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Instant Result

Take and upload a regular snapshot to turn it into a guaranteed digital passport photo right now—with an option to have it printed. Push the upload button to have your passport pictures prepared in a couple of minutes.

Home Delivery Option

Any Australian passport photo made here is 100% ready to print, and you can have your prints sent to you. Once your new Australia passport photo is prepared, use it in a print-and-deliver service to have it shipped to you.

Get Passport Pictures Online

Step 1: upload a regular selfie. Step 2: let us convert it into a digital passport-size photo. Step 3: get 4 prints or a digital copy. It's all ready-made: you can use your new passport photo wherever and whenever you need.

Photo Quality Assurance

Have your new Australian passport photo checked to ensure everything is correct. From the size and format to the background colour, lighting and all other requirements—every passport photo parameter will be expertly checked over.

Prepare a Passport Photo Online Now

  1. take your headshot with your phone and upload it to our image maker
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  2. download your instant passport photo template in line with the requirements
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Why Get Your Australian Passport Pictures Here

  1. Passport-Size Photo

    Get Australian passport pictures now! Step 1: upload a regular selfie. Step 2: let us turn it into a digital passport-size photo. Step 3: get 4 prints or a digital copy. In any case, we guarantee acceptance!
  2. Order Prints Online

    Take Australian passport pictures at home! It's easier than ever: upload your photo to this generator app, save the resulting digital file and have your Australia passport-size photo printed in any store in your area.
  3. High-Quality Photos

    Our app will edit, resize and crop-frame your picture to make the right background and size, all in accordance with the official Australia passport photo requirements.
  4. Right-Size Template

    Upload your picture to this Australian passport-sized photo converter online and get a ready-made template in seconds! You'll get a set of ready-made Australian passport pictures of the required size and format.
  5. Per Requirements

    We adhere to the Australian passport photo guidelines so that you get it right the first time. After cropping and resizing, the resulting printable image will meet the Australian Passport Office's rules.
  6. Quick & Valid Picture

    Convert your picture and make it into a guaranteed passport photo meeting the guidelines of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (and all other requirements).
  7. Digital Passport Photo

    Download and copy a digital JPEG/PNG image to a local computer, USB, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox in a minute. Get Australian passport photos of the photographer-like quality!
  8. Same-Day Result

    Get printed Australian passport photos today! Have your shots prepared and verified by our certified expert, then get your passport picture printed in a store or use a print-and-ship service.

Passport Photo Service: Common Questions

  1. Why use PhotoBooth Online to get a passport photo?

    FREE App

    Create 35 mm x 45 mm passport photos Australia free online in the PhotoBooth headshot maker per Australian Passport Office requirements. Make multiple digital & printed photos without watermarks.

    Australian Official Document

    Create, download and submit Australia passport photos with the correct background, head height, dimensions, and resolution according to the Australian Passport Office requirements.

    Online Service

    Add your picture to our online passport photo app or take a new one with iPhone or Android phone camera. Create a perfect photo online with the PhotoBooth Online tool in minutes for free!

    Perfect Biometric Photo

    Meet international standards and the Australian government’s requirements for the travelling document. Our free passport photo app sets your whole-face camera photo shots to the required size.

  2. What to wear for an Australian passport photo?

    Even if you carefully look through all the requirements available on the official government page, you won’t find any mentions of clothes. Since the AU authorities don’t provide a strict dress code for Australian passport photos, the safest principle to follow is to wear formal clothes on the upper part of your body for official documents. No headgear or uniforms are allowed. Feel free to wear the clothes necessary for religious or medical reasons.

    How to look good in an Australia passport photo?

    Dress casually. Simple plain clothes with sharp contrast are the best choice here. Put on some of these: shirt, tank top, blouse (better with round neck), polo, jacket, vest, suit, blazer, long sleeve, religious attire. Make sure not to wear glasses. Focus on your face and neck look since Australian passport photos show only the upper body. As for the face-related details, it’s required by the rules to keep a neutral facial expression (no smiling, forehead and eyebrows relaxed) and set your shoulders straight.
    Remember to keep the camera at your eye level and look straight at it—your photos must not have any angle whatsoever.

    How to style hair for an Australia passport photo?

    Your hair must not cover your face. You can’t wear a hat, a head covering, sunglasses, jewellery, or huge hair accessories. But there are exceptions. Hats and headcovers can be worn to reflect religious beliefs if you have clear facial features.

  3. How to take an AU passport photo at home?

    Australian Passport Office doesn’t endorse any particular professional photographer studio. Thus, you can take a digital Australian passport picture at home. Here’s all equipment that you need: a smartphone camera (Android phone or iPhone) or a simple digital camera.
    Later on, when you upload your photos, the PhotoBooth Online cropper tool will resize and crop-frame them to the correct format file you can download for free.

    Easy steps to help you take your own Australian passport photo at home:

    1. Dress according to the tutorial above
    2. Position yourself in front of a plain white background (a white wall will do)
    3. Make sure there are no other objects nearby
    4. If you wear glasses, take them off (lenses are OK, but usual eyeglasses aren’t acceptable in any case, whether it’s home-made or Big W passport photos). Light makeup is also acceptable
    5. Take off any head coverings (you can keep them only for religious reasons) and facial jewellery you might wear. Facial piercings (in mouth or nose) are allowed as long as they don’t cause reflection, cast shadow or obscure the overall look
    6. Switch on good lighting: in an Australia passport photo, there can’t be any shadows on your face
    7. Keep your head straight, eyes open, and look forward
    8. Don’t smile, keep your mouth closed. Keep a neutral expression
    9. Don’t apply any filters (like red eye filter), effects, or retouch
    10. Take your own digital passport photo in JPEG or PNG format with your smartphone or standard camera
    11. Upload the photo to the PhotoBooth Online converter to generate a compliant shot and download the result in seconds

    That’s it. Enjoy your best passport picture ever!

  4. What size is a passport photo Australia?

    In accordance with the requirements made available on the official government website, your shot must be of exact dimensions. In measured in the metric system, the Australian passport photo size is 35mm wide and 45mm high. As for your own proportions in the frame, remember that your head should take up 65-80% of your headshot (in millimetres it’s between 32mm and 36mm high from the crown of your head to your chin).
    passport size photo
    The parameters are just as specific when it comes to the size in digital terms. For a digital colourful Australian passport photo, the dimensions should be between 600 and 1200 pixels. The officially recommended overall resolution is 600 DPI (which equals 827 by 1063 pixels) so that every detail of your appearance is fully visible.
    Since you can’t submit your Australia passport photo and the application form online, the authorities do not give us any specifications on what the digital size of your shot should be. Anyway, before you print, it’s better to make sure you’re not trying to reproduce a 50MB image.

  5. Where to take a perfect passport photo in Australia?

    There are a few locations in your neighbourhood where you can take a good photograph. Here are the places for taking passport-size photographs:
    1. Online at Home
    Upload your picture to PhotoBooth Online, and our site will make this image into an Australia passport photo fast. Save time! Enjoy professional photo service at home at any moment.
    2. Officeworks
    Visit one of 150 shops in the Officeworks network in Australia. The popular network offers Australian passport photo printing services. Don’t forget to call and book an appointment, if necessary.
    3. Australia Post
    You can find Australia Post office everywhere in Australia. Get a printed Australian passport application in one of 4,300 outlets and submit your documents offline in an Australia Post office.

  6. Where to get an Australian passport photo?

    Apply with a new Australian passport picture or one taken during the last six months. Get your Australian passport photo here online or offline in a shop. Print coloured photos on a plain background (any light grey background will do) with no border on professional paper on your home colour printer or in Officeworks or Kmart Australia shop.
    For better or worse, online submission is unavailable for Australian citizens, so you won’t be able to save money on printing your passport photo.

    Follow the tips below for taking an approved Australian passport picture:

    1. To ensure proper lighting and avoid shadows, put the light source above or in front of you
    2. Position yourself at a plain background without any shadow in it (for example, an off-white wall or some other light background will do just fine for your own passport photo)
    3. Keep your head centred and eyes open and keep a neutral facial expression (don’t smile or keep your mouth open)
    4. Place your digital camera at your eye level (use a tripod if you have one)
    5. Take a photo in high resolution, remembering to look at your smartphone or digital camera straight on
    6. Upload your image to the PhotoBooth Online app to create a rules-compliant shot
    7. Save the result, i.e. your Australian passport photo
    8. Print the image
  7. How to print a passport photo?

    PhotoBooth Online allows you to print the correct size photos. Using this online photo editor is as easy as riding a bike. Save the printable image file, turn on your HP, Canon, or Epson digital photo printer, insert 10 x 15 photo paper in it, and print your Australian passport photos. Below you can find two photos printing tutorials for PC & mobile.

    How to print AU passport photos on Windows 10 & Mac?

    If you use a computer with Windows 10-11 or Mac, you can print your Australian passport pictures via Windows/OSX system menu. Remember, you must use a photo printer instead of an office document printer! Here are some steps to help you to do it:

    1. Save the printable .JPG image file with two 35 x 45 mm images in it—the easiest way to get such an image is to use our tool. Within seconds, it’ll help you get your own passport photo in a print-ready format (a template with two correctly proportioned shots in it). Simply upload your usual snapshot where your face is fully visible and you look straight into the camera, and we’ll crop it into a compliant picture!
    2. Once the processing is done, find the file with your passport photo in Explorer, and right-click on it. In the context menu, choose the Print option
    3. When you get to the printing settings, select your printer name and pick the 10x15cm photo type size (it can also be named 4×6, so make sure not to miss it)
    4. In this same window, apply these settings: portrait orientation, colourful image, no borders
    5. Start printing on matte or glossy photo paper

    Or you may open new photos in MS Paint or Mac Preview. Open your Australian passport photo, click File>Print, and follow the software wizard. When you finish printing, cut out the two pictures to apply for a new Australian document.

    How to print passport-size photo from iPhone, Android phone, or iPad?

    Link your Android phone or iOS mobile to a wireless colour printer. In your phone’s gallery or digital camera roll, tap on your picture and scroll to the Share icon. In the menu with sharing icons, select the one saying Print. Then choose your wireless printer, 10×15 cm (equals 4×6 inches) paper format, and print your Australian passport pictures in original proportions.