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Why Prepare Photos in Our Online Service

You Get Free Pictures

Don't want to pay for something as little as a digital passport photo? If so, we're your go-to. With us, there won't be any unexpected fees (in fact, none at all)—we won't even ask for credit card details. You get high-quality passport photos for 100% free.

We Follow All UK Rules

There's no need for you to obsess over the extensive list of UK passport photo rules. Our service converts any usual full-face snapshot into a background-free portrait that's 100% compliant—we give a satisfaction guarantee.

You Get Photos Instantly

It takes quite some time time to have your images taken or printed in Boots or another place. Say, a trip to a passport photo booth near you will take at least half an hour. In our online service, the result is instant—you get free images in 10 seconds.

We Ensure Professional Quality

You can turn ANY shot into a perfect passport photo as long as your head, face and shoulders are fully visible and well-lit. It can even be a full-body photo with anything behind you: we'll crop it to the right size and remove the background.

Get Passport Photos to Print in Boots

  1. capture a phone camera snapshot and upload it to our app
    STEP 1
    Take a picture
  2. download the print-ready UK passport photo template
    STEP 2
    Get a ready image

Boots Photo Service Information

  1. Price Range

    A shot taken in a Boots passport photo booth costs at least six pounds. Sure, it's not a fortune but you don't have to pay even that—you can get the same photos for free with our professional service.
  2. Service Availability

    Only a while ago, Boots passport photo booths were shut down for safety reasons—and many may still be unavailable today. By contrast, we're always there for you—get your shot instantly any time you need it.
  3. In-Store Printing

    If you’ve got a 35x45 digital picture, you can’t just print it at Boots, since their online app and kiosks allow you to print 6x4 templates only. Luckily, our service will make you a passport photo template of this exact size.
  4. UK Rules Compliance

    In Boots, they'll just print without checking your photo (you won't know if you're wearing too much makeup for passport photo, etc.). Prepare your portrait here and our tool will ensure you're up to the UK standards.
  5. When Do Shops Open?

    With most stores, the opening and closing hours range from 9 AM to 6 PM (but may vary slightly). Also, the pharmacy chain is closed on Sundays. If you need Boots passport photos urgently, use our page—we work 24/7.
  6. Time Efficiency

    Although CEWE photostations used in Boots print photos quickly, you’ll still need some time to get to them. In case you’re short on time, use our service to get a digital passport photo online and apply from home.
  7. Photo Quality

    With Boots photostations, the quality of printing may vary. However, if you prepare your digital passport photos here, you won’t have to print them exactly in Boots—you can choose any place you like (e.g. Max Spielmann).
  8. Level of Privacy

    Boots never share your photos or personal data with anyone. We follow suit—neither your original shot nor the version converted into a UK passport photo will ever be shared with anyone.

Passport Photos in Boots: Common Questions

  1. Do Boots do passport photos?

    Many branches of the UK-wide pharmacy chain do have photo booths installed at their premises. However, most of these were shut down a couple of years ago for safety reasons.
    We don’t recommend going to a random branch in case you need to use a Boots passport photo booth. After all, it may still be out of operation, so it’s always better to phone ahead and make sure.
    Here’s a short instruction for the Boots store locator tool. It’ll help you find the address and the phone number of the store you want to visit to take or print passport photos:

    1. Access (the official website of the chain)
    2. Click the Find a store button located at the upper left (near the logo)
    3. On the next page, enter your postcode or the name of the store and click Find (alternatively, you can allow access to your location to find Boots passport photo options faster)
    4. Once the search is complete, you’ll see a list of stores with their addresses and distance to them. Please note that a map view is also available
    5. Whether you’re in the list or map view, select a branch and click Store details to see its phone number (as well as opening times)
  2. How much are passport photos at Boots?

    The answer depends on several factors. While in some of the branches, a set of Boots passport photos will cost as little as six pounds, the prices will differ depending on the location and the type of photo facilities it uses (if there are any in the first place).
    For instance, if the Boots store you’re going to visit has a standard Photo-Me booth, a set of printed Boots passport pictures and a photo code will cost eight pounds. However, some branches may offer a photoshoot with a human photographer—in this case, it’s better to clarify the price beforehand by calling the place (use our store finder guide in the previous section to find the phone number of the branch you need).
    If you need to have your picture taken urgently, try our online application—here, it takes mere seconds to get a perfect biometric photo conveniently. Also, there are no digital photo upload limits: in case you need images for your whole family, take as many photo shots as you need! Our tool works perfectly for everyone, whether it’s a baby, man or woman passport photo.

  3. How long does Boots photo take?

    Whatever method you choose (a printing kiosk or a Boots passport photo machine), the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you know how to use these devices.
    However, if you’re not tech-savvy, getting your images may well take some more time. If this is the case, consider using our web service to get your passport photo online.
    Here, almost everything is done for you—you only upload your existing picture (or take a new one) and wait a moment for us to process it into a valid UK passport photo (i.e. remove the background and crop the photo to the correct proportions).
    Once the processing stage is over, you’ll get:

    1. A professional passport photo in JPEG format. In case you want to apply from home, you can send it in on the official online submission page (
    2. A passport photo template with four photos: you can print it (say, in a Boots store) to submit your application and the printed pictures by post