How to Replace a Lost Passport?

December 16, 2023

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what documents do i need to replace a lost passport

We couldn’t agree more that it is frustrating when your passport is lost. But we know what to do. Let’s go through the steps on how to replace a lost passport following all regulations with as little stress as possible!

In Focus

What to do to replace a lost passport?

When you’ve lost your passport, the situation is heated enough. You can’t travel internationally. It makes it even worse if you lose your U.S. passport on vacation. You can’t be even sure if the passport has been stolen or you just dropped it at the hotel or on the beach. That’s what you should do step by step.

Pro tip


You do not need to report the loss of an expired passport or the leak of your passport number.

Report, then replace lost or stolen passport to the US Authorities

replace a lost passport

First thing first. The most important is to communicate to the authorities that your situation is a lost or stolen passport since to replace your passport, you always need to submit your current passport. You can do it online, by mail, or in person while applying for a new one. Mind that reporting your passport lost doesn’t automatically replace your document.

If you’re abroad, it’s better to start the process of replacing your passport ASAP. Then you’ll be able to return home sooner rather than later and avoid additional costs of your stay while waiting for your new passport issuance (hotel, meal fees, changed travel plans, etc.).

The other important thing is if you report your passport lost immediately, you reduce the chances that someone else can use your passport and carry out an identity theft. As soon as you communicate the passport situation to the US authorities, the passport will be canceled.

If you’re located in the US, use Form DS 64 on the US State Department’s website. The form filler helps both report a lost or stolen passport to the US State Department and fill out Form DS 11 to replace for your new passport. To do so, follow the link: to use the form filler.

If you’re abroad, you need to contact the embassy for a replacement passport, which is usually located in one of the big cities in the country of your travel.

Replacing lost passport using necessary documents

As we stated above the step of informing the US State Department the missing passport is critical to proceed with U.S. passport replacement. Whether you’re at home in the United States or abroad, you’ll need to visit the passport office or embassy/consulate (if you’re overseas) in person.

If you’re replacing your lost or stolen passport while you are in a foreign country you need to:

  1. Find the embassy in the country of your travel:
  2. Present another form of government-issued identification, for example, a driver’s license.
  3. Fill out Forms DS 11 and DS 64.
  4. Prove U.S. citizenship (with a photocopy of your passport, that you’d better keep on your phone or Google Drive as a saved file)
  5. Show your travel itinerary.
  6. Provide two recent passport photos.

If you are looking for a photo-taking place in the States, take a CVS passport photo. Or use one of the online services for passport photos at home. If you’re overseas and want to get photos at a local photo booth, make sure it takes 2×2 inch photos with a white background.

How much does it cost to replace a lost passport?

how much does it cost to replace a lost passport

The costs for lost passport replacement are regular. To replace a lost passport, you’ll pay $130 plus the expedited service $60, if you want to speed up the paperwork service.

Replace your lost passport even if you found it or have a passport card

Once you report your U.S. passport lost or stolen (immediately) to the authorities, it’ll be no longer valid. Even if you could use the passport card to reach Canada or another country by sea or land (not by air travel), you cannot do it if you report your passport book has been lost or stolen. The passport card is automatically invalidated too.

Replace lost passport with an emergency passport

If you have a history of a previous lost passport, you might be given an emergency passport which has a limited expiration date. Its validity is usually one year, compared to the 5 to 10-year validity of an average passport. The main purpose here is to return to the US for the regular process of lost passport replacement.

FAQ and Tips for when replacing a lost passport

How to replace your lost passport that had visas?

First report a passport lost or stolen, replace it with a new passport then reapply for your visa.

Travel insurance covers the replacement of your lost passport

Remember some travel insurance covers the costs of a replacement passport and associated expenditure including flight change fees. Double-check what you need to do to reimburse the fees by telephoning your insurance company.