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4 Ways We’re Better Than Your Nearby Photo Place

As Close By As It Gets

When googling 'passport photo near me', you expect to find a photo booth that’s at least within walking distance from you. Use this tool, and you won’t need to go anywhere at all.

We Make Sure You Comply

Afraid the closest passport office won’t accept your photos? We get that, but don't worry. We check every picture against the official rules. Hence the compliant passport photos.


Some online photo services complicate things by burying the upload button under tons of text. We’re nowhere near as complex as that. If you need photos, click the button below. That's it.

Not a Penny Spent

Passport photos used to be a paid thing. Well, it isn’t so paid now. We'll make you proper digital pictures for free, no tricks. It’s something your nearby photo booth or local store can’t do.

How to Use Passport Photo Online App?

  1. Take your headshot
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    Take a photo
  2. Download the file
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    Download the file

Why Choose Us Over Other 'Passport Photo Near Me' Search Results

  1. Near Instant Tool

    Choose the nearest photo booth or store, and you’ll actually have to go there. That means it takes time. Our service doesn’t. With us, it’ll take you a few seconds to get UK passport pictures. Need a new passport ASAP? Use online submission.
  2. No Hidden Costs

    Remember when we said we make passport photos for free? If you expected to find a hidden price trick by now, you won’t (after all, we're a professional service). This page may be your best way to get free photos for your passport around you.
  3. Immediate Images

    Your closest passport office will ask for two colour images in print. That’s why we added the option to download a template with two passport-size photos. This way, you'll be able to print your digital passport photo without any delays.
  4. By The Book

    We closely follow the specifications for UK passports. Unlike the booths in your neighbourhood, we check head position, background, hair, etc. in every digital photo. Thus we make sure the UK passport office is happy and your photographs are accepted.
  5. Based On Neural Nets

    The standards for British document pictures constantly develop, and so do we. We keep track of the changes in government regulations to stay up-to-date. Using this new data, we teach our neural networks to make passport photos the closest to perfect.
  6. Every-Device-Friendly

    The actual nearest booth is one that fits in your pocket (or at your computer desk, at least). In any case, your new passport photo is a couple of taps (or clicks) away. Be it a mobile phone or PC, we’ll make you good and compliant photographs anyway.
  7. Photograph Your Baby

    If you need to take pictures of your baby, we’re far handier than a photo booth or a local studio. It takes time, so save your nerves (and money). The solution is within reach: you can have online passport photos done in the comfort of your home.
  8. We Value Feedback

    As a professional digital photo service, we listen to our users. Once you’ve used our website to get your passport photo, email us at hello@photobooth.online. We’ll be happy to learn about your experience and keep your insights close at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I get a passport photo taken near me?

    No matter what region of the United Kingdom you live in, there should always be plenty of nearby places you can visit to make and print passport-size photos on 4×6 paper:

    1. Chain store
    2. Pharmacy
    3. Post office
    4. Train station
    5. Photo studio
  2. What is it like to have your passport photos taken out of home?

    Some of the places in your neighbourhood you may have photo booths that can take and print pictures. They provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on how to take proper passport photos. But many such photo booths want maintenance, hence the shabbiness which may make you uncomfortable. To top it off, their photo printing mechanisms might make your passport photos a bit fuzzy. The price is around £8 per set of photographs, but please note that it varies from brand to brand (some go as high as £14).
    You can also look for nearby services where a photographer is available (if it’s a professional passport photo studio, prices start roughly at £10). A good specialist will set proper lighting, adjust your position and make other preparations before taking a picture. Once it’s done, they will also (hopefully) make sure that the newly-done picture meets all standards there are in the United Kingdom. At the same time, not every photographer is, in fact, a photographer by trade. In every other location in your neighbourhood (say, in many stores), taking passport photos is just a collateral duty for the employees. As understandable as it may be, they are often reluctant and impatient when it comes to taking your photos. And even a professional photographer may grow impatient when photographing a baby. In addition, some of us feel uncomfortable when photographed by a stranger, so that’s yet another reason to find an alternative.

  3. Is there any other way to get a passport photo near me?

    As opposed to the options close at hand, making your passport photo online may well be the fastest option. After all, you only need a device with camera and a few seconds to do that. And you don’t even have to look for a wall to make your background colour light grey (as per the government’s rules). On this page, you can upload your digital photo with practically any background, and our tool will remove it automatically. Also, your picture doesn’t have to be shoulder-length, as our tool can also crop the picture to the required extent. All you have to do is to make sure you look straight at the camera and keep your head and shoulders level, mouth closed, and eyes open. Also, make sure that your face isn’t covered by your hair and that there are no shadows (and if you wear glasses, you want to take them off). That’s all there is to the appearance criteria. Simply follow these photo rules and you’ll be fine.
    Next thing you know, we give you a perfect picture for your new UK passport. After that, you have two options. Many go the old way and print digital photos at the nearest place that provides passport photo printing services. In that case, the printout price will likely be under £1. Then you can cut the pictures out and use them to submit a new passport application. But if you don’t feel like going someplace only a small printed photograph (even if this place is close by), opt for online submission. The good news here is if you submit an online passport application with a digital photo attached, you’ll save both time and money. After all, your British passport is already expensive enough!