National Park Passport Book: Maps & Location

April 25, 2024

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where to buy national park passport book

For aspiring travelers, there is an extraordinary passport, one of a kind, that’s available to be used in the vibrant landscapes of the National Parks.

Of course, it’s not the regular travel document with digital passport photos that you need to get to travel abroad—however, it’s a passport book that opens a brand new way to enjoy the trails and explore new adventures.

So, what is the National Park passport book, and how to get the famous National Park stamps for it?

Let’s take a small informational hike. No hiking boots needed. Not yet.

In Focus

What is the National Park passport book?

As you might have guessed, it’s not a large or standard regular US passport or any other type there is. Actually, it has nothing to do with official document issued by the US Department of State.

The National Park guidebook is a passport gear from the America’s National Parks store product line that you can buy as a memorable interactive souvenir. Among lovely souvenirs are also books, passport-themed outfits, accessories, commemorative stamps, collectibles, etc.

What does the National Park passport look like?

The size of the guidebook is 6” x 4”. It has a soft cover with a spiral binding across 112 pages. It features an official NPS map of all park sites that are color-coded by region.

There are special editions of the book: Classic, Explorer, and the Collector’s Edition. When you purchase them, you support National Parks and contribute to their education and preservation programs.

Official National Parks Passport Program

national park stamps for passport book

For 35 years, the Passport to Your National Parks program has assisted millions of explorers in preserving and protecting their natural, cultural, and historic uniqueness.

The National Parks Passport program is designed to help visitors from the US and other countries understand the nature of America’s National Parks. There are over 400 units of America’s National Park Service all over the country to get all you need for life’s adventure.

National Park passport guidebook

Through the program of the Passport To Your National Parks, you can help support and preserve America’s National Parks. The National Park Service donates all net proceeds to vital education and interpretive programs at sites.

The passport guide book to National Park is considered to be a bestseller that national park visitors have been able to enjoy since 1986. This handy travelogue sparks your interest with color-coded regional maps, information about marvelous landscapes, and NPS interpretive maps.

It also contains plenty of room for commemorative stamps and cancellations that update designs monthly and annually. With the guide book, you can honor your previous national park adventures. You can inspire the next generation of explorers to experience and learn in these wonderful places.

Where can I buy a national park passport book?

You can purchase such passports onsite in most parks or online before your trip. You can obtain your passport book at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center all year round, at the Hoh Visitor Center, or the Kalaloch Ranger Station every season. They are also available online or at other NPS locations.

You can learn more about National Parks and the goods following the link

What is a cancellation for the Passport of America’s National Parks?

national park passport book stamps

Don’t miss out on stamps!

A cancellation in an America’s National Park passport is a rubber ink stamp that bears the national park name and the date of your visit supplied by the Passport program.

It resembles the passport procedure when you go abroad, and your regular passport gets stamped. Cancellation stamps are free to achieve at every national park in America.

Where can I find a cancellation?

The NPS usually sends out a Passport cancellation stamper to a special unit so that the cancellations can be present in visitor centers or park stores. Occasionally though, the cancellations move to other temporary locations or pop-up events.

And if, by any chance, you can’t get a stamp to your National Park guide book (passport), no worries. It’s not a problem. What you can do is contact the particular park you want a stamp from.

Note that there is no central archive of cancellation stamps, but you can always get Passport Stampable Stickers even if your Passport is not about you.

You can also come across the Junior Ranger program cancellation stamps that explorers get upon completion of the Junior Ranger program.

There’s no room in my Passport book for National Parks

There are so many cancellations to stamp into your passport book for National Park and the number of them is growing, so it’s not possible to fit all of them in one book.

If it happens that you run out of space in your passport book to National Parks, you can easily get expander packs for the Explorer and Classic Editions of the passport to Your National Parks. The extra pages are easy to attach. They’ll provide even more usability to collect national park stamps and log your trails and adventures.

Many avid explorers get additional copies of the Classic Passport book. You can hang on to your memorable passport for National Park longer. Commemorate your park experience with cancellation stamps.

Stamp your passport book (US National Park Service)

how to get a national park passport book

Stamps and Sticker sets and singles give you even more opportunities to customize your Passport to Your National Park. You can walk breathtaking trails with the most picturesque views and save your experiences in your Passport and America’s national parks in your heart.

The Passport To Your National Parks encourages traveling around the most famous America’s National Parks and helps the official units of the National Park Service to highlight the perfect but little hidden gems of the NPS.

Magical stamps on every national park experience

You can personalize your experience in many ways. Get a free ink stamp with the date and location of your visit at any national park visitor center or park store. Apply stickers. Map out your next trails and natural scenarios and mark up your close-to-heart paths and natural and historical treasures. Stamp your Passport to remember your journey by.

To obtain free cancellation stamps, go to a national park unit you visit. Get a ranger’s assistance. Rangers will tell you where you can get your passport book stamped. Some National Parks distribute various stamps at different stations. For example:

Olympic National Park Passport Stamp Locations

where can i get a national park passport book

  • Olympic National Park Visitor Center (Port Angeles)
  • Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center (seasonally)
  • Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center (seasonally)
  • Kalaloch Ranger Station (summer only)
  • Staircase Ranger Station (limited hours, summer only)
  • Mora Ranger Station (limited hours, summer only)
  • Quinault Rain Forest Ranger Station (North Shore Road)

Junior Ranger Stamp Locations

  • Olympic National Park Visitor Center (Port Angeles)
  • Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center (seasonally)
  • Kalaloch Ranger Station (summer only)