Duane Reade Passport Photo: Easily in 2024

April 24, 2024

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duane reade photo for passport

Need a passport photo in New York for your passport application? Duane Reade Passport Photos are exactly what you need.

You can always stay home and get compliant passport photos online. You don’t need to go anywhere at all. It’ll be much cheaper to get passport photos delivered to your place. You know that, right?!

If not, let’s learn all about passport pictures at Duane Read and decipher other attractive options you’ve got!

In Focus

Duane Reade passport photo store location in the U.S.

Duane Reade is a pharmacy now owned by Walgreens. You can easily enjoy the same photo service at both drugstores. If you want to use Duane Reade’s passport photo services, you can pop into one of the stores located in the New York City metropolitan area, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, and Fairfield Counties. There are also stores in New Jersey. Most of them will offer what you’re looking for.

Below is a store locator for you to find your convenient location. But don’t rush your photos. Learn the tips and tricks below for your best experience and result.

How to get a Duane Reade passport photo service?

In high-volume, small store layouts, you can purchase different products and use photo printing services, such as printed posters, cards, photo books, and passport photos at Duane Reade stores.

Follow these easy steps to get a Duane Reade photo for your passport or your permanent residence card with an I-551 stamp:

  • Find Duane Reade in your location.
  • Make a quick call to confirm the service in your particular store. You don’t need to book an appointment.
  • Just walk in and get your perfect passport photos taken at Duane Reade on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Get photographed by an assistant against a white background.
  • Get two passport photos printed at Duane Reade immediately.

Passport photo requirements at Duane Reade

passport photos at duane reade

Duane Reade takes passport photos strictly according to the State Department’s guidelines so that your photo meets the following rules:

  • Two-by-two-inch photo size.
  • White or off-white background.
  • Fully visible face with good lighting.
  • Casual attire, no uniforms.
  • Shoulders evenly down.
  • No pout or exaggerated smile.

Duane Reade passport photo cost

The passport photo-taking services at Duane Reade will cost $16.99 for a hard copy. It’s slightly higher than the average price in the market. For that price, you’ll get professional 2×2 photos printed on compliant photo-quality paper: matte or glossy within less than an hour.

In case you have a ready passport photo for Duane Reade on your memory stick, you can print your passport photos at the store in a 4×6 inch photo format. It will cost you a few cents—$0.29 only!

Alternatives to Duane Reade digital passport photos

If you need a digital passport photo, Duane Reade can’t help you with that unfortunately. Unlike other online print formats, the passport photo services are only accessible on-site. But not to worry!

Get a full tryout of PhotoBooth Online that will exceed your expectations. Here are the best two options you can’t help liking.

Option ONE: Passport photo delivery without popping into Duane Reade

If you need 2 valid passport photos as a printed copy and you don’t feel like going anywhere, tap into our service—take a pic right here. In just a few clicks with an acceptance guarantee.

We’ll check your photo on the fly, tune biometrics by AI, and validate it with the help of an expert. All you need is to sit and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep within 1 to 5 business days as a super-easy passport photo delivery.

Of course, you’re not going to sit and wait—you’ll do more important things on your agenda, than traveling to a store, avoiding viruses, and waiting for a printout if it’s busy. You’re free to choose.

Option TWO: 4×6 passport photo template for Duane Reade

Let’s bring along another effective option to take advantage of. With PhotoBooth Online, you can get a 4×6 passport photo template for Duane Reade. It works like this.

Download a 4×6 passport photo template for Duane Reade:


  1. Press the green button below.
  2. Upload any passport-looking photo.
  3. Or take a new one (no limits on attempts).
  4. Let the software check your photo and turn it into a valid passport photo printable template that Duane Reade can print for cents.
  5. Then cut out your two perfect passport photos.

How to take a passport photo for Duane Reade at home?

duane reade photo passport

Taking your own photo for Duane Reade is easier than taking a selfie. Factor the essential parts in and nail the task in minutes. Here are comprehensive steps to apply:

  • Ask a friend or a family member to take a picture.
  • Use a tripod. Or take a photo in portrait mode.
  • If it comes out invalid, we will let you know ASAP that you need to follow instructions and retake.
  • Any background of yours will do—we get you covered here.
  • Keep off from smiling widely.
  • No accessories or headwear.
  • Look into the camera directly.
  • Avoid tilting your head.

In all other aspects, stick to the official rules of the U.S. State Department mentioned above. Either way, the software will let you know what’s next—just follow the lead. Get the result at home now!

What are the most popular locations for passport photos at Duane Reade?

You can find passport photo locations for Duane Reade by the link:

Duane Reade is mostly concentrated in Manhattan. Here are the most popular locations in New York:


  • Duane Reade, 777 6th Ave
  • Duane Reade, 333 7th Ave
  • Duane Reade, 530 5th Ave
  • Duane Reade, 721 9th Ave


  • Duane Reade, 296 Flatbush Ave
  • Duane Reade, 164 Kent Ave
  • Duane Reade, 386 Fulton St


Can Duane Reade print my passport photos?

You can print passport photos at Duane Reade. It’ll cost you 29 cents to print a 4 by 6 inch print format. It’s sometimes called a postcard format.

What are the opening hours for a passport photo at Duane Reade?

Opening hours depend on the location. The average opening times at Duane Reade pharmacies are from 9 am to 9 pm. Some stores welcome their customers 24/7.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to find out about the availability of Duane Reade Store passport photos during the late or early hours.

Do all Duane Reade locations take passport photos?

Unfortunately, not every Duane Reade location offers passport services. Some operate only as drugstores.

Will it take long to get passport photos at Duane Reade?

You should get your passport pictures at Duane Reade at once. In busy hours, you might get your service within one hour.

Does Duane Reade provide a digital copy of passport photos?

You cannot get a digital copy of passport photos with Duane Reade. They only provide hard copies in-store. What you can do is use PhotoBooth Online instead. Choose between a digital copy of the passport photo and home delivery of printed passport photos, without a trip to Duane Reade.