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Photo for Passport at Morrisons: Options

Same-Day Printouts

Get Morrisons passport photos today! Prepare a verified image, have it printed on premium paper and pick up your passport pictures in-store or order shipping. To start preparing your new photos, simply push the upload button.

Additional Digital Copies

Along with your printouts, you’ll get digital passport photos in two formats: a high-quality JPEG image and a digital photo code. Use either of those to submit the application for your passport online at the official government website.

Pickup and Shipping Options

As soon as your Morrisons passport photos are done and printed out, you’ll have two ways to get them: either pick up your newly printed pictures in any nearby store or have the printouts delivered right to your doorstep.

Manual Expert Certification

When preparing your pictures, a trained expert will manually check them for compliance (size, background, lighting, proportions, etc.) to make sure that your new Morrisons passport photos meet the requirements of the HM Passport Office.

Get Your Passport Pictures Right Now

  1. capture a snapshot and upload it to our passport picture app
    STEP 1
    Upload a shot to prepare
  2. download the image in the printable or digital version
    STEP 2
    Order same-day prints

Passport Photos at Morrisons: All You Need to Know

  1. Cost of Pictures

    You can get Morrisons passport photos for £2.95. Have your images prepared, checked and printed, then pick up the prints in-store or order delivery. Alternatively, you can have your pictures taken in-store for £8.
  2. Booth Locations

    Mind that not every Morrisons has a photo booth. To check if the branch you need has one, use the official store finder tool. And if the closest option is too far away from you, consider the online service—it'll give the same result but quicker.
  3. How Long It Takes

    As a rule, an in-store Morrisons passport photo shoot takes less about ten minutes. In case you don’t have time to visit a store, there’s the online option: it allows you to order verified passport picture prints in less than five minutes.
  4. Level of Comfort

    Any photo booth is comfortable if you're taking a picture for yourself. However, if you need to take a baby passport photo (which is notoriously difficult), it's better to use the online tool and capture your images at home.
  5. Quantity and Format

    In photo booths, you get several printed photos. The online service is more flexible: when preparing your images here, you can get eight passport photos printed on premium paper, a digital image and a photo code.
  6. HMPO Approval Rate

    When taking your picture in Morrisons, the photo machine guides you through to get a compliant shot. In the digital service, your photo is verified by a human expert: they run a compliance check to ensure that HMPO will approve.
  7. Opening Hours (UK)

    On weekdays, the stores start at 6-7 AM and close up at 10 PM. On Saturdays, the chain works shorter hours and on Sundays it doesn't open at all. The remote passport photo option is available 24/7 for you to get your pictures anytime you need!
  8. Online Service

    In case you can’t go to a Morrisons store or there isn’t one in your area, try the digital service and prepare your picture at home: upload a usual full-face photo to have it processed, prepared and printed out without leaving your house.

Morrisons Photo Booth: Common Questions

  1. Do Morrisons do passport photos?

    The UK-wide supermarket chain does provide such services. For those who need to take photos for documents (or just for fun), there are automatic Photo-Me machines installed in select Morrisons stores. When using these to take a passport photo, you shouldn’t have any problems—the interface is friendly and intuitive, and the whole process takes five minutes or so.
    It’s worth noting that no matter what Morrisons store you choose to take passport photos at, there won’t be any dedicated photographic studios on its premises. So, if you want a human photographer to take your images, consider a professional photo services shop.
    As an alternative to a Morrisons passport photo and other places, you can also take the shot yourself—in this case, you either need to find a light-grey background to take the shot with or use the online service to take your Morrisons passport pictures. Should you choose the latter, you can take as many photo shots as you need and won’t need to edit anything: we’ll automatically crop the picture to the required size and remove its background.

  2. Does Morrisons have a passport photo booth?

    The stores do use these but don’t rush off to the first supermarket whose address you find on the web. Whether a Morrisons location has a photo booth or not, depends on the branch you choose to get your passport photo. Since not every location has one, we strongly recommend using their dedicated Store Finder which allows you to check if the address you need has a photo booth installed at the premises:

  3. How much does it cost to get a passport photo at Morrisons?

    The total price varies depending on the type of document and the number of copies you want to make. In case you need passport photos, one set of shots will be at least £8.
    It’s not too much but, since every penny counts, it makes sense to save money by using the online service. Get your biometric photo conveniently here to save money dramatically. If you prefer to submit your passport photo in form of printed shots by post, you can print the pictures we’ll make for 55p only or have them shipped to your doorstep. Or, you can download the digital copy to submit your passport photo online.

  4. How do you use the photo booth in Morrisons?

    Although these are fairly outdated, using them is relatively easy. Each one gives you simple and straightforward instructions when used. However, if you just need an understanding of how a Morrisons passport photo booth works, here’s a step-by-step description:

    1. Make sure it’s not occupied and come inside
    2. Sit in front of the touchscreen in a comfortable position
    3. As soon as you’re ready to begin, tap the screen
    4. Choose the option on the left with passport photos
    5. Select the format you like most. You can either get a digital version of your image for online submission or have your shot printed out
    6. Review the instructions and examples given on the screen to make sure what your new passport photo should and shouldn’t look like
    7. Once you hit OK, the machine will give you instructions on how to position yourself and set up its camera
    8. In the next screen, make sure that your head is inside the oval (use the up and down buttons for adjustment). Hit OK again
    9. The voice will start counting down and take your passport photo once the countdown finishes
    10. After processing, you’ll be able to see the preview of your shot and decide if it’s OK (the system will also tell you when your image has passed all its checks). If you’re satisfied with the result, tap OK
    11. When on the payment screen, choose a quantity, select the payment method and pay for your Morrisons passport photo in cash or by card
    12. As soon as the system gets your money, it will print your images out. Plus, if you’re using a Photo-Me machine, it’ll give you a digital code (it may take time for it to become usable; see our guide if your Photo-Me code is not working)