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D’you think photos for a baby passport take hours of toil and some gray hair? It doesn't have to be that way! Get as many home convenience digital photo copies as you want. Endless number of attempts. No need to bring a newborn to the store! Save up to twice the price with the printed document snapshot!

Government Compliant

Get the sharp baby’s passport photo of the right size, eye line, mouth closed, ears, chin, visible face, covered head, worn lens, valid angle, light, correct dimensions, head position, background, and resolution. So, your biometric photo meets all the official photos specs for a baby passport per the last update. No compromising here!

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Using our tool is easier than singing a bedtime song. Upload the available baby’s picture or take a new headshot with your cell phone. Take a biometric photo conveniently. Picture cropping and adjusting won't take a significant amount of time. Get a baby’s passport style photo without hassle, drama, or tears.

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No need to shoehorn the appointment with a private photo-taking studio or visit a pharmacy with your little ones to get a picture done. Prepare baby’s passport photo in the comfort of your own home, use as many photo shots as necessary. Get a first photo in a non-stress mode in a minute! At ANY TIME when you decide.

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Create Fine US Baby Passport Photo Online

  1. Available At Home

    Applying for a passport is a hectic act itself! Let alone the document for a little one. Prepare a sharp child's passport photo at home whenever is convenient for you and your kids. Our free tool offers fast online submission. Ensure all the information and details online. No waiting in a line in a shopping mall.
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    Let AI do the work for you and ace the task in seconds. You need only to upload your existing photo of your baby or take a new headshot with a cellphone camera via Photo Booth Online. Process baby pictures to the required size of US passports easily. And here you are - ready to apply for your document the same day.
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    That’s pretty much it! You pay only for a print-out of the baby’s digital passport photo. At ANY printing shop or online prints website. Save money on electronic image file. Download printable child picture prepared for a professional photo printer. A free perfect passport photo at hand in the flash of an eye!
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    Our online tool will work around your timetable night and day. You are no longer limited to photo studio opening hours, high prices, and hard-to-get openings in their schedule. Prepare correct size infant passport photos at any convenient time: in the morning, after a nap, in between feeding, during weekends, or at night!
  5. Use of Available Baby’s Photo

    It might be even easier to get a picture of your little sunshine than you imagine! Have the clear color baby’s photo but of the wrong size and background? Don't worry! No problem! You’re almost there! The image will be cropped and corrected to the right specs of baby guidelines for passport photos.
  6. Perfect Image

    Here’s a satisfaction-guarantee aha moment! Take a perfect passport photo for your baby with the correct size face and head. Grab the baby's attention, so the eyes look directly at the camera in the good photo! Prepare off-white background or plain white background for newborns and older children.
  7. Acceptable Appearance

    Newborns grow fast! Submit pictures photographed during the last six months for U.S passport documents. Provide babies pictures without red eye effect, car seat belt on, baby's hand and other objects, glasses, etc. Use good natural light or natural daylight to cast shadows and show natural lighting skin tones.
  8. Ready for Color Printout

    Your baby's head snapshot undergoes in-depth verification. You get a 2 x 2 inches approved, not digitally altered JPEG file in the print-friendly size for glossy photo quality paper and professional photographer format as per photo requirements for the baby’s passport. No blurry, pixelated, grainy photo for the first U.S passport.

Baby’s Passport Photos USA FAQ

  1. How to take baby’s passport photo?

    It’s not a secret that almost all parents panic when they try to take passport photos for their baby. Follow the simple photo guidelines for a baby passport and shoot a picture without stress.

    Here’s how to take baby’s pictures for US passport photo

    1. Find a plain background like an off-white wall, a towel, a sheet or a blanket and make sure it’s evenly lit
    2. Put your infant on it or ask to sit behind the background
    3. Ask him or her to look in the camera or smartphone, keep a neutral facial expression, eyes open, mouth closed
    4. Or hold a toy above your digital camera or phone to attract attention
    5. Take a picture in high resolution
    6. Ensure that there are no shadows on the face
  2. How to take baby passport photos at home?

    If you want to take passport photos of your baby at home, you’ll need a digital camera, a smartphone, good lighting, a plain background (for example, a white wall, a bed sheet, or an off-white blanket), and a good mood. Find a comfortable time for you and your toddler and follow our short tutorial.

    Here’s how to take your baby’s passport photo at home:

    1. Dress your infants in casual clothes
    2. Find a plain background due to the passport photo requirements
    3. Turn on good lighting in your room, open curtains to guarantee bright, not dark space
    4. Check flash light settings and adjust fast shutter speed
    5. Ask your child to keep a straight pose, no bending or turning, eyes open, neutral expression
    6. Remember to keep eyes open, smile naturally, look straight at the camera
    7. Take your baby’s pic for US passport application in JPEG or PNG format

    Please don’t add any filters, effects, or digitally alter images when you take a full face newborn passport photo.

  3. How to take baby passport photos without shadow?

    To take perfect photos for your baby’s passport without shadows, please find a place with good lighting. Look for a white wall, a white sheet, or hang a white blanket on a wall by reason of the photo guidelines for a baby passport. Turn on lightning. Sometimes it might be helpful to turn on the flash light on your iPhone or Android mobile camera.
    Besides, don’t stand behind a window on a sunny day. You might have issues with correct photo contrast. Stand 3 feet away from your child.
    Please note that you need to keep your camera at your baby’s eyes level while taking the photo.

  4. Where to take baby’s passport photo?

    Nowadays, each parent has plenty of photo taking options. You can take passport photos of your baby at home, in a photograph studio, in a Walmart, in a pharmacy like Walgreens, or in a post office. If you plan to take newborn passport photos at home, you can do it in a few seconds. But if you want to go outside to take a picture, you’ll need to schedule an appointment in advance.

  5. Where to print baby passport photos?

    US Passport photo printing services are available in all locations in the States. Select any color photo printing center nearby like a CVS or Walgreens pharmacy or a family Walmart. Some locations offer online photo uploads, so you can receive your color matte prints quickly in a print service center. Other businesses don’t offer pickup spots and you’ll need to pay for the photos printouts shipping by mail for your baby passport.

  6. What are the requirements for baby’s passport photo?

    The United States Department of State passport office issues clear country rules and baby passport photo requirements. They must look at the camera, keep their eyes open, stay or lay on white background, with no toys in their arms. Don’t forget your children must not wear glasses for medical reasons even if you have a doctor signed statement. However, the rules are a bit easier than for adults. The kid can cry in a new photo, if open eyes are still visible and he or she has a calm neutral expression. The mouth can be a bit open, but mouth closed is OK either.
    To apply for U.S passport, you need to provide a birth certificate to verify baby age successfully. The authorities might demand citizenship documents as well.

  7. How to dress baby for a passport photo?

    • The best clothing for a sharp US passport photo according to the infant passport photo requirements is casual apparel.
    • No hat or other head covering, except for religious attire.
    • Please don’t put sunglasses on your baby’s face or head.
    • Don’t wear jewelry.
    • Pull off long hair from the face.
    • Please avoid shiny prints on baby’s clothes that might cause contrast distortion and shadows, so your picture might be rejected.
    • Don’t cover visible part of the body with other objects.
  8. How to take an acceptable baby passport photo?

    Such photo take seems like a daunting thing to do. But it’s nothing when you know all the U.S passport picture requirements or use the tool to validate them. There are special criteria for baby’s hands, head position, lightning, photo size, and yes, background color too. Please read the tips above. Here are the short steps you can follow to nail the task in seconds:

    • Get her or his attention.
    • Take or upload photo, wait a second, and download a compliant image.
    • Repeat the procedure if needed, until you are totally satisfied with your home professional service.
  9. How to take an acceptable infant photo for a baby passport?

    The same holds true for newborns’ requirements. However, the United States Department of State explains that it’s alright when the eyes are closed or not entirely open. You can use the following additional tips with information helpful (please find the full instructions above in Frequently Asked Questions) to complete the task:

    • Arrange underneath a white or off-white piece of material as a backcloth.
    • Be sure you or your camera don’t throw shadows on the baby’s face, especially if you taking pictures from above.
    • It can also help if you cover up your car seat with white cloth and take the photo just like that.
  10. Where to get a passport photo for a baby near me?

    Our digital AI-backed service is the best place and closer to you than ever. You’ll get the pic that observes all the official requirements per the U.S government. It is verified from the top bottom of the chin to the top of the head, and more.

  11. How to get a child passport photo online?

    There aren’t too many reliable photo services or free apps on the web for popular documents. Some may offer a few shots to pick from or a little number of attempts, some are quite expensive. Have a go at our tool. Choose to go the fast free way. A non paid satisfaction guarantee!