Post Office Passport Photos: Where and How to Get Them

a step-by-step guide to processing your passport application at a post office

If you’re getting a new UK passport, you’ll need photos that meet the HM Passport Office rules. Compliance-wise, getting them at a post office is a reliable choice—our complete guide will show you how.

Plus, you’ll learn how to save over 80% and get pictures for £2.95.


Which Post Offices Do Passport Photos?

As of 2024, there are over 11,500 branches in the United Kingdom, but not every post office has the amenities to take your passport photos.

However, you can easily find a suitable nearby post office that provides the service—here’s how:

  1. Go to the Postal Service Website: Open their official branch finder.

  2. Enter Your Address: Put your postcode, town or street name in the text field, then hit 🔎 to see nearby locations.

  3. Use the Filter: Click Filter services above the list, go to Passport Applications, select the options you need, and hit Filter branches.

  4. Pick a Branch: You’ll see a list of your nearby post offices that do passport photos—click on any of them to see the working hours, directions and other details.

How to Get a Passport Photo at a Post Office

applying in process

Please note: the passport photo service is available only as part of the Passport Check and Send service.

Within this service, the post office employee will take your photo, verify your application and submit it to HMPO. There are two variations of Check and Send:

  • Digital: For online applications.
  • Paper: For those applying with a paper form.

The process will vary depending on which one you choose:

  1. Complete the Form (Paper Applications Only): Fill out the application form (you can pick it up at branches that offer Check & Send). You don’t need the form when applying online.

  2. Bring Your Papers: Take your old passport, supporting documents and form (Paper Check and Send only) to a participating post office and ask the staff to help you.

  3. Let the Staff Take Care of Everything: They will take your photo as usual (say, as if you were getting Boots passport photos), check your application and send it to HMPO.

That’s it—you’ll get your passport in the post in a few weeks.

How Much Are Passport Photos at the Post Office?

If you choose the Digital Check and Send, you’ll need to pay £16. The Paper version of the service will cost £16 plus an extra fee (the additional fee is for printing your photos; if you don’t want to pay it, you can bring your own compliant photo prints).

Please note: all of these are payable to the post office on top of the usual passport application fee!

How to Get Passport Photos for £2.95

In case you’re not sure you need the whole Check and Send service, there are cost-effective alternatives.

Take the PhotoBooth Online service, for example–using it, you can get passport photos for £2.95!

convert photos online

It only takes three easy steps:

1. Take a Regular Picture

Use your smartphone to take an ordinary photo of yourself. This photo can have any size and background—as long as you look straight at the camera and your face is evenly lit without any shadows.

2. ‎‎‎‎‎‎Upload the Picture Here

‎‎‎‎‎To do that, use the button below (or add your image here). In an instant, we’ll convert your picture to the approved passport format—it’ll become a valid 35×45 background-free passport photo.

3. Download Digital Passport Pictures or Order Prints

Depending on how you’re going to apply (online or by post), get digital photos (with a printable template included just in case) or have 8 prints delivered to you (in this case, you’ll get a digital copy of your picture anyway).

PhotoBooth Online vs. Post Office Passport Photo

Let’s compare the two options:

PhotoBooth Online


  • Costs only £2.95
  • Takes 3 minutes (no need to leave home)
  • Guaranteed approval by the HMPO
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Super easy to use (all is done for you)


  • Requires Internet connection

Post Office


  • Perfect if you don’t want to take your photo by yourself
  • Very simple—the staff will take care of everything for you
  • Post office will help with your paper or online application


  • Photos cost £16.00 or more
  • No acceptance guarantee
  • Even one visit may take a lot of time


While post office services remain a tried-and-tested option to handle your UK passport application and pictures, they can also be time-consuming and costly.

Alternatively, PhotoBooth Online provides a quicker and more money-saving solution, handling the entire passport photo process for you. Plus, it works for documents from other countries.

So, whether you choose the good old Post Office or the efficiency of PhotoBooth Online, you now have more options to get your passport photos. Consider your needs and preferences—and choose what works best for you. Happy travels!