What Is New Passport with Photo Services? All Answers in One Place

February 11, 2024

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As we embrace the digital era, there appear so many ways of doing things differently. It doesn’t necessarily have to be more tech-savvy or complex. We just have to give it a go sometime.

In the same way, the old days of carrying a set of physical 2×2 photos to the U.S. passport office seem to be going away in the foreseeable future.

Let’s delve into what a new passport with photo services is and how to use it.

In Focus

What is a new passport with photo services?

To answer the question about a new passport with photo services, let’s first remember what a passport application process is. Applying for a passport with no photo services implies:

  • Filling out the required application form,
  • Paying execution, application, and maybe expedited service fee,
  • And taking a physical passport photo at Post Office or at a store in order to submit it to the passport office.

In its turn, the passport office as a government facility verifies your identity and citizenship documents, reviews your application, and approves your application to forward it further to the passport agency for passport issuance.

A new passport with photo services means a new approach to the passport application process. You can get a new passport together with photo-taking services at the passport office right on the spot.

In this case, the photo is taken and processed digitally, which is quite a shift from traditional methods. Once a new passport photo is taken, it is digitally embedded on the passport page. This way, the photo becomes less forgeable.

What is the difference between new passport and new passport with photo services?

what is passport with photo services

The key difference between the services with a new passport and photo services vs. those without photo taking is that you get photographed at the passport office on the fly. You don’t need passport photos in print as the process is digitalized. It might turn out to be more convenient for passport applicants as they don’t invest time and money into the matter.

Furthermore, while applying for your passport, you don’t need to worry about things like your passport photo getting lost or damaged.

This modernized way is considered to be a new system that has revolutionized how passport applications are processed. It has become more effective and reliable security-wise and has streamlined the whole application process.

What is an alternative to a new passport with photo services?

If the passport office that works with new passports with photo services is not around, you can take another way to prepare your application package. It will take you two easy steps to prepare for the passport application process. Here they are:


Take a passport photo effortlessly without a new passport with photo services. You can get a passport photo at a store, self-service kiosk, or post office location, or use PhotoBooth Online here on this page:

  • Click on the Green Button right below.
  • Take your pic at once or upload a casual photo you’ve got.
  • The AI system will check your photo for every parameter set by the U.S. Department of State, change your background to white, fix lighting, set the 2×2 inch size, etc.
  • Order a U.S. passport photo delivery to your address and get a digital image to your email.


This is a great way to get prepared for a new passport application with photo services. Once you’ve ordered your passport photos online and they are on your way to your place (to arrive in a few business days), move on to the passport application form.

The simplest way to go here is to use the Form Filler on the official website of the U.S. Department of State. Choose the right application form that suits your particular situation for a first-time passport or renewal.

The online tool for filling out the form will help you avoid mistakes and typos, and save and print your form with no problem at all.

How to find a new passport with photo services?

what is a new passport with photo services

Not every passport office can offer new passports with onsite photo services to their applicants. Only some of them are equipped to do so.

To find the passport office location that can offer a new passport with photo services, together with info on its costs, meaning explanation, near-me locations, and frequently asked questions, visit the and the page of U.S. Department of State (Bureau of Consular Affairs).

Helpful resources for new passport services with photo service

U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs

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