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Get 4 prints or a digital copy
• Upload a casual self-taken photo
• Let us convert it into the correct format
• Get verified pictures for your passport
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  2. 60-Day
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How to Get Good and Valid Passport Photos

1. Upload any casual picture

Use your smartphone camera to take a photo of yourself. It doesn't have to be a passport-style snapshot—a casual photo of any size and background will do. Then, upload it here.

2. Let us process and check it

In seconds, we'll convert your regular picture to the format of Chemist Warehouse passport photos. That is, we'll resize it to the correct dimensions and remove the background.

3. Get a preview

Once the processing part is over, you'll see a preview of your new photo. It'll already be in the passport format, so you don't need to check it against the rules—just make sure you like it.

4. Order prints or download

Either order 4 high-quality prints with free delivery to your address—or download the digital copy of your passport photos and print them at Chemist Warehouse or any other store.

Get Pictures Now

  1. add an ordinary snapshot
    STEP 1
    Upload a self-taken photo
  2. order printouts or save JPEG
    STEP 2
    Get prints or a digital copy

Why Get Passport Pictures With Our Service

  1. More Photos at Lower Prices

    Get Chemist Warehouse passport photos for as low as $4.95 now—receive 4 prints (with free delivery) or a digital copy printable in any store. This is especially money-saving compared to the offline Chemist Warehouse service which costs around $15.
  2. Prints with Free Delivery

    You can have your Australian passport photos printed on high-quality glossy paper in 4 copies—and order shipping of these printouts right to your doorstep. Simply enter your address upon checkout and get the prints delivered anywhere in Australia!
  3. Instant Digital Copy

    Unlike at Chemist Warehouse stores, here you can get a digital passport photo only. In this case, you'll be able to download your digital picture and a printable template instantly. In addition, you'll also receive their copies in your email.
  4. Photos from Anywhere 24/7

    With our passport photo service, you won't need to visit any physical Chemist Warehouse locations or wait in line—your pictures are just a couple of clicks away! Get valid prints or digital pictures right now and have them sent to you.
  5. Guaranteed Acceptance

    Same as with the offline Chemist Warehouse service, all photos made here are compliant with all the requirements of the Australian Passport Office—for size, background, and other details. Thanks to that, your new photos will be accepted without any trouble.
  6. 60-Day Money-Back

    All the images made here undergo a two-step compliance check, so the chance of rejection by the passport office is non-existent. Yet, in the unlikely event that your passport photos are rejected, you'll get a full and fast refund with no questions asked.

Chemist Warehouse
Passport Photo FAQ

  1. Does Chemist Warehouse do passport photos?

    Yes, they do—but not all their branches may offer this service. If there’s no suitable place nearby, consider the online option which is faster and cheaper.
    If you do find a suitable location, we recommend you phone ahead and confirm that they take pictures for photo ID. To search for the phone number, use the official store locator.

  2. How much do Chemist Warehouse passport photos cost?

    Typically, a set of standard printed pictures will cost around $15 (but you can get photos for $4.95 using the online option).
    If it’s exactly the physical service you need, remember that the price may vary across different stores. Again, you can access the official Chemist Warehouse store locator to contact the store and ask the staff how much you’ll have to pay for an Australian passport photo.