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The Quick Wins You Get With PhotoBooth Online

Free Instead of $15

You already pay a lot for a new travel document, so every cent counts. At least, save money on passport photos—instead of USPS, get them here at no cost.

100% Compliant With Rules

Worried that a digital photo made online will be rejected? Rest assured: we follow each update in the requirements and guidelines of the State Department.

3 Mins Instead of Hours

Schedule a USPS passport photo shoot, and you'll spend an hour (or more) getting there and back. Save time with us: here, the whole thing will take minutes.

2 x 2 Resize and AI-Editing

Our photo service will crop your image to the right size, apply off-white background, and convert it into a print-friendly template. And it's all automatic!

Preparing USPS-Like Passport Photos

  1. use your camera to have a selfie
    STEP 1
    Take a photograph
  2. download your USA passport photo template online
    STEP 2
    Save the ready image

8 Reasons to Use PhotoBooth Online Instead of Post Offices

  1. Pay Nothing

    All USPS locations charge a $15 fee for a set of two photos. Combined with the acceptance fee and other expenses, it all adds up to a triple-figure amount. Saving money never hurts—get your picture here for free.
  2. Go Digital

    The postal service has one major flaw. Post offices can't give you a digital passport photo, only two printed copies of it. By contrast, we'll give you both the digital version of your shot and a 4 x 6 template to print out.
  3. Get Many Photos

    Planning a family vacation? If you all need photos for your passports, you're up for some hassle. Luckily, you can avoid that. Take a photo of each family member (as many shots as you need) and upload them one by one.
  4. Take Baby Pictures

    Taking a photo of your kid at a post branch may not be a good idea. If the baby's not in a mood, it'll be difficult for you and the postal employee. Instead, take your child's passport photo in the comfort of your home.
  5. Submit Confidently

    We don't just crop images to the correct 2x2 size. We carefully remove the background and color it white, control your head proportions, and pack the resulting image into a print-ready U.S. passport photo template.
  6. Make It Instant

    While you can make an appointment online, you can have a USPS passport photo taken only at set hours. And even if you come on time, you may have to wait in line. Our service is instant: you won't need to wait at all.
  7. Choose the Best Photo

    When you visit a post branch to get your images, you can't get too picky. And, usually, shots by strangers aren't so good. With us, there are no time limits—take your passport photo casually and make sure it's great.
  8. Give Us Your Feedback

    Used PhotoBooth Online? Please drop a note at and share your opinion. Did you like the image quality? Did you print the picture to apply by mail or choose the digital format to do it online?

F.A.Q. on Passport Pictures Made in USPS

  1. Does the post office take passport photos?

    Yes, it does, but there are some exceptions. Across the United States, every USPS post office offers its help with first-time passport applications. However, not every branch can assist you with taking a passport photo, as it may not have the facilities needed for it. That’s why it’s always better to phone ahead and make sure.
    Also, please mind that USPS has taken some measures to ensure the safety of its customers and employees. Whether you apply for a first passport or just need a photo for it, you have to book an in-person appointment on their website or use a self-service kiosk in a USPS office.
    If you prefer the former, go to the official USPS website and find the page dedicated to passport services. Once there, push the Schedule an Appointment button. Choose the type of services—get a new travel document (or renew an old one), take a U.S. passport photo, or a combination of the two. Then, select how many adults and/or minors will be attending. After that, select the most convenient USPS passport office and time and provide your contact information. Finally, review your appointment details and confirm them.

  2. How much is passport photo at post office?

    No matter what branch you’re going to attend, the cost stays the same: the USPS passport photo price is $15. However, please remember that a session can’t be arranged at certain locations—although all branches offer passport services, some USPS offices (very few, actually) do not offer photo services. Please phone ahead or use the official web page to make sure you pick a suitable location.
    Also, please note that none of the chain’s branches can give you a digital passport photo, not even for additional payment. Once your photography session is over, you only get two copies of your picture in print. This means you can’t apply for a first passport or renew an old one via the State Department website if you choose a USPS branch to take your USA passport pictures.
    In case you need a digital photo exactly, consider using web services that can make you a fully compliant and ready-to-print passport photo. For example, you could try PhotoBooth Online, our tool that’s free for everyone to use—there’s no need to pay for anything. The tool is available on any smartphone (iPhone or Android) and PC (desktop or laptop).

  3. Can online pictures be as good as USPS passport photos?

    Absolutely, they can! Once you’ve uploaded your shot, we’ll process it in strict accordance with the passport photo requirements effective in the USA. We’ll cut the initial file to the correct size, fine-tune the head proportions, erase the background and create two high-quality versions of your shot. In contrast to USPS offices, you can use the digital photo to apply online or download and print it somewhere (for less than a dollar) in order to send in the printout by mail. Considering that the USPS passport photo price is $15 for a set of two printed images, this option is better money-wise.
    Making the images for your travel credentials online may also make a difference in an unexpected way. The point is that you’ll have a better chance of taking a passport photo that you’ll actually like. Unlike in a USPS office, you can adjust smartphone camera settings, try a slightly different facial expression, and so on.