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Print or Take CVS Passport Photos in Minutes

Both Printing & Taking

We not only print, but also take passport, visas, and ID photos online. All you need to do is take a photo and upload it here. The photo will be checked to ensure it meets the rules (size, background color, proportions, etc.). If necessary, we will crop the photo to the size you need, replace the background, adjust the position of the head, and more. It takes less than 5 minutes.

High-Quality Prints

We'll prepare 6 perfect passport photos, 2x2 inches each. Photos will be printed on premium-quality photo paper and delivered to you within 1–5 business days. Delivery is completely free. You can order prints of both your ready passport photos and the photos taken here.

A 4x6 Template for Printing

If you want to save money on passport photos, or if you are pressed for deadlines, then the best option is to create a photo online right now and download a template for printing. We will prepare your photo, and place 6 copies on a standard print template (4x6). Download it immediately, and print at home or your nearest location for only $0.42.

A Digital Copy of Passport Photo

Regardless of whether you order printed passport photos or a digital template, we will email you a digital copy. It can be used for 6 months from the moment the photo was taken. All rights to the photo belong to you. You can use them to apply online, reprint them, or for other purposes at your discretion.

How to Get Passport Photos in 2 Easy Steps?

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    Upload a photo here
  2. How much you can save for passport photo cvs will print
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    Get prints or download files

CVS Passport Photo Services: Enjoy the Best Options

  1. Online

    Take photos for your passport, visa, or any ID right from home. To do this, you just need to take a photo as per the requirements and upload it to our website. We will do the rest for you.
  2. Cheap

    At the moment, this is the best offer on the market. We want passport photos to be available at affordable prices without breaking your budget. Make a 4x6 printable template with us and print it from CVS for just $0.42.
  3. Easy & Fast

    The process is very simple: if you want to print, just click the Upload Photo button, select Original Photo, and complete the order. If you want to take a photo, then upload the photo and follow the simple steps on the screen.
  4. Professional

    We use a reliable passport photo system to check and adjust passport photos. The photo is produced strictly in accordance with the requirements. You can be sure that your photo will be accepted.

CVS Passport Picture Online F.A.Q.

  1. Does CVS take passport photos?

    Yes, CVS takes passport photo services at their locations. You can have your passport photo taken at a CVS store with a photo center.
    cvs passport photo

  2. Does CVS print passport photos?

    Yes, CVS offers passport photo services at many of their locations. You can visit a CVS store equipped with a photo center and have your passport photo taken and printed according to the US State Department’s guidelines.
    Typically, CVS provides professional-quality photos that meet all necessary specifications for passports and other identification purposes. It’s advisable to check with your local CVS store beforehand to confirm availability and any specific requirements.
    CVS also offers online photo printing services, including 4×6 prints. You can upload your 4×6 template with passport photos through the CVS website or mobile app, select the size and quantity you want, and choose to pick them up at a nearby CVS store or have them delivered to your home. This convenient service allows you to easily print and receive your photos without visiting a physical store.

  3. How many passport photos does CVS provide?

    Typically, CVS provides two passport photos per purchase. This quantity is standard to meet the requirements of most passport applications, which often require two identical photos.
    For an additional fee, you can order two or more photographs and a digital copy.

  4. Can I take a visa photo at CVS?

    Yes, you can take your visa photo at CVS.
    It’s advisable to confirm with your local CVS store that they can accommodate visa photo needs and to bring any specific requirements or guidelines provided by the embassy or consulate where you are applying for the visa.
    When you plan to go on a cruise, please take care of your visa in a timely manner so that it is ready on time because trips abroad require a visa.

  5. How much does CVS charge for passport photos?

    A set of two prints (2 x 2 photos) costs $16.99 at CVS. Two additional passport photos cost $2.99. The price of a digital copy is $3.99. But you can order a 4×6 template here and print it for only $0.42 at any CVS location.

  6. Does CVS offer discounts on passport photos?

    Save up to $2 off the price with CVS coupons for passport photos! Also, check out the Consumer Value Store’s app on your smartphone for promo codes to reduce the cost of printing passport photos at CVS and other printing services.

  7. Do I get a digital copy at CVS?

    Yes, for an additional fee, you can buy a digital copy of your passport photo.

  8. What type of photos can I take at CVS?

    CVS takes both US and international passport photos. You can take photos for passport, visa, real ID, students card, gym membership, etc.

  9. How long does it take to get a passport photo at CVS?

    The process of getting a passport photo at CVS takes about 20 minutes. Once you arrive at the CVS store with a photo center, the staff will take your photo according to the required specifications, and you can usually receive printed photos immediately or within a short waiting period.
    However, if your situation is urgent (for example, you you lost your passport and you fly tomorrow), consider using the online service to get your pictures in minutes. You might require a passport and a photo for it for different reasons when in the US or another country.

  10. Do I need to schedule an appointment to take passport photos at CVS?

    You do not need to schedule an appointment to take passport photos at CVS. You can generally walk in during store hours and visit the photo center, where they will assist you with taking and printing your passport photos.
    However, it’s a good idea to check with your local CVS store beforehand to confirm their specific policies and availability for passport photo services.

  11. Can I take a CVS passport photo online?

    No, you can’t take a CVS passport photo online. But you can create a passport photo using an online tool and print it on the Walmart website. Just upload your photo. We’ll prepare your passport photos and place six photos on a standard 4×6 sheet for printing. Download it and print it at CVS or even at home anytime.
    If you take your passport photo yourself, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with examples of rejected passport photos in advance.

  12. What is the cheapest place to print passport photos?

    The cheapest place to take passport photos is an online tool from You’ll receive professional quality at an affordable price.

  13. How can I find the nearest CVS pharmacy with passport photo services?

    Use the store locator to find a Walmart store that offers passport photo services near you.