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4 Key Points of Using PhotoBooth Online

No Need to Pay Anything

If you've been trying to find a US passport photo tool that doesn't cost a small fortune, you're in the right place. Our website is completely free to use.

No Need to Study Rules

It's not about plain background only: there are plenty of other official passport photo requirements, too. And we'll take care of them as well!

No Need to Edit by Hand

Per se, this isn't a passport photo editor, as editing is usually done by hand. We're more of a passport photo maker, where it's all done automatically.

No Need to Visit a Studio

Gone are the days when you could only find a plain white background in a studio, photo booth, or say, in a Walgreens digital passport photo. With our tool, you can make one right at home.

How To Remove Background for Passport Photo

  1. take an image of yourself with anything behind you
    STEP 1
    Take a picture
  2. download your white-background passport photo online
    STEP 2
    Get background-free photo

8 Benefits of PhotoBooth Online Over Other Services

  1. Get Result Instantly

    Should you choose to get your picture in a photo booth or a studio, this will prove effort- and time-consuming. Instead, get it at this website: we'll carefully cut your photo to the correct full-face proportions and change the background to white.
  2. Make Multiple Pictures

    Taking your passport photos often implies some pressure. After all, you'll be stuck with the new headshot for the next ten years! With PhotoBooth Online, you needn't even think about that: just upload multiple photos and pick the best one.
  3. Print With No Problem

    We won't just make you an officially-looking headshot—we'll process your image into a fully compliant 2 x 2 US passport-size photo. Once we're done, you can have it printed on glossy photo-quality paper and submit the printout right away.
  4. Comply With Guidelines

    We'll make sure your photo meets the US rules. Just look at your digital camera directly, keep a neutral facial expression, and ensure there are no distinct shadows: we'll do the rest. Submit your passport photo online or at an acceptance facility.
  5. Enjoy the Good Quality

    Our processing algorithms won't ruin your high-resolution photo. After we crop it to the correct size, the new photo for your passport will still look good and natural. Then we'll just apply a backdrop of a different color, and that's it.
  6. Erase Any Background

    Have a usual picture that you'd use if it weren't for other people or objects in the frame? No matter if there's a crowded street or a graffiti wall behind you: we'll replace either with the passport photo background color required by State Department.
  7. Save Some Money

    Getting a compliant image out-of-home will cost you at least $10. Even if you take your own passport photo at home with another online service, it'll still be $9 (or way more). By contrast, we'll make you a compliant portrait for absolutely free.
  8. Crop Automatically

    Some other services just process your shot into a PNG file and make you cut it to the right size by yourself. (And some even charge you afterward!) But we don't do that here. PhotoBooth Online crops your high-quality photos correctly and automatically.

F.A.Q. on Background in Photos for US Documents

  1. What color is the background for passport photo?

    The United States Department of State clearly explains that white or off-white is the only acceptable color. In addition to that, the passport photo requirements also state that you must have a plain background: it can’t be textured or have any shadows or lines in it. Also, there must be no objects in the frame (broken pixels count, too!).

  2. How to make background white for passport photo?

    The answer to this one depends on the way you want to take your pictures:

    • In a photo booth or a professional studio. In this case, you have nothing to worry about. Every decent photo machine and studio has a prearranged off-white background that’ll fit your purpose perfectly. Still, we wouldn’t recommend either of these: while being fully compliant with the US requirements (like passport photo size, proportions, etc.), these options leave no room for retries. Each retake is paid! Of course, you can save money by finding a discount. Say, you can get a coupon for Walgreens passport photos. But why even bother when there are easier options?
    • With a passport photo app or web service. They’re supposed to do it automatically, but it’s not all that simple. You see, not every app or site can remove the background from your photo properly. For example, one tool will erase it but give you PNGs in the end (they won’t have any backdrop at all, neither white nor any other color). Some other online application may generate white background but leave ragged edges at your outline. Luckily, PhotoBooth Online won’t have any of these defects and will do its job flawlessly. Try uploading a photo (it’s free) and see for yourself!
    • Completely by yourself. Now, this is the most effort-consuming way to take a U.S. passport-style photo. If you’re not planning to use Photoshop afterward, you’ll have to take your image with something off-white and uniform as your backdrop. Empty walls will only work if they aren’t covered by patterned wallpaper. Hanging a bed sheet behind you may not work at all if it has even slight creases. Whatever you choose, you’ll also have to make sure there isn’t any shadow on your improvised backdrop.
  3. How to change passport photo background online?

    Taking an image for your travel document is practically a one-time thing, so it makes no sense to download a passport photo app on your smartphone. Luckily, there are many services that can make you a portrait without installation.
    The available options are quite numerous and very different in terms of pricing and quality. To be brief, let us recommend you one service to make a perfect passport photo: PhotoBooth Online. It’s available on iPhone, any Android phone, tablet, and PC. Plus, our service is both free and compliant with the relevant U.S. photo requirements.
    Simply upload your image where you’re keeping a neutral facial expression (eyes open, mouth closed) and looking straight at the camera. Once we get your shot, we’ll turn it into a passport-size photo that meets the official requirements. Once it’s done, you can either save its digital version to submit your application online or get a ready-to-print template with two passport pictures in it.