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how much is a passport photo at Sam's Club
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Same-Day Photo Prints $0.10

Get 4 perfect passport photos taken in two clicks, 2x2 inches each. Pay $0.10! No membership costs or account registration. Collect passport photo prints at the nearest store. Through Sam's Club online service or as a home delivery.

Double Check

Obtain passport photos screened for government compliance. Trained photo specialists do the final check. AI system screens your image for the official requirements: size, plain white background, all your facial features visible, straight head look into the camera, neutral face expression, eyes open, glasses removed, etc.

Digital Copy

Take a digital passport photo now. In 2 steps in minutes online. Save a high-resolution jpeg download or get it by email. It'll be in color, 2x2 inches or 51x51 mm in size as a ready photo. Take and upload a picture now.

Shipping to Your Door

Have your passport-size photos delivered to your home or work address for your convenience. The ordering process is quick and easy. Receive a perfect biometric photo within a few business days. Moneyback refund guarantee.

How to Get Passport Pictures Now?

  1. how do I get my passport photo at Sam's Club
    STEP 1
    Take a picture
  2. take a pic and make order
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    Download, pick up or get shipped

All About Sam's Club Passport Photos in 2024

  1. Passport Photo Price

    Sam's Club used to charge $5.31 for 2 photos for club members. But they no longer offer this service. Get 4 perfect passport pictures taken here now. Pay $0.10! Printed on compliant photo-quality paper. Pick up passport photos at the nearest store, order shipping or download digital copy.
  2. Photo Prints for Cents Real?

    We'll prepare a 4 x 6-inch passport photo template with your two 2x2 images now. Print it for $0.10 with Sam's Club online passport photo service. Or print your template as a 4x6 photo at any store nearby and pay from $0.08 to $0.40 only.
  3. One-Hour Sam Club Photo

    Sam's Club photo center used to do one-hour photo prints. Not anymore. Make an instant passport photo here and submit your passport application sooner to the passport office.
  4. Locations Near You

    Find Sam's Club store using the Sam’s Club Finder. Enter your location zip code and find your closest place to go. Check the working hours. Remember Sam's Club photo center no longer provide passport picture services.
  5. Sam's Club Hours

    Sam's Club's working hours vary depending on location. They are usually open between 10:00am-8:00pm seven days a week. With in-store shopping, curbside delivery, and pickup, you can't order passport photos anymore. You can use this site instead.
  6. Passport Photo Rules

    Sam's Club passport photo guidelines align with the State Department requirements: hats or head coverings only allowed for medical or religious purposes, correct aspect ratio, height, and width, visible face and shoulders, everyday attire, right body-camera distance, etc.


  1. How much is a passport photo at Sam's Club?

    You were able to take passport photos at Sam’s Club photo centers for the attractive price of $5.31 for two 2×2 inch or 51×51 mm passport pictures as a club member. Unfortunately, photo centers have been permanently closed since 2020. Because of that, Sam’s Club offers passport photos no more, as well as other products like a photo for driving license, same-day canvas, 1-hour biometric photos, Photo Kiosk (Freeosk), or index CDs.

  2. Does Sam's Club still do passport photos?

    No, they don’t do photo-taking service for passport, visa, or id anymore for their clients. But you can still print your passport photos there. It costs $0.10.

  3. Does Sam's Club have passport photos near me?

    You can use a club locator on their website to find Sam’s Club near you. However, it’s going to be only a retail shop, not a photo center, as they have recently been closed.

  4. Can you take a photo with a Sam's Club passport photo coupon?

    Photo kiosks at Sam’s have been closed, and Sam’s Club passport photo coupons are not being used. Photo centers no longer provide passport photo services for their customers.

  5. Where to get a passport photo taken instead of Sam's Club photos:
    alternative centers to get US passport photos?

    Here’s the list of places you can visit for a passport photo:

    1. Pharmacy,
    2. Stores,
    3. Private studio and photographers,
    4. Libraries, that sometimes may have acceptance facilities for your application but it’s never a place of issue of your document,
    5. Rare passport photo booth,
    6. PhotoBooths Online. Though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, we offer passport photos as well as photos for other popular documents. PhotoBooth Online doesn’t come as a surprise anymore and you don’t need to wait and waste your time in lines. Here on this website, you can take compliant cheap passport photos at once.

    Moreover, U.S. citizens should be aware of the requirements set forth by the passport offices not to get a rejected passport photo: have the right background and distance from the camera, leave a margin between your head and the top edge of the photo, crop according to the set dimensions, eyes open, correct eye level, have recent photos of less than six months old, and follow the rest of the official passport photo rules.
    On this site, your photos will be screened by a trained app-like service and verified manually by a photo expert online. You get a few options to select: a jpeg digital copy, 2×2 passport photo prints, pickup, or shipping to your place.
    And don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of valid passport photo shots, unlike other photo-taking facilities (Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, UPS, Walgreens, Walmart, Fedex, CVS, etc.) that usually offer up to 3 pics to pick from. Here, you can take dozens of passport images until you’re satisfied with the result, as if you have a star photo shoot.
    If you wish to print your passport photo at a photo printing shop or at home using your printer, PhotoBooth Online will help you with that in seconds. Get a passport photo template of 4×6 print size with two 2×2 photos. Here’s a life hack. Upload a photo now from your phone, follow the instructions on the screen. We will navigate you, crop and convert your initial image to the correct background and size, and create a compliant photo for online orders. You can also download a ready passport photo template and print it easily anywhere you like at the cheapest price.