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Are Passport Photos at Target as Quick as with PhotoBooth Online?

Free & Immediate

Usually, you would spend $12.99 for a Target passport photo. But what if you could print a pic for a few cents at the same store and get a perfect digital passport photo free of charge now? This way, you get a free biometric image and a much cheaper option for print. Imagine, you don't even need to leave home if you get a delivery to your address. We can make it work.

Guaranteed Acceptance

With us, you get passport photos that meet the official requirements for your passport application when you visit the US Department of State in person or for online submission. The photo won't be rejected, as the authorities will receive a passport picture validated for high resolution, 2 x 2 inches size in height and width, with the entire face visible, 1.18 inches from the bottom to the eye line of the photo, etc.

Limitless Passport Photos

Why drive or walk a long distance to Target for passport photos or other retail stores, when you can ace the task at your home convenience? Create as many photo shots for yourself and your family members as you need with our easy-to-use tool. Fix the light, hair, makeup, or change a shirt all for a good photo taken for a decade-lasting passport.

Second Thoughts?

The passport application process is a chore. Sometimes, it's an additional weight on your shoulders and you need to juggle like a pro with the rest of the important things in your life. Give yourself a break. Get a Target passport photo validly on the spot with PhotoBooth Online. Schedule no appointment and look no further for expensive private photo studios.

How to Get Passport Pictures at Target?

  1. Take your passport picture
    STEP 1
    Take headshot picture
  2. Download the resulting image
    STEP 2
    Download passport picture

6 Concrete Pros for Target Passport Photos with PhotoBooth Online

  1. Does Target Do Passport Photos?

    You can use the excellent service for popular documents, including a passport photo at Target. If you can't identify a location close to your house or work, use the alternative. With your smartphone camera, take a photograph or upload photo, wait 3 seconds, and download a perfect result. Check! Passport photos for Target photo center are at your fingertips.
  2. Home Technology & Target Store

    We are used to simplifying our lives where possible with new online services and advanced technologies. Passport photos are not an exception. You can decrease your monthly budget when you don't pay the full price for passport photos at Target. Instead, get a biometric photo conveniently whenever-wherever you feel comfortable.
  3. Verified US Format

    Passport photos taken at Target and PhotoBooth Online obey the photo requirements set by the passport office. It includes a plain white or off-white background, no big jewelry or headwear, a natural smile or no smile, and no shadows. You also have to remove your glasses and headphones for the picture. The snapshot must be not older than 6 months.
  4. Print Passport Pictures at Target

    Do you know that you can just print passport photos at the Target store? Once you take a photo and get a printable image with our tool, bring your memory stick with a passport photo to Target (or to one of the cheapest places in the neighborhood). Order printing for less than half a dollar as a universal 4 by 6 postcard on glossy or matte paper.
  5. What Makes Print Cost Tiny

    If you trust your picture to us, you'll receive two variants of digital photos on our site: a pair of photos as a 4 by 6 passport photo template and a single image. The former is what you'll need to print as Target passport photos in a postcard format for $ 0.39 only. The latter is perfectly suitable for online submission.
  6. Target Passport Photo

    Passport photos printed as hard copies are impossible without a suitable JPEG file. Problems tend to happen when the importance of regulations for passport pictures is underestimated. Not to take your chances, be prepared with a verified file and submit your image to the passport office with confidence.


  1. Does Target take passport photos?

    The stores offer photo services for the most popular documents, including visa photos. To have a photo take at Target photo center go to their official website, click Find Store at the right-hand corner, then choose Filter By Service. Check the opening times for your nearest location. They are usually from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Or you can order printing from their official website with your digital passport photos. Use a photo template to print two photos on one sheet. Then cut out the photos in the exact size of 2 x 2 inches each. When you use a single template photo from our site, you can purchase four passport photos from Target, printed on a 5″ x 7″ sheet.

  2. How much are passport photos at Target?

    The price for printing passport pictures at Target with your own file is around $ 0.40. Otherwise, the photo for your passport will cost you $ 12.99.

  3. Does Target do passport photos?

    The photo center does photos for the document and can deliver you Target passport photos by economy, standard, 2nd day, or overnight photo shipping. That means you can opt for images delivered directly to your place. Note that passport photos shipped from the Target photo center will not be edited to adhere to government guidelines, once purchased.

  4. How to print passport photos at Target with cheap rates?

    The cheapest rate you can get is by printing a 4 by 6 postcard photo with two photos on one piece. To get a photo in printable format, press the button above and stick to our comprehensive tips for taking a perfect photo with our tool. You should not worry about the passport photo service, because it does all the work without a money-back guarantee, as it is free. In case of an emergency, you can retake a passport photo in no time.