Timpsons Passport Photos: How to Get Prints Faster

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Passport Photo Options

Same-Day Prints

Get a prepared 35x45 passport photo now and have it printed at any Timpsons location in your area. You won’t need any appointments: pick up two printed pictures in-store the same day. Just upload or take a photo and order prints!

Shipping to Anywhere in the UK

When ordering your verified 35x45 prints, there will be the option to have them shipped to you. To order delivery, enter your name and full address on checkout: your brand-new passport photo printouts will be delivered to you within two days.

Digital Passport Photo

As another option, you can get a digital JPEG image: it’ll have high resolution and the correct 35x45 ratio. You'll also get a photo code with the same passport picture. Use any of these for online application at the official government page.

Quality and Compliance Check

A certified expert will make sure your picture has the correct size, proportions, lighting and background. Thus, you’ll get it right the first time and His Majesty’s Passport Office will accept your new UK passport photo without delay.

Get Your Passport Pictures Right Now

  1. take a snapshot with your phone camera and upload it to this passport photo page
    STEP 1
    Take a full-face selfie
  2. download your picture changed into a compliant shot online
    STEP 2
    Get printable photos

Timpsons Photo Service Information

  1. Passport Photo Prices

    Get Timpsons passport pictures for £0.55. Get a digital 35x45 image, have it printed and pick up your passport photos at any Timpsons store. As another option, you can take your photo in-store. If you do, it'll cost at least £10.
  2. Photoshoot Time

    Ideally, a photo session in any of the retailer's branches should take a couple of minutes. However, there may be lines during peak hours. Save time with the online service: upload your image and get an approved passport photo in seconds.
  3. Participating Branches

    With more than 1300 Timpsons stores in the UK, you're very likely to have one in your area. But mind that the branch you need may not have the equipment needed to take a passport photo near you. If that's the case, get the same image with the online tool.
  4. Photo Guarantee

    Before printing, in-store employees will check your new picture against the UK rules. The web tool does the same: it's fine-tuned in accordance with the official passport photo guidelines issued by His Majesty's Passport Office.
  5. Opening Times

    Most of Timpsons open at 9 AM and close at 6 PM (and operate fewer hours on Sundays). If you can't make it in time, there is this page to help you prepare a perfect passport photo anytime you need.
  6. Picture Format

    The usual format for Timpson passport photos is a printout with several pictures in it (but you can request a digital file and a photo code). Here, the package is the same: a digital passport photo, a printable template and a photo code.
  7. How It Works

    In the shop, a Timpson employee captures, checks and prints your images. Here, photos are processed automatically—upload a camera shot and get a compliant passport picture back. Then, you can order additional check by a human expert.
  8. Ultimate Privacy

    Timpsons never shares your images with anyone—be it your original shot or the final passport photo. The same goes for the online option: here, each picture is processed by an automatic AI algorithm, so nobody will see or have access to them.

Timpson Passport Photo: Common Questions

  1. Do Timpsons do passport photos?

    The majority of them do. Although the UK-wide chain mostly specialises in such services as key cutting, shoe/watch/phone repair, engraving and the like, there’s also photo taking and processing. You can get an image for various documents, professional passport photos included. In addition, the employee will give you prompts during the photo session (say, they’ll helpfully tell you not to smile in passport photo).
    There are more than a thousand Timpson’s stores in the United Kingdom, so you should have a convenient location not far from you. Although there’s no need to book an appointment to take a passport photo, it’s better to phone ahead before you head to any of their locations. It may happen that this exact branch doesn’t take images or is simply closed for the day.

  2. Do Timpsons provide digital passport photos?

    Yes, they do. In fact, should you choose to take your picture at Timpson, you can get the full set: after the employee captures your image, you get its printouts, a digital passport picture AND a special code upon request.
    This will guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of application for your new travel document:

    • With a digital shot, you’ll be able to apply online from anywhere, be it your home or work. To do that, simply use the official page (
    • It gets even easier with a passport photo code: apply at the same online submission page and put it in the respective field when asked. In a matter of seconds, the system will read the code and add your picture to the digital application form
    • And even if you change your mind at some point and decide to submit your passport photo and the application by post, you’ll still have the printed photos to do it
  3. How much are passport photos at Timpsons UK?

    Although taking your pictures out of home is almost a thing of the past, Timpson branches still ask at least ten pounds for this. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any way to cut corners and reduce this price since they don’t seem to offer any alternative options.
    Where you CAN save money, however, is our free online passport photo tool. In contrast with Timpson’s, everything here is completely free. There won’t be any hidden payments or unexpected fees. We won’t ask for your credit card details or personal info. You simply upload your photo, wait a few seconds and get a 100% compliant passport photo back.
    And in case you want to have it printed, we’ll still be helpful to you. Along with the digital version of your shot (and a photo code), we’ll also give you a print-ready template that you can save and have reproduced wherever you want.