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Unlimited access to the online baby passport photo maker app. Create pics online. Stay at home with your newborn or toddler!

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Australian Passport Office guidelines are met. All baby passport photos have the correct size, colour, and background as per governmental requirements.

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Upload your babies photo to create an Australian passport picture in less than 2 minutes. Take a new full face baby picture online.

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Make a image at home easily. Take a DIY babies portrait image and resize to an Australian passport size photo when you need it.

How to Get Australian Baby Passport Photo Online?

  1. Take your picture
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    Take a new shot
  2. Download ready images
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    Download adjusted images

Create Baby Passport Photo Australia in Minutes

  1. Adapted for Home

    Make an Australian infant passport photo at home. Open 24/7. Right passport size photo for infants and children. Save time and money!
  2. For Any Device

    Use PhotoBooth Online tool on iPhone or Android phone. Upload your child image from a DSLR camera like Nikon or Canon.
  3. Electronic Copy

    Download HD digital baby Australia passport photo instantly. The digital babies passport photo size is at least 600 x 750 pixels.
  4. On Demand

    Create an infant passport photo at any moment without stress. Find the right time to create a cute babies picture for an Australian passport.
  5. Right Specs

    Compliant with Australian passport photo requirements for under-age kids. Get a 35 mm wide x 45 mm high baby's head photo for printing with a plain background and correct ratio.
  6. Easy Printing

    Print quickly your babies Australia passport photo in high quality resolution on your home photo printer on matte or glossy 10 cm x 15 cm photo paper.
  7. Compliant Photo Shots

    Meet Australian government requirements for child's passport photo. Submit suitable children pics to the Australia authorities. Avoid forbidden items in a biometric photo.
  8. Meet Service Rules

    Position face, neck, hand and shoulders to guarantee allowed crop. Or adjust smartphone distance from adults to baby's head as accepted in the Australia requirements.

Baby Passport Photo Australia FAQ

  1. How to take baby passport photos in Australia?

    Doing that can be quite a cumbersome task: sometimes, you just don’t know how your little one will act. Thankfully, today’s technologies at least allow us to do the whole thing at home. For instance, it will be far easier to get your child’s image for an Australian passport with Photo Booth Online. To get results in minutes (and without wasting too much of your time and effort), please follow the simple tutorial below.

    Learn to take Australian baby passport photos:

    1. Find a plain light-coloured background or a white background with good lighting
    2. Place your child on it
    3. Wait for a moment when your child’s look is focused on the camera
    4. Or hold a toy above your digital camera or phone to grab your kid’s attention
    5. Children must keep a neutral facial expression, eyes open, mouth closed or mouths open a bit
    6. Take a child’s image without visible shadows on head, chin, upper body
    7. Check the ready picture and upload the image file into PhotoBooth Online app
  2. Where to get a baby passport photo taken?

    To apply for a newborn AU passport, you have to provide printed 35 mm x 45 mm photos of your newborns. Australian Passport Office requirements allow you to choose any photo centre in your neighbourhood to take baby passport pictures or you can take a picture yourself and print it on professional photo paper. Find a comfortable time for you and your child and select a proper place like your room, a post office, or a shop. In any case, you must provide a high quality newborns image with the Australian application form.

  3. Where to take baby passport photo near me in Australia?

    You can take baby passport pictures at home, in a photo centre, in an Officeworks shop, or in a post office. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment in advance, if you plan to take a child picture for Australia passport in a shop.

    Read our tips how to take Australian toddler passport photos at home:

    1. Dress your child as you usually do
    2. Locate a plain light-coloured background
    3. Use maximum lighting, including natural light or flash light on your camera
    4. The toddler’s head must be evenly lit, no obscure, underexposed, poor contrast pictures with red eye or visible shadows are allowed for babies Australia passport
    5. Attract baby’s attention with toys, so your newborn can focus at the camera for a few seconds
    6. Your child must keep a straight posing, head straight, neutral facial expression, eyes open, mouth closed
    7. A bit of smiling or open mouths is OK for newborns
    8. Take a child shot for the Australian passport in high resolution

    Here at PhotoBooth Online photo app, you can use online submission to apply pictures crop automatically and download correct head height printouts straight away.

  4. How to print Australian baby passport photo?

    You can print toddler passport photos Australia on your home photo printer on 10 cm x 15 cm professional colourful photo paper. For example, open the printable photograph file in any image viewer free app and send your photo take straight to your photo printer. Don’t add borders to your smartphone camera shots!

    Or visit any photograph printing centre nearby like Officeworks store services or, for example, one of post offices, and require to print child colour shot for you.

  5. What should baby wear for Australian passport photo?

    Dress your children for an Australian passport photo as usual. Casual clothes is a perfect choice.

    Australia passport photos requirements for children describe certain things your babies clothing must obey, for example:

    • no hats, headgear, no visible hair accessories covering head, or other head coverings
    • religious attire is approved, if it doesn’t cover face
    • avoid sunglasses or glare glasses on your child
    • remove toys
    • no baby carrier or parent on the plain white Australia passports background
    • child’s passport photo with soothers or dummies will be rejected