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Why Take CVS Passport Photo Online with Our Digital PhotoBooth?

Free Passport Photo

Avoid paying twice the price (or more) and pay only for printouts. Get your CVS passport photo done online for you, right here and right now. No need to visit the store itself and pay for your biometric photo taken by their employee.

Compliance Guaranteed

Our online tool will automatically edit and verify each picture for compliance. As a result, your digital passport photo meets all mandatory government parameters and is sure to be accepted by your local facility.

Online One-Click Tool

Use an existing photo from your PC or smartphone storage or take a selfie with your phone camera. In a moment or two, PhotoBooth Online will create a perfect passport photo for you. The whole thing takes less than a minute.

Professional Quality

The service adjusts your photograph to the right size, sets the proper width/height ratio, adds the correct background, and resizes the photo to fit the required photo size. We do all this to give you a satisfaction guarantee.

How to Get CVS Digital Passport Photo Online?

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6 Pros for CVS Passport Photo Online in Digital

  1. Online & Automatic

    Our site makes things a whole lot easier for you. All you need to do is to give us your existing photo or take a new headshot with your camera. Just a couple of moments later, you get a digital passport photo template. You can easily print this template out wherever and whenever you need to.
  2. At Home or Any Place

    You don't have to go anywhere to have a photo take. Whenever it's convenient, get a CVS passport photo online at home (or any other place) for you or your family member. No matter where you are, we will help you prepare printable digital photo for popular documents without fuss!
  3. No Cost Passport Picture

    We will process as many photo shots as you want, all for free. Submit online or have them printed. At most pharmacies, you pay only $0.35 (not the base fee of $16.99!) to print out your ready digital passport photo. With CVS printing passport photos for you, you actually spend less.
  4. Around the Clock

    You are no longer limited to CVS store opening hours, as you can prepare digital passport photos any time. With us, it only takes a couple of clicks (or taps) to expedite the application process. Want it to be faster still? Try using online submission to get/renew your document and the photo in it.
  5. Use Any Digital Image

    Don’t bother yourself with getting all the details right (like the background, head proportions, digital format, dimensions, neutral facial expression, eye line, clothing, uniform, etc.). PhotoBooth Online makes sure your newly-done passport photo meets all rules issued by the US authorities.
  6. Ready for Print-out

    Once we're done with the processing, you get a digital passport photo template of print-friendly size and format (jpeg). Our tool can guarantee correct size 2 x 2 inches printouts. This digital template is made specifically for the photo quality paper used at Consumer Value Store, so the printed version will be perfect!

CVS Passport Picture Online F.A.Q.

  1. How much is a passport photo at CVS?

    Their standard 2 x 2 photo cost is $16.99 per two printouts. Plus, you can get any number of extra images (it’s $2.99 per pair). Don’t forget to google for coupons to save up to 60% off the price! Also, check out the Consumer Value Store’s free app on your smartphone for promo codes to reduce the cost of print of passport photos at CVS and other printing services.

  2. How to get a CVS pharmacy passport photo?

    Find the nearest Consumer Value Store’s address, check its working hours and visit its photo center. Go to the photographic service department, where you stand in front of the Kodak biometric photo system to take your pic to be produced on quality photo paper for your passport. Make the payment and get printed governmentally verified US passport pictures CVS pharmacy can print.

  3. How to print passport photos at CVS?

    Consumer Value Store offers both photo taking and photo printing services. Prices for their photo prints start at 27¢. Along the way, you can also shop for a variety of products available for free same-day pickup!
    If you want to print a ready US passport photo, you can order CVS passport photo service with the price listed above. Printing passport photos at Consumer Value Store locations might take less than a few hours. And if you use the CVS mobile app online, you can have your passport photo template printed out in a few seconds and collect the document the same day.

  4. How to take a passport photo at CVS?

    Thanks to the Kodak biometric ID system, the whole thing is simple, cheap, and fast. These instructions will help you take passport photos with the store’s help:

    1. Dress formally (no extravagant clothes; religious clothing is allowed), no hat or any other head covering, no glasses (they can cause reflections in the photo)
    2. Wear simple makeup, if you wish
    3. Make sure your entire face and eyes are fully visible
    4. Come to the closest pharmacy (that has the equipment to take a CVS passport photo online and hard copy, of course) during business hours and find a print spot there
    5. Stand in front of the digital camera of the Kodak photo system (the white background should be behind you)
    6. Look in the camera, smile a bit
    7. The Kodak system downloads up-to-date requirements for passport photo from the US State Department website and ensures that your selfie matches these US regulations
    8. Wait for your picture to be taken and verified by a CVS professional. If you want to know the result is perfect, learn all the examples of rejected passport photos.
    9. Wait several minutes to receive a printed passport photo for US documents


    You can ask the employee to preview your digital passport picture before printing.

  5. How long to get passport photo at CVS?

    You’ll need to spend 30 minutes to one hour in to get a passport photo. Schedule an appointment on their premises at any time during opening hours. Or call in advance to your nearby CVS pharmacy photo services and check the available time slots quickly. Save your time and money and take a photo with CVS passport photo services without a hurry. Have the benefit of a professional document photo print facility before your business trip or vacation!

  6. Where to get a passport photo at CVS?

    Access the pharmacy’s official website in order to get a passport photo at their nearest location. When on-site, filter CVS pharmacy places by cost, distance from your home or work, provided services, delivery methods, online submission, etc. With all the right filters applied, you should have no trouble finding the right directions to get a template with your perfect biometric photo conveniently.

  7. Where can I get a digital passport photo besides CVS online?

    When it comes to getting your passport photos offline, the most obvious options are retail stores, pharmacies (like CVS), shipping centers, photo studios, registered expediters, U.S. acceptance facilities, and other official document application facilities. Also, if you’re uncomfortable when photographed by another person, you can try photo booths. But there’s a certain risk in that option. Please note that the US acceptance facility recommends not to use them, as they go out of date.
    However, each of the above variants costs relatively much. Say, for two passport photos CVS will charge you $16.99, and if you want some extra copies, it’s $2.99 per pair of 2 x 2 inches. The thing is, the price includes the photographer’s salary, equipment costs, the company’s rent, and other related expenses. That’s totally understandable but still unpleasant. Thankfully, there is a way to save you this money (and some time) with our home professional service.
    Instead of going to the nearest CVS, use our tool. It’ll help you get yourself a compliant and printable photo template you can enclose to your application to the acceptance facility. Thus, you won’t need to go anywhere for a mere passport photo take – just photograph yourself at home, upload photo, wait for the resulting picture, and then print and take it straight to the acceptance facility. Or, in fact, you can make the whole thing even quicker and send in your digital photograph online. In that case, you won’t even have to spend on printing at Consumer Value Store or some other place.

  8. Can I get CVS headshots for a passport photo?

    If you don’t like your headshot, you can take a new one, but you have to spend your money again to cover the photographic office’s expenses. Get a passport photo headshot at CVS or here on our website. With us, you don’t need to leave home for a photo session. Print them at your local shop for cents if you need a hard copy vs an online passport photo at CVS.