CVS Coupons for Passport Photos 2023: $16 Off | 3 Weeks Only

March 15, 2023

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cvs pharmacy passport photo coupon

We love-love discounts, deals, and codes for different CVS goods! In the same way, we’d like to have a CVS coupon for passport photos, when applying for a new passport. The cost for two printed passport pics can bite a little as it is $16.99. That’s why even $2 off would be just right!

However, you can get the unprecedented $16 off the passport photo shoot and the 2 printed pics for another three weeks. Let’s find out how to get the best CVS passport photo coupon and cost.

In Focus

Non-permanent CVS passport photo coupons

Let’s spill the bins. CVS photo coupons for passport photos are a temporary occasion and you need to look out for them. If you are lucky, you’ll get an active discount and pay 2 dollars less than the usual price for passport pictures, which is $16.99. If the timing is right, it’s quite easy to get a passport photo coupon for $2 off at CVS. Here’s how to do it.

Passport photos $2 off with a CVS coupon

To get the cherished passport photo coupon with $2 off, browse the CVS website and find the photo coupon section. Type in passport photo in the search bar. If the promo is on, you’ll see it on the screen.

Usually, there is no info about the promo date, just a $2-off sign on the promo banner. All you need is to contact your local CVS store for a passport photo shoot ASAP until the promo is available. Mind that only participating stores take CVS passport photos with coupons. The store locator on their website will help you navigate to the closest location.

Do you want more attractive options up the sleeve? Sure!

Passport & ID photos in-store only is no longer the case

cvs passport photo coupon

Now let’s imagine you could get a perfect CVS passport photo with a coupon or without it for much less than $14.99 ($16.99-$2=$14.99). Would you like to get passport photos for $0.39? No challenge involved, by the way! You don’t even have to leave home.

The answer is that you no longer have to go to the physical store for a passport photo shoot. You can take a compliant passport picture verified by an expert at home. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to get passport photos right at your place for cents. Follow the lead.

Use an easy tool for passport pictures (no CVS photo promo codes)

Check our easy tool for CVS-like passport photos online at the PhotoBooth Online website. It does all the job for users. Take a photo with your phone or upload a favorite headshot from your hard drive. The wizard crops, resizes, changes the background, and checks for compliance on the spot. It turns your photo into a biometric passport photo with guaranteed acceptance. A trained expert will do the final check for your passport photos.

Many users utilize our passport photo services online at their places around the globe at the best possible price. With new technologies, there is no reason to spend more money or time in waste.

There is $0.00 price for CVS-like passport photos without any promo codes on our site for another 3 weeks. 

PhotoBooth Online gives you two perfect 2×2 passport pictures on a printable 4×6-inch template. Receive it by email or simply download it on the fly. Save it onto your memory card, for example, and take it to the CVS pharmacy for print.

Look through the basics passport photo rules – you don’t need to learn them

In case you want to double-check the rules. The key requirements here are no hats, no glasses, a direct look into the camera, no camouflage or uniform, subtle smile or no smile, and no big ornamental jewelry. Headwear is allowed for religious or medical reasons. Fully visible face.

The great thing about PhotoBooth Online is that it’s tuned to know all the rules. You do not need to learn them by heart. You download a verified passport image.

Print passport photos at CVS without coupon for $0.39

After you get a passport picture template on our site, print it on glossy or matte paper as a 4×6 inch photo for some really small amount of money – $0.39. It’s a real bargain, and you don’t need a CVS passport photo printable coupon or code. Print your template the same day and cut the two perfect passport pictures out.

What if there’s no CVS near me?

cvs passport photo coupon 2021

You might wonder, where to get physical prints of your passport photo template if there is no CVS around the block. You can print it yourself at home on photo-quality paper. If it’s too much trouble, take your file with two passport photos and visit any store, pharmacy, library, or printing shop. A custom 4×6 photo printout costs less than $0.50 anywhere in the States.

Much more than 50% off passport photo at CVS

Save money and time! Spend less without the CVS promo code on passport photo deals. You can get a CVS passport photo without coupons with 90% off the price online. Using our tool, the passport photo price for a digital copy is $0.00. The price for passport photo prints at CVS is $0.39. Search for the nearest location to print the 4×6 digital template that you’ll get on our site in 2 clicks for free.

When on our site, you can turn your photo into a valid passport picture. What’s more, users can read the most useful information on passport photo criteria, guaranteed compliance, and much more on CVS passport photos using coupons or not.

CVS passport photos for less — wrap-up

Save instead of overpaying. What’s more valuable, save your time. Stay home and take passport photos with a reliable online tool. Save $16 without a passport photo coupon at CVS easily now!


Can I get a passport photo at all CVS locations?

No, only participating stores with KODAK Biometric ID Photo Systems on-premises can do the job. No online options.

What is a CVS passport photo coupon code?

It’s usually a promo code that allows saving two dollars in a single photo shoot for passports for an adult or baby. It has an expiration date. To get one and save money, check the CVS website or deals-focused sites for such promo events.

Where can I get a CVS passport-size photo coupon for $2 off in 2023?

Occasionally throughout the year, the CVS store offers its customers CVS photo coupons for passport photo-taking services. Check the official website online to select among the current deals and coupon codes for passport-size 2×2 photos.

Alternatively, google through third-party websites such as Groupon for promo codes to get a good price for passport photos. Be cautious when you browse along some untrustworthy discount-offering resources in order not to get any malware.

Can I get a CVS free passport photo coupon?

There is no such thing. The CVS photo coupon can only give a discount to customers.

How to get a discount on passport photos?

You can use our services at PhotoBooth to order a free passport photo template with two 2×2 pics. Save your money and time. Read the information above on the best option to print your images cheaply without a CVS passport picture coupon. Throw no money away. Plus you can stay home, avoid long lines, busy traffic, and spend your time more effectively.

How do I get a CVS promo code?

You can look out for the CVS photo coupon code or you can save time and get your passport photo without the CVS coupon online on our site.

How to get a CVS passport photo template?

It’s as easy as taking a selfie. Use our site to take a new photo or upload your favorite image from your smartphone or PC. Give the tool 3 seconds to check your photo for every requirement set by the passport office. Then download the result as a print-ready 4×6 template with 2 passport photos. Skyrocket your passport application with a quick and compliant passport photo template!

Get your photo now