Want to Know Passport Photo Size In Pixels? Current Dimensions and Tips

May 13, 2024

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size of passport photo in pixels

If you plan on traveling abroad or to a neighboring city of a different country, like Tijuana, for example, you need a passport with a valid photo. There are quite a few official rules one must follow when taking a photo for a new passport. Let’s go through the basics, so you can “hand over” your passport application and your passport photo in the correct pixel number to the US Department of State site.


Size of passport photo in pixels

If everything you need is the passport photo dimensions in pixels, you’re already aware of the other guidelines. Like an off-white or white plain background, neutral expression, no wired or wireless headphones or hearing aids on, not wearing bulky scarves, glasses, or hats, headwear for medical or religious reasons only, etc.

Your photo must be recent. It should be printed on photo-quality paper. That means, if you’re getting a Walmart passport photo (or a picture in any other store), it should be printed on matte or glossy paper. This way, your photo is valid and be accepted by the passport office.

Now, that you revised the rules, let’s move on to the core:

  • The correct parameters of a US electronic passport photo are a square aspect and a 1:1 ratio.
  • The correct pixel dimensions of a perfect passport photo are between 1200 × 1200 and 600 × 600 pixels. Grainy, pixelated passport photos are a no-no.

Takeaway: Make sure you have a digital camera that produces high passport photo resolution images. There should also be some ample space left on the edges of your passport photo in pixels.

  • The photo measures 2×2 inches (or 5.1-by-5.1 cm).
  • Color is 24 bits per px in sRGB color space.

Takeaway: Don’t panic, it can be all done at home. The 24 bits per px in sRGB color space is an ordinary output for the majority of the digital mass market and professional cameras. The smartphone camera is totally fine too.

Passport size photo dimensions in pixels

passport size photo dimensions in pixels

What about the format and size? The photo you need to upload to the US Department of State website must be a JPEG file of between 54 and 10 megabytes.

Takeaway: We strongly recommend keeping from digitally enhanced or photoshop altered photos. A passport photo with editing will not be accepted by the United States passport office due to the ignored specifications. Also, please do not scan your old printed photo.

A specific characteristic of the passport photo in pixels is the compression ratio. The photo must be 20:1 or less. Processing your file, you should use the highest resolution settings of larger files. Do not compress your image while emailing, texting, or cloud-saving.

Takeaway: Verify your passport size photo in pixels with a reliable web tool online.

US passport photo size in pixels

The important note is that you can check your pixel-tuned passport photo at the US Department of State website. There is a tool that may tell you if the pic doesn’t meet the standards. However, it will not change size or ratio. You must also check compliance with other legitimate constituents of a document photo by yourself. Like shadows, natural smile, no military uniform or any other uniforms, visible picture recency of not more than 6 months, and other guidelines of the State Department.

Passport photos prepared for you in pixels

us passport photo size in pixels

With all the tips and recommendations, it does sound time-consuming and techy, and we’re restraining ourselves here. Luckily, we came to the point when you can sigh with relief. If it’s most tech-savvvy (and we reckon it is), simply use some help.

For that, you have PhotoBooth Online at your fingertips. You can take a photo or upload as many photos as you wish for verification according to passport photo requirements. Passport photo size in pixels is in check, including photo guidelines like head size, lighting, plain white background, the dress code, and all the above rules. Stay at your own home and get an acceptable United States passport photo with valid dimensions.

Passport size photo in pixels, then printed

Some of you will need the whole process in place. That means ordering prints using a traditional method – a digital passport photo in pixels first, printed afterward. We’ve got you covered here too. Why not learn the best life hacks on how to get a passport photo much cheaper – almost free? Best use of your time and money!

Happy compliant photography!


How big is a passport size photo in pixels?

You must have a passport size photo as big as 1200 × 1200 px as the maximum and 600 × 600 px as the least number.

How many pixels are in a passport size photo?

The correct size is from 600×600 up to 1200×1200.

What are passport photo dimensions pixels in 2016?

They were just the same as they are now. However, do not submit your passport application with an old digital photo. Passport photos must meet all the photo requirements and guidelines set by the government in order not to be rejected.