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  1. Strategize

    Professional LinkedIn photo is a must to make the most of your business platform presence. It's beneficial for a company founder, for job search, or network opportunities.
  2. Maximize Viewers

    According to the platform's stats data, profiles with LinkedIn pictures achieve 14% more engagement. The best photo for LinkedIn plus your accomplishments skyrocket your profile synergetically
  3. Build Trust

    Getting fussy about your LinkedIn picture? And you're right. You're building your personal brand and the photo speaks for you.
  4. Use Tips & Examples

    Learn many factors that come into play: approachability, HR perspective, etc. Drive your potential towards a dream job or connections faster.
  5. Take a Headshot

    "Recruit" a friend or tripod, arrange soft natural lighting, and put on your radiant smile. Click Upload Photo. You're almost there.
  6. Save on Photographers

    Upload your headshot to our LinkedIn picture tool to set the appropriate background. To enhance it further, try using our photo restoration service.

LinkedIn Profile Photo with Examples Explained

  1. Dimensions and Proportions
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    LinkedIn photo requirements are a high-resolution image of 400 x 400 pixels or 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels in PNG or JPG. That's exactly the size you get for your LinkedIn profile photo if you press Upload now.
    Once your pic is on your LinkedIn profile, it should fill around 66% to fit a round image organically. The platform will resize a profile picture if it's too big, but it can't exceed 8MB.

    Remember it's quite a small space: a full stand-up profile will not showcase more of your professionalism but will distance you from your connection.
  2. Verifies pose, neutral expression, shoulders
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    As a social media master or not, you're sure to know that the correct lighting makes magic. For the best photo for LinkedIn, make sure you employ and adjust diffused daylight for the best result.

    Take your headshot indoors facing towards the window or outdoors, preferably on an overcast day, without the direct sunlight making you squint.
  3. Checks shadows
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    A shirt, blouse or other office outfits will perfectly do the job. The right picture for your LinkedIn profile conveys the first and most lasting impression you can streamline to future employers, partners, or human resources managers.

    Look and dress for the position you aim at and it'll make a positive contribution to winning your hiring manager over at your dream job interview.
  4. Change Background in Photo
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    Research relevant accounts and decide for yourself what message you want to communicate to your connections and professional community. Apart from you being friendly, likeable, confident and approachable, your image might need to leverage authoritative or influential tunes.
  5. Clothes, Hats, Hair
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    Do not look sideways, direct look will advocate for your confidence and communication skills.
    Give yourself some time, relax, think of something amazing, and snap a shot!

    Keep off from "psychologically closed" postures, such as crossed arms and hands in the front, indirect look into the camera, closed eyes as opposed to eye contact, or extraordinary photos with hair flying up or alike. You might want to skip the creativity here in favor of friendliness radiating warmth.

    Put your personality out there clearly communicating you're a great person and professional to deal with.
  6. Retouching
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    Smile away truly as if you are stretching your hand out for a handshake to a good friend.

    Smiling is not a must for a LinkedIn profile picture. If you want to position yourself more as a thoughtful (not stern and cold), engrossed, contemplating professional, say a novel author, be a genuine self with just smizing with your eyes.
  7. Properties and Printing Parameters
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    Here's one of the most important and confusing parts. Alongside a few other social network platforms, you actually get a background and a backdrop. Stick to simplicity for the background you have behind your headshot and go a little bit more creative for the other which is a longer narrower banner to give a glimpse of your industry's idiosyncrasies or make your profile inspirational.

    Here's what you can do. Avoid clutter and disorganization. Choose a photo that will humanize your LinkedIn profile even more: say a pic of you conquering the mountain peak or presenting at a conference or workshop, streamlining your vision, values, industry incentives or perspective that you're part of.
  8. Spectacles
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    Do not take selfies or use your face cropped out of a bigger photo. It won't give your profile credit and can hint at a lack of digital skills, or carelessness, or characterize you as not a detail-oriented person, which we're sure you are.

    Your interpersonal skills can come out well-developed for recruiters when you position your photo for LinkedIn frame proportionally and harmonically for your viewers.
  9. Babies, Kids
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    Leave aside old pictures. Sport your up-to-date look to avoid interrupting surprises at the interview or a conference call: beard, makeup, or glasses.
Not quite a LinkedIn pic yet?


  1. Should you smile in LinkedIn photo?

    Smiling is a good idea and is more likely to convey cheerfulness and openness for communication and connections. It’s up to you to smile away or not. Capture the “real self” in the photograph. You can always smize as if smiling with your eyes.

  2. How to take a LinkedIn photo?

    Get your best professional look, smile, and get a warm positive vibe on. Use the natural light, and ask one of your friends or a family member to take the photo of your head and the top of your shoulders. Use our site to change the background, resize, and crop. Voula! You don’t need a photographer for a great image these days.

  3. What makes a good LinkedIn background photo?

    Select a plain background without patterns behind your headshot, and get a little bit creative with your backdrop banner to provide and leave the appropriate message. Here, it might be tempting to use company logos, pets, or slogans, but they are not allowed options for your account on the platform.

  4. How to edit photo for LinkedIn?

    Employ a free online service like PhotoBooth Online to make a suitable photo per the parameters. Pay attention to the list of recommended tips.

  5. What to wear for LinkedIn profile picture?

    Put on what you would normally wear to work, profession-like, office-looking attire: like a shirt, jacket or blouse. You might just as well pick up a tie if you feel it will contribute to your whole first impression, and make you memorable to stand out among other applicants, peers, and future employees.

  6. How to resize photo for LinkedIn?

    Use our free service to accomplish the editing task in seconds. Upload a photo or take a new one with your phone camera. Do not worry about the size or backdrop, our service for LinkedIn profile pictures spits out a ready-to-go photo on the spot.

  7. How to take a good Linkedin photo at home?

    Your best shot will be to go through the tips and examples for your picture for your LinkedIn profile above and use a tuned online free service, like PhotoBooth Online. Take your professional picture according to our recommendations, resize, crop, and change it into the right background on our site. A selfie is not your best choice for LinkedIn, unlike Facebook or Instagram. Can such a LinkedIn photo affect the good impression you convey? You’re absolutely right, it can. You can always ask a friend or use a tripod for the best outcome.

  8. How to take a professional photo for LinkedIn?

    You might want to use professional photo services which will cost you from $50 to $200 depending on location. On the other hand, there is no need for you to take the trouble if you can create efficient pictures with the editor on our site.

  9. Does your LinkedIn photo matter?

    There are no strict requirements. But it’s worth taking statistics seriously in that case. LinkedIn profile produces a higher engagement rate on the business platform, rather than interacting through an anonymous account. A good photo is especially crucial for job seekers to be noticed by potential employers.

  10. How do I fit my whole picture on LinkedIn profile?

    Use a relevant online service to make the photo of the right dimensions and size from the very start. Your head must fill 66% of the profile picture on LinkedIn which is a circle.

  11. Why to avoid a stereotyped mugshot for LinkedIn photo?

    We’ve started to shift from awkward photos for documents and profiles. For example, now we’ve come to take photos for passports online with lots of attempts at our disposal. Should it be any different for a LinkedIn profile picture? Breathe some life into your image. Take a few shots with our tips and examples and choose the best professional photo. With a neutral facial expression and regulated parameters, make sure it doesn’t resemble old-style passport photos taken nearby.

Quick Memo to Avoid Common Mistakes with LinkedIn Picture


Your photo must have even lighting and no shadows.

Blurry Picture

Our tuned editor never make pixelated or grainy pictures.

Busy Background

PhotoBooth Online removes any distracting background.

Low Resolution

LinkedIn portrait must be between 400 x 400 and 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels in PNG or JPG.

Upappropriate photo

Take some time to choose your pose and your outfit to convey the right message.

Filters & Selfies

Avoid beautified pictures for a LinkedIn profile, it is fully about your professionalism.