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How to take a perfect biometric photo?

1. Take and upload your own photo

Use your phone camera to snap a new shot or upload an existing photo from your device. Don't bother about its size and ratio—we'll take care of all the technicalities for you.

2. Let us fine-tune your photo

In an instant, we'll crop your photo to the correct aspect ratio and change its background to white. This way, we'll bring it in line with the format officially used in the United States.

3. Get an expert compliance check

Within one minute, our certified expert will thoroughly review your photo (your pose, expression, lighting, and so on) to make sure that it meets all the official specifications.

4. Enjoy new biometric photos

After the checks, download your 100% compliant photos. The package will include a single digital copy in JPEG file format and a printable template with six digital copies of your new photo.

How does it work?

  1. add a photo to our tool
    STEP 1
    Upload your photo
  2. after the photo upload, download your ready passport photo
    STEP 2
    Save a digital photo

Get the Complete Digital Download Set

  1. Easy & Fast Processing

    The full process takes less than 5 minutes. Just take and upload a photo. Leave enough free space around your head. Your shoulders and upper chest must be also in the frame. The background will be replaced automatically with one that meets the specifications. Your photo will be processed instantly.
  2. Any Country. Any Document

    Here you can create biometric photos not only for US documents, but also for most documents from different countries. After uploading the photo, select the desired country and document type. The service has built-in templates for current requirements.
  3. Preview & Retakes

    After processing, you will see a preview. If you don’t like the result, you can retake the photo as many times as you need. We recommend that you take several different photographs in advance from different distances, but not less than 1 meter. This way, you can load them one by one and achieve the desired result. Important note: Always position the camera at eye level and look straight ahead.
  4. Digital Photo

    After you are convinced in the preview that the photo suits you, choose in what form you want to receive it: digital or printed. If you choose the digital option, your photo, immediately after additional verification by a specialist using special passport photo software, will be available for downloading and additionally sent by email. Thus, you will receive a high-quality digital photo within 5–10 minutes.
  5. Digital 4x6 Sheet for Printing

    In addition to the digital copy, you will receive a print-ready template with two photos. The template is a standard printable size of 4x6 inches. This way, you will have the opportunity to print it as many times as you need. The standard price for printing for most organizations ranges from 10 to 40 cents per printout.
  6. Six Prints (Optional)

    If you need prints, then this is also possible. You will receive six printed biometric photos PLUS a printable template. Printed photos will be delivered to you within 1–5 business days. And you can download the template immediately after processing the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Technical specifications of a digital passport photo

    digital passport photo
    Minimum: 600×600 pixels
    Maximum: 1200×1200 pixels
    (a square aspect ratio)
    In color (24 bits per pixel)
    In sRGB color space
    Size (file)
    Less than or equal to 240 kB
    Less than or equal to 20:1
    Format (file)
    Size (in millimeters)
    51×51 mm
    Size (in centimeters)
    5.1×5.1 cm
    Size (in inches)
    2×2 in

  2. Does provide an online renewal service now?

    Currently, you can’t submit your application online. While the State Department did offer such an option as a test, it was paused in March 2023. However, the government plans to re-launch the service in full scale in the future.

  3. What photo should I upload to for the online renewal service?

    When applying on the internet, you need to upload a digital photo. It must meet all specifications applicable to physical passport photos, but there are some special standards as well. In particular, the image must be in JPEG format only, while its resolution must be between 600 x 600 and 1200 x 1200 and size within 240 kilobytes.

  4. How does the online renewal service work?

    First, you need to create an account on the MyTravelGov portal. Once you do, the option “Renew Passport” will appear on the website’s front page. After a few disclaimers and eligibility questions, you’ll be offered to enter the information from your old passport, share your travel plans and personal details, and upload a suitable digital image.

  5. Can I apply for a passport online now?

    Today, the service remains unavailable. However, the Department of State intends to launch it again as soon as possible.

  6. What photo do I need to renew a passport by mail?

    When applying by mail, you will need one physical passport photograph printed out on colored photo paper. The photo must measure 2 x 2 inches and be taken in the last six months. For more information on the official standards refer to the State Department website.

  7. When do I need a digital passport photo?

    You typically need one when applying for your passport online. But thanks to its universal format, such a digital image can also be used for visas, immigration documents, and work permits.

  8. Can I print my digital passport photo?

    If you have your image taken on our website, we’ll provide you with an additional template including multiple copies of your new picture. This file is ready-made: you can have it printed anywhere without any further editing.

  9. How long is a digital passport photo good for?

    Since it has to reflect your current appearance, your digital image must be taken in the last six months. This means you can’t use your old passport photo or any other photo taken more than half a year ago.

  10. What is a digital passport photo in simple terms?

    In the traditional sense, it’s a picture taken with a camera or a camera-equipped electronic device (for example, a smartphone) and processed by a computer system.
    When used for passport photos or other official documents, such images can either be submitted as digital copies for online passport renewals (usually, in JPEG or PNG format) or printed out and attached to a paper form.
    In contrast to the traditional (that is, physical) passport photos, there are specific standards for such images. When using the online submission form, the applicant has to ensure their digital passport photos meet the following criteria:

    • Format: In the United States, the only acceptable file format is JPEG
    • Resolution: At least 600×600 pixels, but the maximum allowed resolution is 1200×1200
    • File Size: At least 64 kilobytes, but no more than 10 megabytes
    • Color: The new photo must be colored in the standard sRGB color space (supported by most cameras)
  11. Where can I get a digital passport photo?

    Today, most go-to places (like pharmacies or large retail stores) do not provide computer copies, even if you need one for online submission. For example, if you order a Walmart passport photo, they’ll only give you printouts. This rule is often in place for commercial purposes: if a store gave you a copyable photo along with the physical one, you’d be able to use or print it out anywhere as many times as you need, without paying them anything.
    Thankfully, there are still options to get digital passport photos or pictures for other documents:
    Passport photo booths

    • Take pictures for popular documents in a couple of minutes
    • Can often be found only in a certain store and, as such, require much travel time
    • Mostly used for getting printed shots, with an electronic copy as an extra (you can either get it as a digital photo code or have it sent to your email)
    • Lack the advanced verification technologies typically seen in online tools—you might even end up with a non-compliant photo

    Professional photography studios

    • Have expertise in taking a compliant biometric snapshot meeting the regulations from the Department of State
    • Can provide a high-quality copy for online submission without printing it out (which helps save money on photo paper considering how big passport photos are)
    • May be hard on the pocket: even if you need passport photos in digital format only, it’ll cost way more than the other options

    Passport photo services on the web
    There are no two services alike, as they will vary in terms of prices, quality, etc. However, they share certain advantages that are quite useful in online passport renewals—for example, take the PhotoBooth online service:

    • Costs much less than the more traditional passport photo options
    • Very easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills whatsoever—you only need a smartphone to get a high-resolution image that you can submit online
    • All passport photos are verified and double-checked by certified experts, ensuring complete compliance with the official standards issued by the Department of State
    • Can be used to take pictures for other documents as well
      Requires a stable Internet connection and cannot be paid for in cash
  12. How to Take a Digital Passport Photo at Home?

    Make sure to have the right clothes
    To contrast with the white background, wear clothing of darker colors. Head coverings are allowed for religious or medical reasons only. Accessories are forbidden in digital passport photos altogether (unless it’s medically necessary glasses).
    Ensure good lighting (no shadows)
    It’s best if you take your photo in natural light (for example, next to a window with daylight coming in). Good lighting must be smooth and even—there can’t be any shadows on your face or the background of your digital passport photo.
    Keep the right camera distance
    If you’re using your phone’s front camera, keep it 16-20 inches away from your face. When taking a passport photo with your rear camera, stand 4-6 feet away from it (at this distance, it’s better to have someone help you take a picture).
    Look directly into the camera
    Check that the camera is at your eye level and look at it directly with a neutral facial expression and your head straight (avoid tilting). Please note: if your phone has a portrait mode, turn it off—digital alterations are unacceptable in such photos.

  13. How to get a digital passport photo in PhotoBooth?

    The whole process is done in 4 easy steps:

    1. Grab your phone and take a regular picture of yourself
    2. Access and upload your newly taken snapshot
    3. Wait a minute for your photo to be edited. We’ll change the background, quality, and resolution of your passport-size photo in pixels—all to bring your photograph in line with the standards of the State Department
    4. Let our trained expert double-check your image
    5. Download a digital copy of your new passport photo

    That’s all there is to it—next thing you know, you have a compliant picture suitable for online application or printing! Thanks to our advanced verification technology, you can apply without the fear of being rejected. Plus, our photo service offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the digital copy of your passport picture.
    What’s more, these photos are designed for government-issued identification documents. You can also use them for passes to parks and clubs.