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January 12, 2023

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digital passport photos

The US Department of State has been working on a pilot version of the online passport renewal. It is incredible news. All you need to do then is to fill in the passport application and upload a digital passport photo as an electronic copy taken by yourself or by one of the offline facilities.

The next question is how to get a digital passport picture taken easily, preferably without paying a fortune. Let’s learn all options we’ve got.

In Focus

Digital passport photo

As we are slowly but confidently shifting to 360-degree digitalization, passport photo services are transforming our old-fashion perception of them and have nicely surprised us of late.

You do not have to limit yourself to passport photo booths and private photo studios to get a digitally perfect passport photo. No need to put up with long lines, fewer photo shots than you require, and the risk of catching the ever-changing-its-name devious virus. We can avoid all that and get a jpeg file format digital version of a passport photo for your official documents.

Anyway, it’s good to know all options you have. For that reason, we’ll name every step of your way to digitally done passport photos according to the official requirements.

Digital passport pictures from a facility

There is a long list of places where to get digital passport photos taken. Familiar-to-all pharmacies or retail stores, like Walmart, some post offices, or libraries. Together with a hard copy, you can always ask for an electronic passport picture for your passport application and vice versa.

The good news is that you do not need to engage yourself with any doings – follow instructions from the store assistant and pay about $5 (five dollars) for your digital photo. The charges can vary from store to store. Make sure the store has a photo center or passport photo-taking facility in advance and look up the opening hours. Easy peasy photography.

Where can I get a digital passport photo?

where can i get digital passport photos

However, you might want to take an electronic passport photo without leaving your apartment or house for free. So, where to get digital passport photos for ordering them printed cheaper later on?

You can go the long way and the simple way. Either way, you need to take a passport image digitally by yourself. Here’s how you can do it.

Digital passport photo copy


  1. Learn the current passport photo criteria and put them into practice. The passport photo requirements for a digital picture are a quality biometric photo, neutral facial expression, head coverings only for medical or religious purposes, a direct look into the camera, no bulky accessories, no eyeglasses, and no digital alterations of your facial features.
  2. Get the scene prepared. Arrange a white plain background in the back and get a friend or a tripod to help you with an actual shoot for your passport photos.
  3. Take an image with a digital camera as if you’re a professional photographer. Digital image requirements are a jpeg file of no less than 240 kB and in color, sRGB color space, a passport size photo in pixels is of 600×600 to 1200×1200.
  4. Get your electronic passport photo verified by a trustworthy tool.

Techy passport photo with digital copy

A slightly harder, but acceptable way to get electronic passport photos is when you take and edit your digital passport picture yourself. You can leverage Photoshop, Canva, or any built-in editing program at hand on your mobile phone or personal computer. To check how big passport photos are, follow the recommendations:

  1. Upload your electronic passport image to the editing software,
  2. Choose the square aspect ratio of 1:1,
  3. With your head centered and 60-70% of the photo space taken,
  4. With ample space by its sides.
  5. At least 54 kilobytes and no more than 10 megabytes,
  6. With a compression ratio of less or exactly 20:1.

Digital passport photos checked by authority tool

To be absolutely sure you’ve done a good job, go to the official website of the US State Department and follow the path: U.S. Passports-Submitting a good photo-Uploading a Digital Photo page. The tool will detect mistakes (if any) and provide the possible reason for the rejection of a digital file passport photo. If any drawbacks, repeat the process to get a compliant image.

Digital photo for passport easily

Another trustworthy digital passport photo tool is PhotoBooth Online. Here, you do not need to learn all the numerous criteria by heart – it will do it for you. You can achieve a 100% ready, likable, and compliant photo with little effort. Take advantage of this electronic passport photo service as many times as your occasion needs. For example, if you want to fix your hair or makeup, you’re unsure of your outfit, you can’t choose between white or black attire, you worry about shadows or reflective jewelry, etc. No problem, just do what you have to do and retake the photo.

In case you want a paper copy of your photo, print it as a Walmart passport photo in your local store, following our life hacks on how to do it at minimum cost.

Electronic passport photos wrap-up

Now, when you know your ways to a digital photo, get the world’s greatest passport photo electronically prepared. Do it on your own or using a service or a facility. Remember to follow the rules, and you meet your goal at rocket speed.


Where can I get a digital copy of passport photo?

There are quite a few places to get a digital photo for a passport. Your easiest way is to get a digitally done passport photo online without leaving home and paying next to nothing for a hard copy.

Where to get electronic passport photos?

You can get jpeg passport photos at a store, post office, library, or drugstore. You will have to check the availability for your particular location. In any circumstances, do not scan your passport picture for a digital variant. The photo can come out pixelated and blurry and will be denied by relevant authorities.

How to get a digital passport photo?

The easiest way would be to take your own passport photo using a suitable photo tool, online application, or website and save time immensely. No need to depend on outside factors, weather, tired or unhappy staff, and the appointment availability for an electronic passport picture to be taken.