Student ID Card Makers: Online Options and Free Templates

April 13, 2024

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It’s a challenging undertaking to have to implement a student ID card solution in an educational institution. Perhaps, you plan to switch a provider to cut annual expenses on student ID badges, or to cover late enrollments with additional items according to your photographer’s design. Or to eliminate chances of fake students’ IDs and fraud occurrences.

Either way, you need to know the main functionality you may look for in a student ID card program. To make the right choice, you also need the list of top student ID card makers that present their products in the market today.

Let’s dive in.

In Focus

  1. ID cards for students: all you need to know
  2. Top 7 makers in the US

Modern student ID cards: What to look in the program?

You may be a small establishment with devoted precious resources or a big college or university that has thousands of students, in-house and online. The student ID card program will let you effectively delegate tasks of access and identification control fully or partially.

It’ll show the logo and design of the institution contributing to the identity of students whether you are a university, college, or other institution. It’ll allow you to focus on prioritized educational processes, rather than jammed printers and staff rotation to cover them.

What to keep in mind, when selecting ID cards for students?

Here are the main points to consider:

a) Independence. You should be able to streamline the students’ ID card creation process altogether.

b) Scalability. The single-card solution should cover all types of functionality that you need now or might need in the future.

c) Special offers. There might be special deals and offerings like free design or same-day shipping.

d) Flexibility. You should be able to order ID cards for 1 student or thousands of students, refill and add up easily if the necessity occurs

e) Tailor-made solution. Modern systems for ID cards for students are advanced solutions that are honed to fit the needs of every educational institution, let it be a college, university, or less populated private establishment.

f) Advanced functionality. You can track library loans and usage, store money for cafeteria purchases, track the use of computer resources, use as deposits, etc.

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Top 7 makers of student ID cards in the US

1. InstantCard

With this student ID technology, you’ll be able to:

  • Grant approved access to computers in the computer lab, library checkout, restricted rooms, and other premises.
  • Issue temporary visitor badges for parents and other people from the public, using unlimited ID card templates and differentiating students and visitors.
  • Have more functions than just a simple identification tool. You can have your students use IDs to access different services and programs.
  • Be elaborate with design: from magnetic stripes to barcodes and smart cards.
  • Get a design for each student ID template for free for different departments/faculties, exactly to your specifications, to ensure your departments/faculties get the most out of the ID card program for students.
  • Show your college spirit, use the colors you want with your custom crest or logo.
  • Not to worry about individually uploading the information for each and every student and entering into their student IDs individually. Upload student information via a spreadsheet to automatically enter details into the student ID card template.
  • No limits on the number of ID cards for students in an order, available anytime during a semester.

Get a custom solution to fit the needs of your college or university with this student ID maker.

To learn more, please go to

Student ID card maker and free templates

2. Fotor

If you are a small institution and carefully control your budgets, your staff can successfully manage implementing the ID card system for students without outside resources. With Fotor, you can start by creating your custom design easily with or without an in-house photographer.

  • You get an easy-to-use and powerful design tool with an intuitive interface.
  • You streamline the process of creating professionally designed student ID templates and cards.
  • It’s free and friendly for beginners.
  • All you need is to choose the student ID card design from the library that suits your college or university, update the info to reflect your edu institution. Tweak the colors and enter the information to realize your own vision, save, and print.

To learn more, please go to

Student ID cards online

3. ID123

Digital student ID cards can be issued to college and university students, and to institutions for younger participants. This student ID solution has a few interesting features:

  • It works offline. The student mobile ID cards do not need an internet connection to be displayed.
  • It has an in-app submission: take your own ID image or upload it from your library into the app.
  • Students don’t need to carry their plastic student IDs with them at all times.
  • When integrated with other systems, it can be used to check in to classes and events, pay for lunch, access campus buildings, and more.
  • Students can also opt-in to receive important messages and alerts from their university or college via push notifications. You can alert, communicate, and send important messages to your cardholders.
  • The student ID cards and ID123 platform are designed to protect each student’s personal information and educational records and meet guidelines under FERPA, COPPA, SOPIPA, and more.
  • In-house administrators can issue digital student IDs as transit or bus passes for their campus shuttle.
  • With the ID Management System, student mobile ID cards can be emailed to online students individually or in bulk at no extra cost.

To learn more, please go to

4. Badgy

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With Badgy, you can create your student ID cards easier with free templates. You don’t need to have an in-house graphic designer to get the cards and badges in your establishment’s colors. What else do you get:

  • Online template library with free templates for student ID cards.
  • Intuitive design software to personalize your badges.
  • Consumables, blank cards, and color ribbon.
  • Badgy card printer for ready-to-use printed student IDs.

To learn more, please visit

5. ID Creator

ID Creators offer their customers pre-made plastic ID cards for students. You get to choose from 200+ free templates. Professionally made designs are 100% free to use and can be customized freely.

  • The program will allow your college or university to secure approved access control to the building and specific rooms in your institution.
  • Student ID badges can be personalized with your choice of text, colors, shapes, barcodes, etc. If you have a particular design in mind, you can start from scratch with an online student ID maker.
  • You can create hundreds of badges in seconds with the spreadsheet upload feature. Easily produce hundreds of ID cards for students by uploading an excel roster.
  • You can order ID cards for students in vertical or horizontal orientation. The cost is around $8-11.
  • You can find more details on the Support Center Page.

To learn more, please visit

6. Zazzle

In case you need just the ID badge cards and you’ve got the rest, you can use the Zazzle website to order student badges with 30% off on your first order. Just unlock the offer in the popup window by entering your email.

To learn more, please visit

7. EasyIDcard

EasyIDcard will provide your teachers, faculty workers, and students with ID cards and support a safer environment in your educational institution. You can:

  • choose out of 100+ unique, custom-designed ID card templates that load in a second and can be fully personalized.
  • get free student ID card templates and easy ID ordering.
  • have no minimum order requirements and fast turnaround.
  • get horizontal or vertical layout.
  • add photos, logos, seals, backgrounds, wallpapers and panels, change font styles, sizes and colors. Text can be inputted in single lines or text blocks with centering or aligning.

To learn more, please follow the link


What’s a student ID card?

A student ID card proves the enrolment in college or university and is used for approved access to the building. They also give discounts at theaters, museums, businesses in the community, and more.

ID badges or cards for students as a system are an effective way to quickly identify students, staff, and visitors. It helps to keep track of who is on the premises and to prevent unauthorized access to the institution.

What benefits does a student ID card give?

As we mentioned before, student ID cards can be used to prove eligibility on public transportation, at stores, restaurants, or at entertainment events.

Moreover, you get to streamline the student ID creation process and acquire the functionality that you need to fit your needs in the educational institution. You can also track library loans and usage, the use of computer resources, store money for cafeteria purchases, and more.

How can I get a good student ID card design?

It can be challenging to envision the design of ID cards for students that are aesthetically pleasing, useful, and standing out, and at the same time so the identifying information on the card would be readable from a good distance.

Nevertheless, there are a few options on the market you can choose from and read reviews about, including a full-service system with design and software and also quick free template design solutions.