Passport Photos Near Me: Pricey Studios or Digital?

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Digital Passport Photos Near Me with Australian PhotoBooth Online

FREE Nearby vs Studio

With us, it's no cost and no limits, so why even pay for Australian passport photo studios near you? Instead, use our intuitive tool as many times as you wish. Pick the real-genuine-you picture you like best and print it at the camera shop next door! Then, submit your application and enjoy the new image for a decade which is the validity period of the AU travel document. Try it now!

We Comply with Australian Rules

Worried your images won't be accepted by the authorities? Hold your nerve - we've got you covered! You get 3-factor validated pictures processed by a state-of-the-art AI algorithm. This way, your passport photos meet all Australian government requirements and the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Digital & CloseBy 24/7

G'day, arvo or night! Create your passport photo anytime, anywhere: whether you're at home, in the bush or surfing at the local beach. PhotoBooth Online is always rapt to see your face. Save time and money - get a perfect Australian passport photo you'll love. If you need any help or information, just give us a shout at

Print Anywhere Next to You

Use our website to be on top of things with your Australian passport photo. Follow the easy steps below and get two identical pictures you can turn into printouts at any local place. You get compliant photographs that meet requirements for the size (35-40mm in width, 45-50mm in height), suitable background, correct lighting and much more.

How To Get Australian Passport Photo Near Me in Digital? No Studios

  1. Take your headshot
    STEP 1
    Upload/Take Picture
  2. Download the portrait for your new document
    STEP 2
    Download Passport Photo

Why Passport Photos Near Me with Australian PhotoBooth Online?

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    We implemented our service with people in mind. Like a ukulele luthier somewhere in Western Australia, we've been carefully IT-crafting our tool to help you achieve your goal fast and stress-free. Especially, when you are set to travel the world, a hectic passport photo carry-on isn't really on your bucket list. Nah, just leave the whole thing to us.
  2. Near-Instant Processing

    As innovative as it is, our online tool is straightforward as riding a pushbike and singing a song. Neural nets get you covered with no extra effort on your part. Without leaving your home, upload a picture or take a selfie with your lappy or smartphone camera. Wait a second for it to process and download a ready Australian passport photo to print at any store nearby.
  3. Digital Compliant Tool at Hand

    There's no room for mistakes with our passport photo booth. You get thorough instructions to have your Australian passport photos prepared instantly. The AI-backed tool makes sure your picture meets all the official requirements for passports. Then, our experts validate the resulting digital copy. If your pictures are rejected for any reason, we'll redo them at no charge.
  4. For Nearest And Dearest

    Hesitant to use next-door photographers' services? We can offer you a time-efficient alternative: make the most of our professional service! No fee, no extra charge, no watermarks. Just ask a friend to take plenty of your photos with your phone camera. Upload them and receive the eligible ones. And hey, if your mates or family need a passport photo, why not share the tool with them?
  5. Smart Picture Within Reach

    Want to sport a fully sick yet compliant Australian passport photo? If you do, we're a go-to. We check that background, lighting, tilted head, glasses, and the rest comply with the official guidelines. Also, you want to be stoked with how you look in your headshot when travelling overseas, so PhotoBooth Online allows you to take as many photo shots as you like.
  6. Print at Nearby Store

    With a correct image file at your fingertips, do quick research, if needed. The simple way is to ask Google for the information update on the nearest location to get the printouts. Visit a local camera store or any other place with printing services. You might just as well reproduce the digital photo with your inkjet printer, provided you find the quality gloss paper type.

Digital Passport Pictures Near Me: F.A.Q.

  1. How can I get photos for the Australian passport near me?

    Arrange a few spare minutes, be patient and you’ll save yourself the trouble of going AWOL in search of a phototake in the neighbourhood:

    1. Use the tool on our website.
    2. Stand beside a wall to avoid shadows, with enough light.
    3. Get another person to take a picture of you. If you need a baby passport photo, you can easily get all the pictures taken in a convenient manner for your kids of any age, babies or infants.
    4. Take as many copies as you like for your new travel document.
  2. Where to get a digital passport photo near me?

    Alternatively, you can upload a picture from your library to our website. Bear in mind that it should be less than 6 months old (not a year or coupla years).

    Now, we’ll guide you through the compliance requirements for Australian passport photos (introduced to ensure biometric matching):

    • Leave some space above your head. The tool will crop the perfect format and geometrics and will apply the right contrast automatically.
    • Hair and jewellery shouldn’t obscure your face, especially the areas of your nose, mouth, eyebrows and eyes.
    • Neutral expression, clear face, not smiling, minimum makeup.
    • Retouching removal of scars, moles, wrinkles and other distinguishing marks is not allowed.
    • No lenses reflection.

    Please note that if you need a baby passport photo, these requirements may differ slightly. If in doubt, check the official government webpage with the relevant requirements.

  3. What is the best place to get a passport photo?

    There is a choice to take if you’re in a city. Say, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra or alike. Although there is a number of nearby places where you can get Australian passport pictures, check out their online reviews, prices and business hours in advance.

    1. For example, you can choose a post office that takes passport photos near you. Please note that there are a lot of locations, but not every facility works to take your headshot, lets you fill in your passport application and process your official documents. In fact, it may even be closed. If in doubt, it’s better to contact the local post office and make sure.
    2. As an option, you can also find the nearest store that provides photo services.
    3. Try looking up some professional studios somewhere in your area.
    4. See if you can find passport photos places that are smaller: kiosk stores or booths that can take professional headshots.
    5. Also, remember that PhotoBooth Online can provide a digital passport photo that meets all the criteria of the Australian Government with excellent customer service and without you leaving home. Which, we reckon, is an extremely helpful option.
  4. Where can I get passport photos taken near me?

    For those living in big cities like Sydney or Melbourne, finding a place that’s open during the day should be fairly easy. However, if your home is outside of town or you live far from the urban infrastructure areas, you might struggle to find open nearby facilities that can take a photo for documents. Luckily, you can obtain an acceptable professional image on our website without leaving home, which is also better money-wise (in fact, it’s free).
    Then, look it up online for a next-door camera shop to get good quality colour photo prints. Alternatively, order a mail delivery of all the photos to your home or work address with a reliable printing company.
    If you’re booking your future trip and want to make it before Christmas, we recommend allocating plenty of time to wait for your documents to be approved, completed and printed. Take everything into account and make sure you renew your travel document upon the due date. Even if you quickly take Australian passport photos near you, your application will most likely take from 3 up to 6 weeks to process. All your queries should be asked and answered by the friendly staff of the government offices.

  5. What should I choose, passport photo studio near me or PhotoBooth Online?

    To answer this one, we need to weigh all the pros and cons peculiar to each of the options.
    The main advantage of a photography studio is that you don’t need to prepare for your photo shoot. Just wear something nice and smarten up, and you’re good to go! All that’s left is to find a place that provides passport photo services, book a session, go to the studio on time, pay the fee and finally take the headshot. Sounds pretty simple, innit?
    It does, but the previous sentence actually includes all the disadvantages of this option, that is the need to:

    1. Find a local studio that takes Australian passport photos near you
    2. Contact the place to schedule a session
    3. Waste your time on actually going there
    4. Spend your money (probably a lot of it: photographers’ pictures are often expensive)
    5. Probably wait in line, if the place is a local hot-spot

    Thankfully, you can avoid spending too much time, money and effort by using our all-in-one online passport photo services near you that meet international standards! With us, it’ll only take you coupla minutes to get the result for free, which means you don’t even need to look for a place that takes digital passport photos near me!