Walgreens Passport Photo Coupon: $2 Off or More in 2024

May 15, 2024

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passport picture walgreens coupon

Who doesn’t like buying goods with discounts and coupons at Walgreens? Passport photos are not an exception to these goods. In this article, we’ll share with you how to get a coupon for your passport photo at Walgreens and the passport pic itself extremely cheap. For those who are in a rush, go to get two Walgreens passport photo (with a coupon or without) on our website as a compliant digital copy. Then drop by Walgreens or any other store and print it as a postcard for less than a dollar.

Now if you need more than two copies of photos for your document or want step-by-step instructions, follow us. It’s only a two-minute ride – fasten the seatbelt and hold on!

In Focus

Walgreens passport photo coupon in 2024

If you are looking for a coupon for a Walgreens passport photo in 2024, you must have used it before, and you know it can get you a good deal off the whole price. It’s usually up to several dollars in profit that stays in your pocket.

Walgreens passport photo coupon: $2 off

The calculation here is like this. Generally, you would pay $16.99 for a pair of identical passport photos. That will get you photographed and equipped with a hard copy. We can’t help saying, it’s some amount of cash to pay for a pair of passport photos! When sinking that kind of money and time into the thing, a discount of at least two dollars is exactly what you need.

Coupon for passport photo at Walgreens – any better ideas?

If you prefer the traditional way, skip right to the section with the info on a Walgreens discount code for a passport photo. However, we’ve got a better idea.

Not to pay excessively, there is an amazing workaround. We can still use the Walgreens photo center and their great photo printing services to print your electronic file with a passport photo without a coupon for very cheap.

Without being photographed, a Walgreens passport photo with no coupon codes is just around 40¢. Which is a bargain. How? All you need to do is order your pic as a 4×6-inch photo with exactly 4 passport photos on it 2×2 inches each, without a coupon for $2 off in 2024 for Walgreens.

Now, when we clear that out, a fair question is what is the best way to get your passport photos as a JPEG file? And so that they’ll meet all possible passport photo criteria like background, colors, and shadows in passport pictures for the officials, so you wouldn’t worry about a thing. The hand-in-hand walkthrough instruction is coming up.

Life hack: No coupon passport photo at Walgreens for cents

passport photo discount walgreens

Follow the steps below to get a passport photo the cheapest way with PhotoBooth Online:

1. To get a compliant passport photo file without a coupon, use this page to get a Walgreens passport photo. Click Upload photo if you have a picture already on your desktop or Take photo to snap a brand new passport image with your smartphone.

Tip A


Do not leave the page, the picture will be ready automatically in a second. Without a coupon, your Walgreens passport photo is verified to meet all the passport photo rules by AI service. Get one of the two options with a perfect off-white passport photo background: a single image or a printable plus free shipping with 4 identical pics.

2. When you receive your free file, print it as it is to receive 4 perfect photos. You can reuse passport photos later on as you should have 4 of them on one sheet. And this format will help you order passport-size photos at Walgreens without a coupon for around 40 cents only. What a bargain indeed!

Tip B:


Please mind, our service is not an app, you do not need to invest time downloading or installing any software. Just use our PhotoBooth Online site.

Better fit than a coupon for passport photo at Walgreens

3. Find the same-day closest location for delivery. For that, go to the store’s official website and follow the path: Menu-Photo-Prints-6500+locations-your place. Check.

4. On the same web page, order your file printout as a glossy 4×6 photograph or that of a matte texture. This way, you get 4 Walgreens passport photos with no coupon for $2 off in 2024 for your passport application. You also get the other two to use later when the occasion calls. And it’s all for only ~ 40 cents. Cut out the photos carefully. Done.

5. Alternatively, visit one of the stores and get your passport photos using your file at a photo kiosk in-store for the same price. Be thoughtful to double-check the opening hours and location availability in advance.

Tip C:


Such a photo is borderless, which is exactly what we need to fit the 6 photos.

How to get a coupon code for Walgreens passport photo

If you still want to check it out at Walgreens for a photo passport with a coupon, go to their official site and follow the path: Menu-Photo-Deals, and find the one that suits you best. Remember, passport-size photos with a Walgreens coupon are not available continuously. You might need to look out for them and jump at the opportunity at once.

Tip D:


Mind the occasional limitations to whether the coupon covers passport photo services at Walgreens vs Walgreens photo services. Read carefully the terms and conditions section in order not to miss all the applied rules and the coupon’s deadline.

Coupon for passport photo at Walgreen: wrap-up

Walgreens passport pictures with discounts are a great way to save your budget. Unfortunately, they are not available and disposable all the time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and you’re on a schedule, tap into the life hack we just told you about. It’s as easy as ABC, but the saving value is awesome.

Reasonably priced and compliant passport photography!


Where to get a Walgreens passport photo coupon code?

You can find them on the official website of the pharmacy. There are also a few sites offering Walgreens passport coupons on the web. Be circumspect not to get any malware when surfing the net for bargains like that. Get a code if you’re absolutely sure the site is trustworthy and safe to browse.

You can always use a tested way to get a digital passport photo file with PhotoBooth Online and order it at Walgreens without a coupon for $2 off in 2024 for cents.

Is Walgreens passport photo coupon printable?

Some of them are. But usually, you will have to log in through the discount code at the Walgreens online cart, in-store on the photo kiosk, or mobile checkout.