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Why Select PhotoBooth Online for Walgreens Passport Photo?

FREE & Digital

Pay nothing for a passport picture digital copy. Prepare as many photo copies at your home convenience and as many photo shots as you want.

One Click to Photo

Upload or take your portrait with a phone in real time. Get your biometric photo conveniently in electronic format in less than one hour.

Government Compliant

PhotoBooth Online ensures compliance with U.S. official rules for size, off white background, head position, lighting, eyes, shadows, hair, color, etc.

Right Size & Format

PhotoBooth Online resizes your photos for required size in a printed-friendly digital version format. Receive printout delivered fast with premium service.

How to Get Digital Walgreens Passport Photo with No Cost?

  1. Upload/take picture with no cost
    STEP 1
    Upload/take pic
  2. Download digital picture & print at Walgreens nationwide
    STEP 2
    Get pic & print at Walgreens

8 Advantages for Passport Photo Online over Walgreens Store

  1. 100% Online

    Get any number of electronic copies of your photo anytime. It's free. No watermarks. Print 2 digital passport photos at a Walgreens pharmacy. Experience premium photo service at home convenience.
  2. Photo Auto Correction

    Add a pic from your library or simply provide a new shot from your iOS or Android smartphone camera. The document picture will automatically be adjusted for 2 x 2 inches passport photo requirements format.
  3. Right Photo Size

    Our website crops and resizes your photo to a required size automatically, so the output printable pictures meet standard photo guidelines for sizes, camera height, and dimensions.
  4. Acceptance Guarantee

    Picture is prepared is strict compliance with official regulations for photo resolution, size, religious clothing, uniforms, glasses, headphones, natural facial expression, eye line, and head position.
  5. Any Photo Background

    PhotoBooth Online sets white background for any of your photos, taken with a phone or uploaded from a PC. The web app checks background details to make sure it's pure.
  6. Ready-to-Print Format

    Download a perfectly sized US passport photo form in jpeg format to print photos hard copy at a Walgreens location or any printing service.
  7. Printout Confidence

    Walgreens print pictures are two 2 x 2 inch photo shots printed on fine quality 4" x 6" photo paper. Submit a passport application with images verified by official requirements.
  8. Digital and Easy

    The easiest way for customers is to go to one of the local Walgreens pharmacies to grab a print shop order. Send a suitable photo template for printout in a drugstore.

Walgreens Passport Picture Guidelines & FAQ

  1. How much is a passport photo at Walgreens?

    Walgreen passport photo headshots cost $15.99. Paychecks and credit cards are accepted. That’s why our free taking passport photos app is real money saving solution compared to a local photo copying store!
    Suppose you easily create a JPEG passport photo at no price as a four-by-six printable passport photo template on our site. In that case, you visit any photo facility, ask an assistant or use a photo kiosk app to get your file as a postcard. That will cost you less than $1. Cut the two photos carefully to get 2 x 2 dimensions. Have a go now and you’ll love the result!

  2. How to get passport photo at Walgreens?

    It’s easy to get a printed passport photo at Walgreens location nearby. Find a location at the official website, book an appointment during working hours on business days. Don’t forget to check COVID-19 restrictions because they can vary from state to state. Schedule professional document photo printout and printouts shipping in a few seconds.
    Make sure to have at least one spare hour to visit the nearest Walgreens local store and get a perfect passport photo template for you or your family members. Speed up home professional quality passport photos service with available online submission.

  3. How to print digital passport photos at Walgreens online?

    Wallet set passport photos prints pricing is as low as $0.99. But wallet size picture prints are 2×3 inches, a bit different photo sizes, so you’ll need to cut your photos to match the correct 2×2 inch dimension as per passport photo requirements in the USA. Generate a full face image as per US authorities passport application criteria and current guidelines and easily print pictures from ready to print template for U.S. passport office cheaper twice the price.

  4. Where can I get a Walgreens passport photo online?

    You can get a Walgreens passport photo with a coupon or without one printed at any location that offers such service. Please note that not all US stores offer instant premium passport photo services.

  5. What time can I get passport photo at Walgreens?

    Get headshots for Walgreens passport photo online and bring it to open spots which work every day from 8am to 10pm. Some stores don’t work over weekends and national holidays.