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Get Full USPS Passport Photo Service Online


Upload your photo or take a new one with your mobile phone camera right away. We'll prepare six compliant passport photos on high-quality glossy or matte photo paper, plus digital photos and a 4x6 printable template.


Within about 5 minutes of uploading your photo and paying the fee, your passport photo will be ready to use. You will immediately receive a digital photo and printable template to your email. Prints will arrive at the specified address within 1–5 business days.


Don't be surprised to see such a short turnaround time for passport photo processing. The tool has built-in templates to fit and check photos for compliance. The process is fully automated. Checking is done twice, ensuring greater accuracy in matching standards.


You can use passport photos for various purposes: for online submission, for submission via email, or for an in-person appointment. Also, the printable template stays with you, and you can print it for cents as many times as you need.

How to Get Passport Photo for USPS in 2 Minutes?

  1. Take and import a photo
    STEP 1
    Upload a self-taken photo
  2. download your USA passport photo
    STEP 2
    Download results or order prints

The Benefits of Taking Passport Photos for USPS Online

  1. Low Passport Photo Cost

    Get six 2x2 passport photos from $2.95 now! Receive a 4x6 printable template plus digital photos to email instantly, or order printed photos here with free 1–5 business days delivery.
  2. Fast & High-Quality Processing

    Just upload your photo and we will process it within 2–3 minutes. The tool has built-in templates with settings for official passport photo requirements. The photo will be checked and processed in accordance with the rules.
  3. Cropping & Resizing in Minutes

    Your photo will be automatically cropped and resized to a standard 2x2 inch (51 x 51 mm) size. The position and size of the head, facial expression, position of the shoulders, and upper chest will be checked.
  4. Automatic Background Change

    You can take a photo with any background. The background will be replaced with white, off-white, or gray. It is also possible to leave the current background.

USPS Passport Photos: FAQ

  1. Does the Post Office take passport photos?

    Yes, many of the Post Office locations with passport services take passport photos. But if you want to save money, you can order USPS passport photos online here. Just upload your photo, wait for processing and get the results.
    usps passport photo

  2. How much is a passport photo at the Post Office?

    The Post Office charges $15.00 for two passport photos. If you order online, six passport photos will cost $2.95 to $9.95.

  3. Can passport photos made online be as good as passport photos taken at USPS?

    Absolutely! Once you’ve uploaded your photo, we’ll process it in strict accordance with the passport photo requirements. We’ll cut the initial file to the correct size, fine-tune the head proportions, erase the background, and create six high-quality passport photos.

  4. Should I make an appointment if I want to take a passport photo at the Post Office?

    Yes, you should. If you want to take a passport photo at the post office, you should schedule an appointment.

  5. How can I schedule an appointment at my local post office?

    To schedule an appointment by USPS, please use the online scheduler.

  6. How can I find the nearest USPS location with passport photo services?

    You can find the nearest USPS location with the store finder.

  7. Do all post office locations offer passport photo services?

    Not all post offices offer passport photo services. Check in advance whether your local post office take passport photos and whether an appointment is necessary.

  8. How long does it take to get a passport photo at the post office?

    At post offices, your photos will be ready within 30 minutes to an hour. The appointment must be scheduled in advance.
    When ordering online, a 4×6 template for printing and digital photos will be ready within a few minutes (no more than 8–10 minutes). This way, you can print and use your passport photos on the same day. If you order printed photos online, they will be delivered within 1–5 business days. No appointment is needed. 24/7 availability.

  9. Can I get a digital copy at USPS?

    No, USPS doesn’t provide digital copies.
    When you order online on this page, you will receive both a digital photo and a 4×6 template with six passport photos for printing.

  10. Where can I take passport photos cheaper than USPS? is the cheapest place to get high-quality passport photos.
    Prices vary depending on the options selected:
    $2.95 – a printable 4×6 template with six photos plus a digital photo
    $9.95 – six prints plus a digital photo (with free shipping of prints)

  11. How much do passport photos cost?

    Prices for passport photos are quite high and range from $10-20 for two pieces. The lowest price is at (six high-quality photos from $2.95).
    The comparison chart shows the prices of the main popular places providing passport photo services.
    passport photo cost comparison chart

  12. What papers do I need if I want to renew my passport at USPS?

    For detailed information on renewing and applying for your passport at The Post Office, go here.

  13. What other solutions do you offer?

    If you have old photos (but not passport photos) of poor quality, you can use an AI photo restoration tool. You will get a high-quality result in seconds.