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  1. DIY at Home

    Prepare a good photo whenever is convenient for you! With our driver license editor, you can do it anywhere–at home or at work.
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  6. Best Driving License Photos

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Drivers License Editor: Tips for US

  1. How to take a good photo for a driving license?

    Follow the top 5 secret tips to take a good photo for a license:

    1. Relax, don’t panic

    Come earlier to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), or Department of Public Safety (DPS), or Department of Licensing (DOL) than indicated in your appointment. If you’re in a rush, you might blush, sweat, or spoil your makeup.

    2. Take a mirror and hairbrush with you

    Give yourself time to take care of your hair, eyes, makeup, and face. Use wipes to get rid of sweat on your face.

    3. Smile naturally

    Practice a natural smile looking at your smartphone camera or a mirror before taking US photos. Often, when people are nervous, they smile unnaturally or just too much and their facial expression gets distorted. Try to smile with a closed mouth and compare it to your smile with an open mouth.

    4. Don’t look turn your face front until you’re ready to take a pic

    A DMV services person won’t shoot a license photo if you don’t look in the camera. So give yourself a couple of seconds to inhale and exhale.

    5. Look directly at the digital camera

    Don’t look down or don’t raise your chin to the sky. Remember to stand still and keep your shoulders down.

    Following these simple photo taking tips and rules will help you look like a star on your official document. Basically, it’s just like taking a Sam’s Club passport photo, passport picture at FedEx, or any other store nearby with a camera, assistant or photographer.

  2. Where to get a driver's license photo?

    Mugshot is taken in the Department of Motor Vehicles, or Department of Public Safety (DPS), or Department of Licensing (DOL) of your State. Your photos will be taken when you visit the department to get a new driver’s license.

  3. How to retake a driver's license photo?

    You can retake a license photo when you:

    1. renew your driver’s license
    2. replace your driver’s license with a new one, if it was lost, damaged, or stolen
    3. change your photo in the Department of Motor Vehicles office for a small fee (for example, in New York it’s $17.50)
  4. What to wear for a driver's license photo?

    To look stylish in government license photos, wear casual clothes, and dress as you do it every day. Remember, that bright print on your clothes might spoil the photo quality on your license, so avoid to wear them. Among other tips: preferably, wear simple plain clothes like a T-shirt, a blouse with a collar, and formal clothes.

  5. How to change a driver's license photo?

    If you want to change a drivers license photo, please apply to your local DMV department in person, fill out a form asking to retake your license photo, pay a fee and schedule an appointment for taking a new picture. Please note that it might take up to 10 business days to receive a new driver’s license by mail.

  6. How much does it cost to retake a driver's license photo?

    The fee for a license photo retaking varies by state. For example, in New York, a new photo taking costs $17.50, in California it costs $33. Please check your Department of Motor Vehicles of your state for up-to-date pricing.

  7. How to do the best driver's license makeup?

    The best makeup for your driver’s license is the usual makeup that you wear in your everyday life. The other actionable tip is to avoid applying cosmetics products excessively to be recognized by the authorities. Apply a good tone, however, don’t cover or alter distinguished features. Avoid glitter and shiny textures not to get glare and reflection in driver’s license pictures.