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Get Full Passport Photo Service

Same-Day Prints for $0.08

Get 2 printed passport pictures, 2x2 inch. each. Pick up ready passport photo prints at Walmart store near you today. Pay $0.08! No appointment. All you need is to upload any of your photo now or make a new one with mobile for upload.

Photo Quality Guarantee

Your photo passes a check of a trained specialist for right posture, head position/tilt, light, etc. If needed, your photo will be corrected. Thus, you have a guarantee of acceptance at authorities.

Shipping to Your Home

Your passport photos are printed on premium paper and delivered to your doorstep or any address you would like. Takes 2 steps or 2 minutes of your time!

Digital Passport Photo

Get digital passport photo copy to your email in 2 hours. It’ll be high-quality JPEG image of passport photo size. On top of that, get a ready template with your 2 passport photos placed. You can print it out as 4x6 format and cut out your pics!

How to Take a Photo?

  1. upload or take Photo
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    Upload/Take Photo
  2. download ready passport photo
    STEP 2
    Get Prints at Store or Order Delivery

All About Walmart Passport Photo in 2023

  1. Passport Photo Cost

    You can get 2 printed passport-sized photos for $0.08 now. Pick up 2 ready passport photo pictures same day at Walmart store or order shipping to address.
  2. Stores Locations

    You need to find Walmart Supercenter with a Photo Center. Use the Store Finder to navigate to your nearest store with a photo center. Alternatively, order prints online delivered to your doorstep. No lines or parking stress.
  3. Ordering Prints

    It’s easy to get your passport photos printed at Walmart. Upload your own photo and order 2x2 passport photo prints. Pick it up at your closest Walmart Photo Center service counter or ship it directly to your home.
  4. Digital Version

    Take a digital passport photo now. Get it as an electronic file by email ASAP. A high-resolution JPEG photo will be verified by an expert for compliance. Just right for online submission.
  5. Working Hours

    Visit Photo Center at your closest Walmart Supercenter to get your passport pictures. The usual opening times are from 9 am till 9 pm. Check the opening hours for your Walmart store before you set off.
  6. Passport Photos Online

    Send your online order for passport photos right now using this website. Upload your picture or make a new photo with a phone in real time. Collect corrected ready-for-passport photo either at Walmart store or shipped to you.

Walmart Online Passport Photo Tips & Details

  1. How much is a passport photo at Walmart?

    $7.44 is the price for a US passport photo but it’ll cost nothing to get your passport photo on this site. Order it for cents at any local photo shop. If you like the idea and want more details, you can jump right to the question: How much do passport photos at Walmart cost online and in center?

  2. How to use Walmart online passport photo tool?

    The center offers online submission to save time. Here’s how to use the Walmart online passport photo tool:

    1. Click the Create now button
    2. Upload your own photo from PC, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Photos, Facebook, or Instagram
    3. Drag and drop the crop frame on the entire face image to customize the image
    4. Click the Add to cart button to proceed to the payment page
    5. Indicate your delivery address, zip code, payment method
    6. Get your photos at the nearest shop for your passport application
  3. How to print a digital passport photo at Walmart?

    The shop is one of the cheapest places with photo printing services. The USA customers cherish quick printing services. Don’t waste time! You can upload your photos online to the Walmart website and print them on demand on photo paper. Schedule a visit through the site using your smartphone and pay with your phone a low price.

  4. How to get a passport photo at Walmart?

    Get the Walmart US passport photo service fast. Upload your selfie on the Walmart website, and crop your image automatically with the crop frame. Pay for your order and delivery (at home or at the nearest location).

  5. How to know if Walmart passport photo is correct?

    All passport photos at Walmart are biometric ICAO 9303 compliant. Follow the guidelines and ensure on the upload screen that your pictures meet the U.S. passport photo requirements, such as facial expression, white background, photo template, eye line, smile, lighting, head, hair, and other official requirements.

  6. How many photos do you get per order at Walmart?

    You can order any number of US passport photos at Walmart. By default, you get two passport photos per order there.

  7. Does Walmart take passport photos?

    There are two options you can use. Go online and find the location that has a photo center and get your images done for your document there. Remember to check all the necessary details prior to visiting, like opening hours and service availability.
    There is another way you can follow. Put through your electronic passport pic and get it printed. Arrange it as a home delivery with the premium mail service within normal trading hours, or pick it up from your location in an hour.
    You can order passport photos at Walmart online in 2 clicks. Upload your own photo or take a new one, and order a printout. Pick up your passport photos from your nearest Walmart. Available for 1 hour pick-up or home delivery.

  8. Are there Walmart passport photos near me?

    The perfect cheap passport photo is closer than you expect. Take your own passport photo or just get a valid photo template on this site. Then make an order and get it at the address closest to your home or work.
    Remember that your image file must be compliant with the general requirements such as background color, head position, lighting, normal clothing (not a uniform or too extravagant clothes), and no airbrush. On top of that, you shouldn’t wear makeup that alters your facial features.

  9. How does Walmart print a passport photo?

    The store will provide you with a two-image passport photo printed on one sheet. Here is a little know-how with the information helpful to get your picture for less than twice the price. Use a no-fee two-image template that you’ll get easily on this website and print it as a postcard for less than 30 cents at the same store. Cut it out and you can apply for your document.
    There’s also a life hack for a cheaper option. It’s pretty simple. Once you get a verified passport-size photo on this site, print it anywhere you like for less: at the shop with a discount, pharmacy, or printing center.
    Moreover, keep your file with pictures safe for when you need it for other popular documents. You’ll kill more than two birds with one stone (metaphorically, of course).

  10. Does Walmart take passport photos in store?

    Yes. However, to be on the safe side, check the closing hours and service availability at your location.

  11. Where to get a file online for passport photo printing at Walmart?

    In case you have doubts about your file being eligible for the regulations, get a verified one on this site now at no charge, following all the requirements. At your home convenience, digital passport photo taking or checking is extremely easy.
    Simply upload a photo, wait a few seconds, and it will automatically generate a biometric picture conveniently. A for-real non paid satisfaction guarantee!
    No need to worry about the latest regulations for your passport photo. It’s prepared in strict compliance with the official rules for high resolution, size, religious clothing, uniform, headphones, eye line, natural facial expression, head position, etc.

  12. How much are passport photos at Walmart online and in center?

    Walmart charges $7.44. Are you looking for something cheaper? Then, don’t be in a rush to use that option. There is a better way to distribute your money effectively:
    First, you need a verified digital image for your future document. You can always obtain it for free using the tool here. This way, you’re sure to get a compliant printable copy without delays or leaving home.
    Now, you can use your home printer, or go to a pharmacy, local shop, or Walmart, of course, to print all the passport photos you need. (You can omit this step, in case you apply for your document through the official website of the US Department of State online since you’re fully prepared with your file obtained on this website).
    The next step is to choose the most suitable option for you. Here’s a tip: instead of printing your passport photo for $7.44, get it for $0.08 by preparing a 4 x 6-inch template with us and ordering it as a postcard. You can receive such a file on this website with two 2 x 2 inches images on one sheet. Exactly the format you need and with the lowest possible cost online!