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Instant download of a 4x6 template with 6 passport photos for printing. Free shipping of 6 prints.
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  • upload your photo
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Enjoy Full Walmart Passport Photo Services Online

Creating Passport Photos

Creating passport and ID photos has become incredibly convenient. Produce high-quality passport, visa, and ID photos from the comfort of your own home. A comprehensive passport photo system adjusts photos to meet required specifications and swiftly detects and corrects any potential errors. Simply upload a photo captured with your phone or digital camera. It'll be checked, cropped, and fitted based on biometrics.

4x6 Template or Prints

Receive a printable 4x6 template with six photos along with a digital copy: The digital JPEG files will be ready for download in just five minutes, allowing instant use. Print a template at home or at any convenient place near you. For printed copies, simply place an online order and receive them shipped to your doorstep within 1–5 business days with free shipping.

Variety of Uses

Generate photos suitable for a range of uses, including passports, visas, IDs, citizenship, immigration, work IDs, and more. The tool supports all current specifications—you are guaranteed to get a biometric photo for your purpose. You can produce a passport photo for all ages (including infants, babies and children).

Best Deal

Save your time and money. We strive to make passport and ID photos affordable and accessible, so our prices start at $2.95 and don't exceed $10, ensuring you receive professional-quality passport photos at a competitive rate. Experience the ease, convenience, and professionalism firsthand—give it a try today.

How does it work?

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    Take and upload a photo
  2. download ready passport photos or order prints
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    Download files or order prints

Take Advantage of the Best Walmart Passport Photo Services

  1. Instant Download

    Processing takes about 5 minutes. Two files (a digital photo and a 4x6 template for printing) are immediately ready for downloading. Download and print the same day (even the same hour).
  2. Quickly Delivery

    Printed photos take a little longer to arrive. They will be delivered within 1–5 business days. There is no additional charge for delivery. If you are not pressed for time, order printed passport photos right here.
  3. High-Quality Results

    Passport photos are created in full compliance with official requirements and are double-checked by our specialized passport photo system. We guarantee you a high-quality result.
  4. Preview & Retakes

    Before payment, you will see a preview of your completed passport photos. If you don't like the result, you can easily take and upload other photos an unlimited number of times.
  5. 60-Day Money-Back

    The number of cases of passport photos being rejected is minimal. But, if for some reason, your photo is rejected, we will refund your money within 60 days from the date of purchase.
  6. Set of 6 Photos

    You will receive six passport photos at once at an affordable price. Photos can be used for a variety of purposes: passports, visas, IDs, membership cards, student cards, and more.


  1. Does Walmart do passport photos?

    Yes, most Walmart Supercenters that have Walmart Photo Centers offer their clients passport photo services. Use the store finder to find the nearest place.

  2. How much does Walmart charge for passport photos?

    Taking and printing passport photos at Walmart stores costs from $7.44. Walmart provides quick service and quality prints. A trained associate will help you get your passport photos in the Walmart Photo Center.
    It costs $7.64 to order prints without processing (excluding delivery costs, taxes, and fees).
    Once you’ve got the photos, applied for, and obtained your passport, there are a variety of places you can visit at home, like the US Islands, or travel internationally.

  3. Does Walmart take passport photos in store?

    Yes. However, to be on the safe side, check the closing hours and service availability at your location.
    walmart passport photo

  4. How many passport photos does Walmart provide?

    Walmart provides two compliant 2×2″ photos.

  5. Does Walmart provide a digital copy of a passport photo?

    Walmart doesn’t provide digital copies of passport photos. But you can take and print passport photos. Walmart provides high-quality prints.

  6. Does Walmart print passport photos?

    Yes, Walmart prints passport photos both online and in-store.
    Walmart offers high-quality passport photo printing. Just upload your passport photo and receive two prints. If you have a 4×6 template, you can print it at Walmart for cents. Just upload a photo here to create a 4×6 template for printing.

  7. Does Walmart print 2x2 photos?

    Yes, you can print 2×2 photos at Walmart.

  8. Does Walmart offer a 1-Hour Photo Service?

    Yes, it does. If you need to print a passport photo urgently, you can use the Walmart 1-hour photo service. To do this, you need an electronic copy of your passport photo. Upload it to the Walmart Photo Center website and pick up the print in an hour at your chosen store.

  9. How to use the Walmart passport photo services?

    Walmart offers online passport photo printing services. Here’s how to use it:

    1. Visit
    2. Click the Create now button
    3. Upload a digital copy of your passport photo from PC, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photos, Facebook, or Instagram
    4. Drag and drop the crop frame on the entire face image to customize the image
    5. Click the Add to cart button to proceed to the payment page
    6. Indicate your delivery address, zip code, payment method
    7. Get your photos shipped to your address or pick them up at the nearest shop for your passport application, whether you need a passport book or card, or both just in case.
  10. How to print a digital passport photo at Walmart?

    You can upload your photos online to the Walmart website and get them printed on premium photo paper. Schedule a visit through the site using your smartphone and pay with your phone a low price.

  11. How to know if Walmart passport photo is correct?

    All passport photos at Walmart are biometric ICAO 9303 compliant. Follow the guidelines and ensure on the upload screen that your pictures meet the U.S. passport photo requirements, such as facial expression, white background, photo template, eye line, smile, lighting, head, hair, and other official requirements.

  12. How does Walmart print a passport photo?

    The Walmart store will provide you with two printed passport photos.
    Here is a little know-how with the information helpful to get your picture for less than twice the price. Use a ready-to-print template with six passport photos that you’ll get easily on this website and print it for less than 30 cents at any Walmart store with Walmart Photo Center. You can use them for applying for your type of document whether you want to go to a neighboring country or for a cruise around the world. It’s a super easy way to obtain all you need for your future passport and fly/sail/drive to a foreign country.
    There’s also a life hack for a cheaper option. It’s pretty simple. Once you get a verified passport-size photo on this site, print it anywhere you like for less: at the shop with a discount, pharmacy, or printing center.
    Moreover, keep your file with pictures safe for when you need it for other popular documents.

  13. Where to get a digital passport photo for printing at Walmart?

    In case you have doubts about your file being eligible for the regulations, get a verified one on this site now, following all the requirements. At your home convenience, digital passport photo taking or checking is extremely easy.
    Simply upload a photo, wait a few seconds, and it will automatically generate a biometric photo.
    No need to worry about the latest regulations for your passport photo. It’s prepared in strict compliance with the official rules for high resolution, size, religious clothing, uniform, headphones, eye line, natural facial expression, head position, etc.