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Create & Get Walgreens Passport Photo in Minutes

Fast & Easy Passport Photo

Just take & upload your own photo. You can even use your mobile phone for this. We recommend taking several photos at varying distances. This way, you can upload several photos and see in the preview which version of the passport photo you like best. Don't worry about the background; the system will automatically replace the background as required.

Any Country. Any Document

After you upload the photo, select the country and document. The system is equipped with built-in templates for the photo requirements of most countries. Your photo will be prepared strictly in accordance with the requirements within 5 minutes. An extra check by a specialist is also provided.

Set of 6 Prints or Instant Digital Photos

You will receive 6 printouts shipped to your doorstep PLUS a ready-to-print template (6 photos on a print-ready 4x6 inch sheet) emailed to you in five minutes. You can print it at home or anywhere convenient for cents. If you do not need printed photos, then we will provide you with one digital copy PLUS a ready-to-print template with 6 photos via email instantly.

Walgreens Passport Photos for $0.33

Good deal: print passport photos at Walgreens for just 0.33! How to? Upload your photo here, and we will process it and place 6 photos on a 4x6 sheet completely ready for printing. After you receive the file by email, go to the Walgreens website and select Prints/Prints & Enlargements/Size 4x6/Upload a photo and complete the order. Your photos will be ready on the same day.

Walgreens: How to Take a Passport Photo in 2024?

  1. Upload/take picture with no cost
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    Upload/Take pic
  2. Download digital picture & print at Walgreens nationwide
    STEP 2
    Order Prints or Download File

Walgreens Pharmacy Options for Passport Photo

  1. Passport Photo Cost

    Learn how to get 6 printed passport photos for $0.33 SAME DAY. Each of them 2x2 in size. Compliant with official requirements. If you take photo in offline Walgreens store, you will pay $16.99. More pictures mean more money.
  2. Delivery Option

    It's never been easier! Order passport photo shipping to your place address now. Get four perfect 2x2 photo prints. No hassle with busy stores and parking spaces. No missed working times.
  3. Order Prints Same Day

    Get 6 print-ready passport photos now. Pick up your passport photos at any Walgreens for just $0.33. Your 2x2-inch printed copies are available the same day. Alternatively, Walgreens will charge you $16.99 for taking your photo and 2 passport pictures.
  4. Working Hours

    Walgreens is open from 8am to 11pm, but photo centers are closed at 5pm. They aren't in every store and don't work on public holidays, weekends, early mornings, or nights. Our service's on 24/7. No sign-up or appointment needed.
  5. Latest Technology

    PhotoBooth Online screens your photo for any mistakes: lighting, shadows, headwear, uniform, smile, etc. It adjusts your background, head proportions, dimensions, and size before the final expert check.
  6. Acceptance Guarantee

    Your picture is prepared in strict compliance with official regulations for high resolution, size, religious clothing, glasses, headphones, eye line, natural facial expression, and head position.
  7. Photo Guarantee

    Walgreens Pharmacy gives you a refund if your passport photo is rejected. PhotoBooth Online gives you an unlimited number of tries until you get the ideal final photo approved by an expert.
  8. Store Locations

    Not all Walgreens have passport photo service! Better call them to avoid time waste. Or get your Walgreens-like passport pictures right now, be at any location! No lines or where-to-park stress.

Walgreens Passport Picture Guidelines & FAQ

  1. How much is a passport photo at Walgreens?

    Walgreens passport photo cost $16.99. Paychecks and credit cards are accepted. That’s why our taking passport photos tool is real money saving solution compared to a local photo copying store! Remember it’s not an app, you don’t need extra time to download or install it.
    walgreens passport photo
    If you think you can easily photoshop your passport photos and make a valid template, make sure you follow all the official guidelines. As passport photo experts, we wouldn’t advise using Adobe Photoshop to edit your picture, as it might be rejected by the passport office for digital alteration.

  2. How to get passport photo at Walgreens?

    It’s easy to get a printed passport photo at Walgreens location nearby. Find a location at the official website, book an appointment during working hours on business days. Don’t forget to check COVID-19 restrictions because they can vary from state to state. Schedule professional document photo printout and printouts shipping in a few seconds.
    Make sure to have at least one spare hour to visit the nearest Walgreens local store and get a perfect passport photo template for you or your family members. Speed up home professional quality passport photos service with available online submission. You’ll get a perfect photo that will appear next to your full name, validity date, number, and other essential information in the passport layout.
    It’s not only passport photos that you can easily take online for you and your friends and family. With PhotoBooth Online, you can take perfect images for your student ID cards. It will be with the right plain background and the size you need for ID cards for the students of your college, university, or other educational institution.

  3. How to print digital passport photos at Walgreens online?

    Wallet set passport photos prints pricing is as low as $0.99. But wallet size picture prints are 2×3 inches, a bit different photo sizes, so you’ll need to cut your photos to match the correct 2×2 inch dimension as per passport photo requirements in the USA.
    Instead, generate a full face image as per US authorities passport application criteria and current guidelines on this site. Easily print pictures from ready-to-print 4×6 template for U.S. passport office cheaper more than twice the price. Now you can fill in the passport application and apply to renew passports for your minors or yourself in the nearest passport office.
    Walgreens offers to opt in to remove your data on their website within your privacy choice. PhotoBooth Online is fully automated. It wipes out your data on the fly after the expert check & email delivery. Photos won’t be seen or shared with anyone.

  4. Where can I get a Walgreens passport photo online?

    Get a passport picture digital copy here. Prepare as many photo copies at your home convenience and as many photo shots as you want.
    Our site will resize your photos for the required size in a printed-friendly digital version format. Receive printouts of the right size and format delivered fast with premium service. You can get a Walgreens passport photo with a coupon or without one printed at any location that offers such service. Please note that not all Walgreens stores in US offer instant premium passport photo services.

  5. What time can I get passport photo at Walgreens?

    Get headshots for Walgreens passport photo online and bring it to open spots which work every day from 9am to 5pm. Some stores don’t work over weekends and national holidays.