. The staff should be well aware of the process: they will tell you the price, ask whether you have any specific preferences and handle the rest.
    4. Pay and Collect Your Printout: Proceed to pay for the printing as per the store’s pricing. Once the payment is complete, the staff will print your passport photo. Collect the printout and review it to ensure you’re happy with it.