Can You Reuse Passport Photos When Renewing or in Other Cases?

May 22, 2024

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can i reuse my passport photo

We are great consumers these days. Thinking practically about how we can reuse things is eco-friendly, economical and good fun. Why buy things we do not need?

Let’s figure out when you can reuse your own passport photos the best valid way.

In Focus

Can you reuse passport photos?

The answer will depend on the purpose. If you printed your passport photo at one of the stores with a 4 x 6 inches template, you’ve got a minimum set of 1-2 pairs of extra reusable passport photos. As a good planner, you even keep a digital copy of the picture.

For example, if you take a Walgreens passport photo now and get an electronic version too, you can reuse your passport photos many times more. That is for a visa, driver’s license, multi-day passes, telephone subscription, SPA, or swimming pool membership cards, provided they fit the requirements.

If you’re in a studying period of your life, well done on saving extra passport photos. There are vast opportunities to make use of them for student cards, certificates, ID cards, or other educational documents, you name it. You can easily resize the digital photo to the dimensions required for your non- or official documents.

The less pleasant event might require a photo for a police report, and you’ll probably be pressed for time in this kind of situation. It will be your luck if you’ve stored some pics.

At last, if you travel a lot, a spare current passport picture is extremely handy in a foreign country. It’ll save you the trouble of “galavanting” around unfamiliar areas in search of a photo booth or studio, hoping they understand English.

reuse passport photo

Can you reuse your passport photos anywhere you like?

Now, the big why is – can you reuse your passport photo for a new passport? The answer is explicit on the US Department of State website. Your passport photo must be of recent times and not older than 6 months to submit with your passport application. So, that it preserves your current look and will be accepted. What about an electronic file photo of the same kind?

Unfortunate for frugal lifestyle aficionados, the rule is omnipresent. It’s not about the photo quality paper that may fade or crease in most cases. It’s about recognition. The digital file for a passport photo must be taken not more than 6 months ago and streamline your current look.

Passport renewal reuse with old passport photo

When there is a rule, there is an exception. If you lost or damaged your passport, or it got stolen, you can renew your passport and reuse these extra passport photos left. Again, if they’re not older than 6 months.

Significant facial surgery and passport photos

There are cases when you need a 100% new passport photo, and you can’t reuse the extra passport photos you have, even if there are recent enough. These are major facial surgery or trauma, acquisition or removal of new significant facial tattoos or piercings, impactful weight loss or gain, or a gender transition.

Ultra-modern haircuts or color, beards and the like will not be considered a significant change, and you can reuse your passport photo taken within the recent 6 months.

What if you cannot reuse your own passport photos?

Whatever the reason for not reusing your passport photo, you can always find proven ways to get a new compliant photo. Say, at a private photo-taking facility, pharmacy, or a local store. If you need to ace the task in minutes, follow our advice on getting reusable passport photos, with recommendations on how to print a digital passport picture and pay the cheapest price.

Using our PhotoBooth Online is a breeze! Upload your photo of your current look. Or take a new photo. Our passport photo tool will guide you carefully through all the steps of photo-taking according to the rules set by the Department of State. Pose, background, size, reflection, and so much more, for adults’ or child’s passport photos. The great thing is that it’s free and you don’t need a coupon or a discount code.

Stay tuned and have a great passport picture!


Can you reuse your old passport photos?

Yes. Your passport can be stolen, damaged or lost and you’ll need to use the photos you’ve got. According to the Department of State, you can reuse your old passport photo (printed or digital) for your passport application if it was taken not more than 6 months ago and can convey your current look.

What is the timeframe to reuse passport photo?

The timeframe for a passport picture to be reused as a printed valid passport photo or electronic file is a six-month period.

Can I reuse passport photo for visa?

You can reuse your passport photo for that purpose, provided the picture characteristics fit the requirements of the country of your destination.