Celebrity Passport Photos & Amazing Famous IDs: US and Across the World

August 10, 2023

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famous nice passport photos


Public attention, fame, private jets, and all that make famous people almost unreachable. However, when we look at celebrity passport photos and stars’ ids, we understand they need passports to fly to other countries and take photos for their passport application as they have to. Just like everyone else in the world.

And they probably hope their famous passport photos will come out reasonably good too. Now in the internet era, we can have a glimpse of passport photos of celebrities and their id photos. Let’s dive in!


Celebrity Passport Photos: Touching & Fabulous

Kim Kardashian

the US superstar in her passport picture


David Beckham

old passport photo of the footballer



Lady Gaga

the American pop idol Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta



Virginia Woolf

the famous English writer Virginia Woolf



John Lennon

the green card of the Beatles' guitarist



George Harrison

the first passport of the lead guitarist of the same band



David Bowie

the English singer and actor



Alfred Hitchcock

old passport photo of the English filmmaker

Credit: Sipa Press / Rex Features


Audrey Hepburn

film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn



Gal Gadot

Miss Israel 2004



Aishwarya Rai

the Indian actress in her old passport photo


Muhammad Ali

the American professional boxer



Justin Bieber

the Canadian pop star's passports



Johnny Cash

the icon of country music



Marilyn Monroe

the American actress, comedienne, songstress, and model Marilyn Monroe

Credit: Brad Barket/ Getty Images


Beyoncé Knowles

the American singer, songwriter, and actress Beyonce Knowles



Barack Obama

the 44th president of the US in his ID photo



Celebrity Passport Photo: Sum-up

Pretty amazing, right? We see the passport photos are usual, of 2×2 and with a white background, still historically unique. It would always come in handy to have a few more attempts when taking passport photos as a celebrity or a famous person-to-be.

In case you need a passport photo, a photo for a driver’s license, and other documents, we’re here to help. What’s more, we can provide you with as many attempts as you need for a great passport pic. Unlike the cases when you go to a store for a photo, say a Sam’s Club passport photo, and you’re offered three shots max, unfortunately.

How to Get a Celebrity Passport Photo?

Use our celebrity-like id photo service. Smile or no smile, hair down or up, black shirt or purple one, more makeup or less, daylight or a ring lamp. Get as many rehearsals as you desire. It’s totally up to you. We also scan your passport photo for the official passport photo rules. Have a go online right now!

Happy passport photography!