Easy way to get Costco passport photos in 2024

Just $0.17 for 4 prints
Just upload a usual photo & get both 4 prints PLUS digital copy
  • upload your own photo
  • get four printouts and copy
  • prepare photo for documents
  • upload photo and get four photos for documents
  • digital copy available
  • take a photo at home and use online tool
  • result in 3 minutes
  1. Instant
  2. FREE
  1. Digital File to Your Inbox
  2. Shipping of 4 Prints

Get Passport Photos at Costco Now

2х2 Passport Photo Prints

Get printed photos for your passport for $0.17. A set of 2х2 (51x51) photos is printed on matte premium paper.

Ready Passport Photos Near You

Collect your passport pictures same-day at a store near you. No appointment! The store locator will find the store nearby. Start by uploading or taking your photo now!

Digital Version

You'll get a ready electronic passport photo by email in 2 hours as high-resolution JPEG image. The digital copy of your passport photograph is checked manually by a photo expert. Upload a photo or take a new one now.

Economy Shipping

Order delivery of your passport photos to your doorstep. No need to go to offline store for that. Prepare your passport photo now and have it delivered.

Costco: How to Get Printed & Digital Passport Photo

  1. upload or take selfie
    STEP 1
    Upload/Take a Picture
  2. download your result at no price
    STEP 2
    Get Prints Nearby or Order Delivery

Costco Passport Photo Service in 2024

  1. Taking Passport Photo At Costco

    If you’re looking for Costco store to take photo, this option is no longer available. Costco doesn’t provide photo taking service in 2024. Instead, take photo with smartphone now or upload your picture to transform it into valid passport photo.
  2. Passport Photo Cost

    TIME LIMITED! Pay $0.17 for your passport photo printouts at any Costco photo centre near you. Get pics printout same-day. This is the cheapest price available for now. To get this price you need to upload your picture now and complete the order.
  3. Costco Locations

    Make use of this locator to find Costco warehouses. Bear on mind that Costco doesn’t take passport photos in its photo centers, but prints out prepared passport photos. Prepare your passport photo now, pick up at a chosen store or get delivered.
  4. Short Preparation Time

    Get printed version at a centre same-day or digital version in 2 hours by email. To make use of these options, upload your available photo or make a new photo with smartphone now.
  5. Working Hours

    Costco’s opening times vary from store to store. But it’s usually open from 9 am till 8 pm. The center closes earlier on weekends. Double-check the time before you go.
  6. Passport Photo Online

    This website will provide you with perfect passport photos reviewed by a photo specialist in real time. Prepare passport pictures online now without travelling to a store. Order pickup or delivery with our online service.

Tips & Details About Costco Passport Picture

  1. How much does Costco charge for passport photo?

    As compared with the overall passport cost, Costco wholesale corporation gradually closes its photo printing centers. Some stores still offer photo printing as low as 11¢ plus the yearly paid subscription is required. All payment methods were accepted: cash, cards, pay checks, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

  2. How long does it take to get a passport photo at Costco?

    Before 2019, it took from several minutes up to a couple of hours to get a passport photo at Costco. Now you can use a faster Costco alternative here at the online photo booth.

  3. How do I get a passport photo at Costco?

    There’s no way to get a passport photo there because all the portrait taking locations are closed at the moment. So go ahead and upload your pic on the official PhotoBooth website.

  4. How does Costco know passport photo rules?

    The employees ensured that your pic met the government regulations. The store followed the official passport photo rules published on the United States Department of State website.

  5. Can I get a digital file when I take passport photos at Costco?

    Unfortunately, you can’t get it there anymore. The store doesn’t offer photo take services. Feel free to get a digital image file here at the PhotoBooth site.

  6. How to print passport photo at Costco?

    The corporation doesn’t let you print passport-size 2×2 inch pictures anymore. Still, you can order the regular 8×8 or 12×12 Costco photo printing, but small wallet-size pictures – no more.
    However, there is a workaround–prepare a template here and have it printed in an online service, then pick it up in-store. It’s pretty fast and easy: for example, you can get a Shutterfly passport photo in an hour only!

  7. Does Costco do digital passport photos anymore?

    One of the largest retailers doesn’t take passport photos starting from February 14, 2021. It came to discontinue such in-store services and the center is officially closed.
    However, the photo center website offers passport photo prints if you use a digital passport photo template. You’ll get the latter in just a few clicks using our free online services. Upload a photo, wait a few seconds to process, and you’re set to go.
    costco passport photo
    At your home convenience, digital photos are ready instantly, and you can take as many of them as you wish. Then, use any printing services to obtain them twice the price (or even cheaper) than you would spend in photography studios.
    Create a Costco passport photo online for you and your family members, including kids. Take passport photos of your child at home and use their app or this site to print photo shots. Combine home professional service with good quality print!

  8. Are there passport photos at Costco near me?

    The retail store facilities no longer provide such services. Although, they still do canvas prints, photo books, and restoration with a reliable policy to return photos if any issues occur.
    You can take your own pictures for your document and order them on the web with your digital copies. Moreover, you can find the best cheapest option at offline alternatives and get your passport photos printed there, like a pharmacy, for example.

  9. Can I get a passport photo at Costco online?

    Unfortunately, you can’t get any of such services online or at the store personally, as it discontinued the offering starting in 2021. However, you can use their photo center website to get passport-ready photos done, alongside other services like image restoration, wall decor, and more.
    If you don’t have a compliant picture file yet, you’re at the right place. Using our tool is easy as having a nap, just a bit more exciting. Take or upload a pic, wait for a second, and the free service will generate your home convenience digital photos of the correct size and yes, background color too. Now, you’re set to go to make an order or get four prints with your own printer. Or apply for your passport just like that – with a digital copy.

  10. Can I get a passport photo when Covid?

    The best way is to get your images for a document application through the photo center website instead of visiting the shop offline. Starting from April 2022, the shopping facilities do not offer special hours for members ages 60 or older. For more information, you can always check your nearest location to find out the opening hours.

  11. How much does a passport photo at Costco cost?

    Since you can no longer get a picture done in the shop, there are a few tips on how you can print a headshot for your travel document. With this information helpful to save some time and money, you’re following the cheapest option for costs.

    1. Go on the store site.
    2. Choose the photo center section.
    3. Press Upload and pick the postcard-size 4 x 6 inches template.
    4. Order your passport photo printouts for only 17 cents. Voilà!

    Remember to get a verified reliable file on our site to be able to get a Costco passport photo at price that is most satisfying!

  12. Where can I take my passport photo at Costco?

    In 2022, you can’t take your passport photo there. The corporation is getting out of the passport photo-taking business. Use reliable alternative resources to take your pic like the PhotoBooth Online app. You can also learn our actionable tips on how to take passport photo at home.
    Also, if you use this site, you can download a passport-style photo auto-verified to comply with the government photo requirements for a passport. All the official requirements will be met: size, printing, quantity, quality, background, accessories, face, eye line, and upper body position. Your passport photos will be 2×2 inches in size, head between 1×1 3/8 inches from the bottom to the top of the head, and with white background. The high-resolution jpeg picture will have at least 600×600 pixels resolution for your document image according to the guidelines.
    Each file will be verified for compliance with the authorities’ official requirements: off-white background, glasses, jewelry, lighting, face crop and height, open eyes, direct look in the camera, etc.
    We observe the mandatory parameters to tune PhotoBooth Online on time. Don’t worry about the latest regulations for passport photos. Prepare the right passport-size photos with a proper cut and crop frame. It’ll be just right for your passport application, whether you apply for an address change in your document or submit for a brand new passport.

  13. Does Costco take passport photos?

    No. Costco no longer takes photos. But you can have passport photos done online at any time! At home or at work. Speed up your US passport application with online submission in the free app. Pay only for a printout at any store. Such a biometric electronic photo guarantees to protect your budget! Save your money and time.