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Why Get ID Photos in PhotoBooth Online Generator?

Free ID Photo Tool

Many today’s services make you an encrypted ID photo with a watermark removable for a fee only. Unlike them, we give you a proper ID photo file ready for submission.


Up for the DV lottery? Use our green card photo editor online for FREE! Simply upload your own picture, and we'll process and check it against the official standards.

Online Picture Creator

If you download a software editor, it’ll take time to install and figure out how to make a good ID photo. Our editor is 100% online. No need to download anything except your ready ID photo.

Simple App

Unsure of what your picture should look like? Let us do the cropping and so on. Our ID photo maker will crop frame the image to the proper size, omit background, and adjust other details.

Look How Easy Our ID Photo App Is

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    Take your selfie
  2. Download ready image
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6 Fabulous Features of Our ID Picture Maker

  1. Free & Fully Functional

    From its image crop page to the download page, our headshot creator will not even ask you for money. PhotoBooth Online is an end-to-end editor that’s free in the full sense of the word. No hidden paid steps or watermarks.
  2. Print Straight Away

    We edit and cut all your photos to templates of the correct size (in a moment, mind you). Reproduce the printable image file using any suitable color printer. No need for further enhancement or cropping, just print it!
  3. Meet Requirements

    Taking part in a DV lottery, trying to create visa photos, or just need a new student card? Sadly, there are always photo rules to mind before you print. But no matter the photo type, our photo editor will help keep it compliant.
  4. Automatic Algorithm

    A usual editor is meant for you to adjust your camera shot. By yourself. With PhotoBooth Online, this isn’t the case. The whole editing part is automatic, you only need to save the resulting printable ID photo we create.
  5. Universal Service

    Need to create visa photos for a trip to another country (or countries)? Then you might also need photos for foreign documents. Our online application supports other regions. Just click the flag below to choose the country you need.
  6. Best Picture Possible

    Studio-made ID photos often turn out pretty bad even if you keep a neutral facial expression. Annoying, right? Luckily, you’ve already got the right place. Take tons of photos with your digital camera and pick the best to print!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to take an ID photo?

    There are three main options:

    1. Take your ID photo in a retail store, pharmacy, shipping centre, or professional studio. This variant is most useful when you want someone else to do everything for you. The photographer will set up their camera, ensure proper lighting in the room, and create a plain background. They will also make sure that your face is fully visible and of the correct size, and so on. When it’s done, they’ll also check the resulting printable image against the requirements relevant to this photo type. But please mind that all this convenience will cost you $10-15 on average. Creating a mere JPEG shouldn’t be that expensive, don’t you think?
    2. Find a photo booth. Sadly, this machine can’t take care of every detail for you like a human photographer. It hasn’t got any built-in photo editor, so all it has to offer is a proper background, lighting and photo printer. The rest is up to you: you have to make sure the photo will be of the same height and dimensions as recommended, all by yourself. That being said, the price for such a service is comparable to that of the previous option. To top it off, most of these booths have gone out of date. So this variant is arguably the worst, but we have to mention it to give you the full picture.
    3. Create a compliant image at home using an online ID photo maker. This way you can stay home and save money you could’ve spent on a lengthy visit to a studio or booth. Plus, you’ll save time (a lot of it), as everything’s done in minutes. The visible drawback of this is that you have to make sure you meet all the requirements relevant to your type of document. And yes, we can help you with that. All we need from you is a JPG picture taken with a digital camera. Once we get it, we’ll crop frame and cut the image to the same height and photo size they use in identification documents.
  2. What ID photo maker should I choose?

    The available options are legion. The three main types are smartphone applications, software tools, and websites. But the first two solutions require you to do some prep (like installing the editor to your smartphone or PC, signing up, and so on).
    As for ID photo websites, many of those tend to have a nasty habit of asking you to pay at the download page. That is AFTER they generate your image. However, the PhotoBooth Online website doesn’t use that unpleasant practice. Our easy photo generator is transparent – we process your pictures into neat templates for free. If you want to print, save the output file in a click.

  3. How to take ID photo with iPhone?

    Apple iPhone has a great camera that can take perfect pictures in ultra HD resolution. But please mind that you’ll have to resize your iPhone portrait to use it for an identification document. There’s a decent number of iOS apps available in the App Store that can do that. But there’s also an easier option to resize without quality loss and avoid getting a pixelated image. Open Safari, go to this website, and upload a suitable file from your iPhone gallery. PhotoBooth Online is iOS and Safari-friendly, so it’ll process your photograph in a matter of seconds without any trouble.

  4. How can I make my photo ID?

    It depends on the type of identification document you want to get. You may make it at a governmental institution, educational organization, or private company. Here’s how you can make a picture for it quickly:

    1. Take a good headshot with your Android or iPhone. Please note that you mustn’t wear glasses, hats, or other hair accessories. Also, avoid shadows on your face or background, don’t apply any filters, and keep your eyes open and mouth closed
    2. Upload your shot
    3. The online editor will automatically crop frame your portrait
    4. Proceed to the last page and click the button to get a 2 x 2 size ID photo for the online application or JPG print