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How we achieve high-level restoration

  • send in old and damaged photos or art with scratches and tears

    Upload digitized photo from phone or PC

  • our artificial intelligence scans digital images in details

    AI tools scan your photo pixel-by-pixel

  • then it runs its photo restoration and face enhancement process

    AI reverse-restores & enhances the image

  • you save the high-quality images without scratches and creases

    Download the restored photo instantly

5 Unbeatable Advantages of Our Service

  • Completely FREEThe art of photo restoration is as affordable as ever: use our new-era service to relive your memories. Our tools restore old photos back to life and color and save money! Recover the entire wedding album without a dollar spent.
    Completely FREE
  • 3 mins instead of 5 daysRepair damaged photo with 3 clicks online. Don't look for a nearby place to restore: there's an easier way to sharpen cherished memories. Simply take a snapshot of the damaged photo print and upload it here.
    3 mins instead of 5 days
  • Any type of damageOur state-of-the-art online restorer handles any kind of damage: tears, scratches, fading color, spots, dust, stains, or other blemishes. The tool edits all details automatically, so it's the easiest way to fix a photo!
    Any type of damage
  • Extra EnhancementsAs part of photo restoration, get new or old pictures unblurred and sharpened. Overall photo editing, face enhancement, and color correction—with our photo restorer service, you can do this without advanced skills.
    Extra Enhancements
  • Ultimate privacyWhen our AI algorithms restore old photos online, your personal data are 100% safe. The tool won't save any image on our servers—neither your old damaged original nor your scratches-free restored photos.
    Ultimate privacy

Actual old photo restoration examples

Want to save, sharpen and relive your cherished moments of the past? Our free photo restoration will help! Simply upload image to our service to restore old photos back to life and color! Revive forgotten memories and make them last forever with each scratch-free and print-ready restored photo we'll make.
  • ai tools restore old blurry photos back to life and add color
  • repair old photographs with mold damage to make museum-quality prints and images
  • restore old damaged photos by removing scratches, blemishes and tears


  1. I only have a physical photo. How can you restore it?

    In order to upload your photo to our service, make a scan of it. It’s best to use a smartphone with a camera that can take high-quality images.
    Open your camera app and take a picture of your photograph at a 90-degree angle. Before you restore old photos, ensure they are fully visible, in clear focus, and well-lit (no shine though: it may obstruct scratch removal and face enhancement). Now, upload the newly-done picture to this photo restorer, and we’ll edit and bring it back to life. Then download the resulting photos.
    If you don’t have a phone camera, use a usual printer to scan your old photo (try to keep the original color of the picture).

  2. Why is your photo repair service free?

    It’s AI that does the editing and old photo restoration, which lets us keep the service free. As our restoration tools are fully automated, we don’t spend on photo artists. Hence, our AI service won’t have any hidden costs, watermarked pictures, or limitations.
    A tip on old photos: having scratched or otherwise damaged images edited by professional human artists will cost a lot. The result will be good, but such hand-performed old photo editing will cost you at least $35—that’s the minimum price for one damaged digital shot. If you don’t just want to restore old photos, but also have them printed and/or sent to your home, you’ll have to pay much more. And if you enhance multiple old pictures, the total cost will increase manifold.
    That’s why our free online photo restorer may become your perfect solution to sharpen and revitalize cherished memories without spending a small fortune. Our service will remove scratches and tears to improve the quality of photos at no cost. In addition, you can try to restore images of your old photos as many times as you want—all revisions are free.

  3. Can AI repair a photo just as effectively as a photo artist?

    In most cases, it can. Today’s neural networks can do what was possible only in photo editors like Photoshop. And in contrast with those, you don’t do anything by hand: our AI photo restoration tool scans your image, detects what needs repair, fills in the missing parts, and fixes defects. Whether you need to remove scratches or add color to faded photos, it’ll restore as properly as a human artist would.

  4. What kind of damage can you fix?

    First of all, we repair old photos. Scan the pictures you want to have repaired and upload them here. Once photos pass the uploading stage (in seconds), our AI-powered tool corrects all details to enhance your picture. For instance, it will smoothen or remove scratches and creases in the restored versions of your damaged photos (and do some face enhancement).
    Also, we’ll fix the poor quality typical of old cameras. Restore vintage old photos—they’ll become vivid when our tool brings back color and eliminates minor imperfections. Also, you won’t need to convert your old photos to specific formats. Our service handles most sizes: we’ll restore and sharpen black-and-white photos with scratches and other defects, too.
    Our tools don’t just restore old photos: in addition to working with older scratch-ridden pictures, our online photo restoration tool can handle flawed details in recent photographs as well. For example, we’ll fix heavily pixelated or blurred photos by upscaling them to proper quality.

  5. How do I know it is safe to upload photos here?

    It’s an AI-powered robot that will restore and enhance your damaged old photos, not a person. By automating the editing process, we eliminate the human element to give users maximum privacy.
    Also, we don’t keep your damaged photos anywhere. For restoration purposes, your images are stored as hash values —this means we won’t be able to open, view, or share them with anyone (we can only enhance them by removing scratches and so on). When you enhance your old photos, you can be confident that only you can see your original pictures and their repaired versions.

  6. Is there any limitation on the service use?

    There isn’t. Our old photo restoration service is unmanned—this lets us enhance images without limits. Use our AI photo restorer as many times as you need, without any hidden costs. Each feature (like face enhancement, scratch removal, and color correction) remains free.
    When we say our service has no limits, we 100% mean it. You can restore an album with wedding pictures or your collection of old family photos—it’ll be free even with dozens of damaged old photos bringing back precious memories.

  7. Who owns the rights to my photo?

    Only you do. Although you restore old photos on our page, we won’t have legal rights to your images and will never claim any. The fact that you process your shot from scratch in our online photo restoration tool won’t change anything legal-wise: if you own rights to the original picture, the restored version of your old photo will be subject to them as well.