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Take Passport Photo
At Home in 4 Steps

1. Upload a regular picture

Use any phone with a good camera to take a picture of yourself. Any background will do as long as you stand straight and look into the camera with a neutral expression. Then, upload the newly taken image to convert it into a Big W passport photo template.

2. Let us prepare it for you

First, we will crop your photo to the correct passport photo size and remove its background. Once it's done, we will double-check it against all the requirements (for head height, lighting, hair, quality, etc.) to make sure it's ready to be printed and submitted.

3. Get passport photo preview

As soon as your picture is converted, check it out. If you don't like your new passport photo, you can retake as many photo shots as you need and pick the best one. Each try is free—take your perfect biometric photo conveniently without any haste or hassle!

4. Save photo and print it at Big W

When you're happy with your picture, download the Big W passport photo template. It's ready for your passport application—just use the store's printing service and have it printed on a 4x6 piece of glossy paper. As an option, you can order delivery.

Get Your Passport Pictures Right Now

  1. use the photo upload button to add your image to our website
    STEP 1
    Upload photo to prepare it
  2. get passport photos at any Big W store or with your own printer
    STEP 2
    Get valid prints or digitals

Big W Passport Photo Options in 2024

  1. Prices and Saving Tips

    Get Big W passport photos for $4.95 today! Have your perfect biometric photo prepared and get a passport photo template for $4.95, printable at any Big W. Today, this is one of the cheapest options to get high-quality printed photos for your passport.
  2. Locations of Big W Stores

    As of 2024, there are 177 stores in Australia. You can find your nearest branch by using their official store finder. Enter your postcode or suburb to see the stores in your area along with additional information (to get passport photos, you need one with a photo centre).
  3. Big W Opening Hours

    As a rule, most branches open up at 8-9 AM and close shop at 6-7 PM, no matter what day of the week it is. To find out how a certain branch works (and if it can print out passport photos), use the said finder. Please also note that the hours may vary on bank holidays.
  4. Photo Printing Process

    Currently, the Big W chain does not print images on the spot. However, you can print your passport photos using the Big W photo printing service available at their website. It's fairly easy to use but if you need a detailed guide, you can find it in our F.A.Q.
  5. Photo Shipping Methods

    When having your passport pictures printed with Big W, you can either arrange a free pick-up from their location (takes 7-10 business days) or have your photos delivered to you (takes 4-10 days depending on urgency). International delivery is also available.
  6. In-Store Passport Photos

    Unlike some other Australian chains, Big W do not take passport photos in any stores. However, they will help you print a picture in multiple copies provided that you have a prepared 6x4" passport photo template (which is exactly what you can get at our website).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Big W do passport photos?

    No, they do not offer this service. No matter what Big W branch you visit, there won’t be a professional photographer who takes images for passports or other popular documents.

  2. Can I print passport photos at Big W?

    Yes, you can print a prepared photo in almost any format, including the one officially used for passport photos.
    your go-to for high-quality printing
    While in-store printing is not available anymore, you can print your 6×4″ passport photo template on glossy paper using the online option—the Big W photo printing service.

  3. How can I print passport photos at Big W?

    Currently, the only way of printing photos at Big W is to use the online service. Here’s a quick guide:

    1. Prepare a 6×4″ passport photo template of printing quality. This printable template should include at least two images of you—you can get it on our website.
    2. Access
    3. In the Photo Prints tab, select Prints & Enlargements—you will be redirected to another page.
    4. Next, you will see a large array of sizes. Choose 6×4″ (15x10cm) Digital Photo Print and hit Create Now on the next page.
    5. Push Browse files to select and upload the printable template with your passport photos.
    6. Without changing any parameters, hit Add 1 Photos to the Project, then Add to Card.
    7. Double-check that your biometric photo will have the right size and total price (there isn’t a money-back guarantee if something is wrong on your side), then push Check Out.
    8. If it’s your first time using the service, enter your email and select Checkout as Guest or Register an Account.
    9. Enter your details (your first and last name and phone number) and push Continue to Logistics Method.
    10. Choose free in-store pick-up or one of three shipping options to have your passport photo printouts delivered to you.
    11. Depending on the shipping method you’ve chosen, enter a store address or your home address and select Continue to Payment Method.
    12. Pay using your debit or credit card or PayPal. Expect to get your printed passport photographs within the next 10 business days.
  4. How long does it take to print a passport photo at Big W?

    This depends on the chosen method of delivery:

    • If you want to pick up your printouts in a Big W branch, expect them to be ready within the next 10 business days.
    • Having your passport photo printouts shipped to you can be a bit faster–while delivery by regular post takes the same 10 days, express postage will take 4–7 days only. Please note: this doesn’t apply to international shipments (if you order one, expect delivery in 21 days).
  5. How much are passport photos at Big W?

    A 6×4″ (15x10cm) printout costs $0.15 but note that the price may change depending on the delivery method. While picking up your passport photos from a Big W outlet is free, regular or express shipping will cost an additional $4.70 or $12.45 respectively.