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Create & Print Walgreens Passport Photos in Minutes

Fast & Easy Passport Photos

Simply take and upload your photo. You can use your mobile phone for this. It's a good idea to take several photos from different distances. This will allow you to upload multiple photos and choose the best version in the preview. You don't need to be concerned about the background; the system will replace it as needed.

Any Country. Any Document

Once you've uploaded the photo, choose the type of document. Our system includes predefined templates that meet the photo specifications for most countries. Your photo will be processed to meet passport photo requirements within 5 minutes. An extra check by a specialist is also included.

Set of 6 Prints or Instant Digital Photos

You will receive 6 prints delivered to your doorstep, along with a print-ready template (6 photos on a 4x6-inch sheet) emailed to you within five minutes. This template can be printed at home or any convenient location at a low cost. If you prefer digital photos only, we will email you one digital copy along with a print-ready template containing 6 photos instantly. Buy once and print as many times as you need.

Walgreens Passport Photos for $0.33

Good Deal: Print your passport photos at Walgreens for only $0.33! Here's how: Upload your photo here, and we will process it and arrange 6 photos on a 4x6 sheet ready for printing. Once you receive the file via email, visit the Walgreens website and navigate to Prints > Prints & Enlargements > Size 4x6 > Upload a photo and finalize your order. Your passport photos will be ready for pickup at Walgreens the same day.

Walgreens: How to Take a Passport Photo in 2024?

  1. Upload/take a picture
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    Click Start to upload a photo
  2. Download digital picture & print at Walgreens
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    Download or order results

Walgreens Passport Photo Services: Complete List

  1. Passport Photo Taking

    Creating a passport, visa, or any ID photo from the comfort of your home is now effortless. You can use an ordinary photo taken with your smartphone camera or digital camera. Simply click Start and follow the simple instructions step by step. Your photo will be ready within 5 minutes.
  2. 4x6 Printable Template

    The passport photo will be prepared in accordance with official requirements. This applies to size, background color, head position, and other rules. Next, 6 photos will be placed on a 4x6 inch printable template. The template and digital copy will be immediately sent by email. You can print it at home or anywhere convenient for just a few cents.
  3. Passport Photo Printing

    Passport photo printing is also available. When ordering, select the "Printout + Digital" option and receive photos within 1–5 business days. Delivery is free. Six passport photos (2x2" each) are printed on premium-quality photo paper. When you select this option, you will also receive a digital photo by email. It can be reused within six months from the moment the photo was taken.

Walgreens Passport Picture: FAQ

  1. Does Walgreens do passport photos?

    Yes, Walgreens do passport photos at many of its 7,750 locations across the United States. It’s advisable to check with your local Walgreens store regarding the availability of this service, as not all locations may offer it due to space constraints or other factors.
    walgreens passport photo

  2. Do all Walgreens stores take passport photos?

    No, any Walgreens stores don’t have the capability to take passport photos. It’s advisable to check with your local Walgreens to ensure they offer this service, as availability can vary by location.

  3. Does the Walgreens passport photo meet the official passport photo requirements?

    Walgreens passport photos meet the official passport photo requirements. However, it’s always recommended to double-check current requirements from the passport issuing authority to ensure compliance.

  4. How can I take a passport photo at Walgreens?

    The process is simple: Visit a local Walgreens store where a trained store associate takes a passport photo using professional equipment. You will get your photos taken and printed within 15 minutes during regular store hours. No appointment is needed.
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  5. How long does it take to get the passport photos processed and ready at Walgreens?

    Typically, passport photos at Walgreens are taken, processed, and ready within 15 minutes.

  6. When are Walgreens' passport photo services available?

    Walgreens passport photo services are usually available during regular store hours, which vary by location. It’s best to check with your local store for specific times and availability.

  7. Can I take a visa photo at Walgreens?

    Yes, you can generally take a visa photo at Walgreens as well. The process and requirements are similar to those for passport photos, but it’s advisable to confirm with Walgreens staff or check current guidelines.

  8. Can I get ID photos at Walgreens?

    Yes, Walgreens provides ID photos, which are similar in format and requirements to passport photos. This service is useful for various identification purposes beyond passports.
    Walgreens also takes photos for student ID cards, gym membership, employee authorization, and more.

  9. Does Walgreens provide a digital copy?

    Yes, Walgreens can provide digital copy. Customers often have the option to receive both physical prints and digital copies of their passport photos for electronic submission.

  10. Does Walgreens take a passport photo online?

    While you typically need to visit a Walgreens store to have your passport photo taken, some locations may allow you to start the process online or through their mobile app, though this might involve in-store completion.

  11. How many passport photos do I get at Walgreens?

    Normally, when you get passport photos at Walgreens, you receive two identically printed photos as part of the standard service. This is usually sufficient for passport applications.

  12. How can I find the nearest Walgreens pharmacy with passport photo services?

    You can find the nearest Walgreens pharmacy that offers passport photo services by using the store locator on the Walgreens website or mobile app. Simply enter your location, select the pharmacy services filter, and look for stores offering passport photos.

  13. How to print passport photos at Walgreens?

    To print passport photos at Walgreens, visit a store that offers passport photo services. Inform the photo technician that you need passport photos printed. They will take your photo and provide you with the required prints after processing.

  14. Can I print passport photos at the Walgreens website?

    You typically need to visit a physical Walgreens store that offers passport photo services. But if you have a print-ready 4×6 template with passport photos, you can print it on the Walgreens website. Go to Walgreens Photo > Prints > Prints & Enlargements. Add a photo and complete the order.

  15. Do I need an appointment to take a passport photo at Walgreens?

    No, you generally do not need an appointment to take a passport photo at Walgreens. You can visit your nearest Walgreens store during their regular operating hours and proceed directly to the photo department. A Walgreens photo technician will assist you in taking and processing your passport photo according to the required specifications, ensuring it is ready for immediate use.

  16. Does Walgreens provide baby passport photo services?

    Yes, Walgreens typically provides passport photo services for babies and infants. The photo technicians are trained to ensure that the photos meet all necessary requirements, including the specific guidelines for infants’ passport photos, such as no visible support, neutral expression, and clear eyes. But you can’t renew passports for your minors.