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Old Photo Restoration Service: Free, Online and Instant

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Photo Repair Step by Step

  • pick an in-colour or black-and-white photo to have it digitally restored

    Scan and upload old photos to our service

  • we perform scanning to have the photo restored and remove unwanted objects

    AI tools find missing pieces and blemishes

  • our algorithms apply the latest digital restoration techniques to your digital files

    AI works wonders to restore photographs

  • download renewed old photos without scratches, tears or wrinkles

    Save digital images with restored photos

5 Reasons Why You Should Restore Old Photos Here

  • Your Free Trip Down Memory LaneWith most photo restoration services, you'll have to pay a lot even for one picture. Surely, you can't put a price on cherished memories but restoring an album of old family photos shouldn't cost a fortune! Do it for FREE here.
    Your Free Trip Down Memory Lane
  • One-Minute Photo EnhancementWhat used to require photo retouching experts with years of experience can now be done in mere seconds. Restore your old photos online right now and get stunning high-quality results instantly!
    One-Minute Photo Enhancement
  • Repair Damaged Photos AutomaticallyFrom faded colour, reduced brightness and sepia to minor tears, deep scratches and torn spots—our photo restoration service will fix and edit it all out to get the original photo recreated. No retouching skills required!
    Repair Damaged Photos Automatically
  • Print Restored High-Quality Images EasilyOnce the photo restoration is done, you get high-resolution digital images—make prints! That's what makes us a great service: we make good-quality digital images AND make sure they are print-ready.
    Print Restored High-Quality Images Easily
  • Have Any Photos RestoredIf you were wondering if we can restore old photos from the past century, rest assured: we can do this! Just perform high-quality scanning of your old photographs, send us the digital files and let us handle the rest.
    Have Any Photos Restored

Examples of Our Professional Photo Restoration

Don't let the happiest memories of your life fade—have them recreated by using our online photo restoration services. Whether you need to restore your old wedding photos or give a new lease of life to some shots of other family members, we'll fix them into their original condition in no time.
  • enhance faded old black-and-white photos of your family members and friends
  • we help recover missing parts of your family history for the future generations
  • removing dust and scratch defects in your damaged photographs

Common Questions on Photo Repair and Restorations

  1. How do I restore a photograph if I only have a physical copy?

    First, you need to convert your old photo to any popular digital format (in other words, scan it). In case you’re not technology-savvy, don’t worry. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, since there’s no need for scanning equipment: most likely, you already have everything at hand to do it! The easiest way to go here is to use your smartphone camera.

    1. Take the photograph you need to have restored and put it on an even flat surface (for example, at your desk or coffee table).
    2. Start the camera app on your phone and hover it over your old photo.
    3. Before you push the shutter icon, check how your photograph looks on-screen: our photo restoration tool will achieve the best results if everything is correct on your side. Make sure that the new photo will have proper contrast, all details will be visible, there won’t be any shadows, and the focus will stay clear. Also, pay attention to the backgrounds—try to keep the physical photo precisely in the frame of your camera app without any unwanted extra areas at the sides.
    4. Take a snapshot of your picture. If any extra backdrop makes it in the final shot anyway, just crop it so that the image is filled with your photograph only.

    That’s it, the scanning stage is done! If you can’t use the camera on your phone, you can use a printer with the function of scanning to make a high-quality digital reproduction.

  2. Why is your photo restoration service free?

    It’s the artificial intelligence that allows us to keep our website free for anyone who wants to have their old photo restored and bring it back to life. By using AI, we save the money we would have spent on hiring photo restoration artists and their salaries.
    It’s also important to note that our service is completely free. This means there won’t be any hidden payments to remove a watermark or gain unlimited access. In fact, when getting your photo restored, we never apply any watermarks. And it doesn’t matter how many old photographs you process: even if you want to repair hundreds of shots with your family and friends in them, it’ll still be free.
    By contrast, many other photo restoration websites and services rarely tell you the final prices explicitly. Instead, they give you lists with separate enhancements and separate prices for them. So, if you need to fix even one badly damaged black-and-white photo and add some colour to it, be ready to open your wallet wide—the total photo restoration cost may well amount to a small fortune!

  3. Is it even possible to have photos restored online?

    It IS possible but if you have any doubts, please let us dispel them.
    Only a couple of years ago, old photo repair was a line of work carried out offline only. If you needed a photo restored, you would have to send the original to the photo retouching service by post or visit their premises in person. Needless to say, that took a lot of time and money.
    Thankfully, present-day’s technology makes it possible for us to restore old photos without any significant effort at all. All you need to do is upload a scanned version of the original photograph to our website and let our AI work its photo restoration magic. In no time, it —have no doubts, you’ll be impressed with the astonishing end result!

  4. What kind of damage can be repaired in a photo?

    First and foremost, our AI-powered tool is designed to process damaged shots, negatives or simply faded old photographs: it adds colour, smoothes torn places, eliminates unwanted marks and clears stained areas. In most cases, it will handle water damage as well.
    In addition to the usual photo restoration (like removing stains and fading in old photos), our service can also be used to improve the quality of modern-day shots. After restoring the shot (no matter whether it’s new or old), the artificial intelligence will do some post-retouching: for instance, it will sharpen the image to make faces and details more visible, improve the resolution and so on. This means we can help you repair a photo with heavy blur, pixelation or a similar problem.

  5. Is it safe to upload photos to your restoration page?

    It is absolutely safe, and we can guarantee your full privacy. First of all, it AI-powered tool that processes your old photos, not a living human artist.
    What’s more, we don’t gather your personal data while processing your images. In fact, we don’t even keep them on our servers: our AI can store them only in form of hash values, which is the minimum required for photo restoration purposes. In other words, we cannot possibly view your shots or share them with anyone: this goes both for your original photos and their restored versions that you get in the end.

  6. Is there any limit to the number of photographs I can restore?

    There are no limits whatsoever. Even if you’re building a family tree and want to include many restored old photos of your relatives, you can rely on us to help you with that. Process dozens or even hundreds of photographs—we’ll restore them all for free.
    With a service like ours, each photo will take a couple of minutes only and cost nothing at all. To top it off, our artificial intelligence doesn’t tire or make human errors. All these are the main benefits of using AI-powered tools for something like old photo restoration and retouching. With human artists, such a task would take several weeks, and you would have to pay thousands of pounds!

  7. Will I own the rights to the restored photo?

    Yes, you will. Despite the fact that the photo restoration and retouching take place on our servers, these processes do not change anything in legal terms. In case you own exclusive rights to the initial shot, you will still be the only lawful owner of both your original image and its retouched version. As for us, we will not have any legal rights to any of your new or old photos (and will never claim any).