Easy Way to Get Costco Passport Photos in 2024

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  1. Import a self-taken photo
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Costco Passport Photo Services Online

Try Using Any Photo

If you have a photo where you are standing up straight and looking directly into the camera, you can use it to convert it into a passport or ID photo online right now. Try how it works with any photo for free. Pay only after you are sure that you are satisfied with the photo.

Take a Photo Right Now

If you don't have a suitable photo, take one right now. It's simple. Position your camera at eye level. Stand up straight with a neutral facial expression, 1–1.5 meters away from the camera. Check that the frame includes the upper chest and shoulders, and that there is enough free room around the head. This is important for properly cropping the photo to the right size.

High-Quality Results

Your photo will be processed in accordance with the requirements. The tool uses built-in templates to produce high-quality photos for different types of documents. Just select a type and upload a photo. We will do the rest for you in a few minutes. The photo will be cropped to the required size, checked for compliance, and the background will be replaced.

Low Price Guarantee

As a general rule, passport and ID photos have a high price. We try to keep our prices as low as possible. Prices vary depending on the options you choose (from $2.95 to $9.95). 60-day money-back guarantee: we will provide a complete refund within 60 days.

Costco: How to Get Printed & Digital Passport Photo

  1. take and upload photo
    STEP 1
    Take/Import a photo
  2. download result or get prints
    STEP 2
    Download template or order prints

Choose which options suit you best

  1. Printable 4 x 6 Template

    After cropping and processing, the passport photos will be placed on a special 4 x 6 template for printing. The number of photos varies from 4 to 6 depending on your needs. The size of each photo is 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) for the US. The whole process takes a few minutes. Download the template and print it the same day at any convenient location for just a few cents.
  2. Prints with Free Shipping

    Passort photos are sent for printing on the same day. Free delivery with tracking takes 1–5 business days. Photos are printed on high-quality photopaper and fully comply with the requirements. You'll get 4–6 passport photos, depending on your needs.
  3. Digital Photos

    In addition to the printable template and prints, there is a digital photo. It is intended for online applications and other online needs. Photos are available for download immediately after processing. It can be used for passports, visas, IDs for six months after the photo was taken.

Costco Passport Picture: FAQ

  1. What photo can I upload?

    To try out how the tool works, you can upload any photo from your device. In the photo, you should stand straight and look at the camera. There should be no other people in the photo. The photo will be processed quickly. A preview will be shown.
    If you don’t yet have a suitable photo, you can take one quickly and easily using your smartphone’s camera or digital camera. Take a photo in accordance with the official specifications, upload it, and get the result in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to care about the background, we’ll change it to white or off-white.

  2. How many passport photos do I get?

    You’ll get 4–6 prints or a 4 x 6 template with 4–6 passport photos (2 x 2 inches each photo).
    costco passport photo

  3. When will I receive printed passport photos?

    Prints will be delivered to you within 1–5 business days from the date of purchase.

  4. Can I take a photo for documents for my child?

    Yes, you can take passport photos for children from birth.

  5. Does Costco take passport photos?

    No, as of 2024, Costco does not offer passport photo services. They have discontinued this service. If you require passport photos, you will need to visit another provider, such as a local pharmacy, post office, or dedicated photo studio that offers passport photo services.
    But the best alternative is to use an online service to take a passport photo. It’s fast, profitable, convenient, and reliable.
    Prepare the right passport-size photos with a proper cut and crop frame. It’ll be just right for your passport application, whether you apply for an address change in your document or submit a new passport.

  6. What alternative is there to Costco's passport photo services?

    Looking for an alternative to in-store passport photo services?
    Consider, your premier online destination for passport photos. Our intuitive platform allows you to create and customize your passport photo from the comfort of your home.
    With easy-to-follow instructions and instant processing, you’ll have your digital passport photo ready in minutes. Skip the hassle of visiting a physical store and opt for for a convenient and efficient experience.
    You can also learn our actionable tips on how to take a passport photo at home.

  7. What was the cost of passport photos at Costco?

    Before Costco discontinued passport photo services, the cost for passport photos typically ranged from $4.99 to $6.99, varying slightly by location. This price often included a set of two photos meeting the requirements for passport applications. However, it’s essential to note that pricing may have varied slightly depending on the specific Costco location and any promotions or discounts offered at the time.
    Learn there about passport costs.

  8. How can I find the nearest Costco location?

    Make use of the store locator to find Costco stores. Keep in mind that Costco does not take passports in its photo centers anymore but rather prints passport photos. Prepare your passport photo online now, download a printable 4 x 6 template instantly, or have it delivered.

  9. How do Costco and Shutterfly interact with each other?

    Costco has a partnership with Shutterfly, a leading online retailer and manufacturer of personalized photo products. Through this partnership, Costco members can access exclusive deals and discounts on Shutterfly’s range of products, including custom photo books, cards, calendars, and gifts. This collaboration allows Costco members to enjoy the convenience of ordering personalized photo products through Shutterfly’s platform while also benefiting from Costco’s membership perks.

  10. Can I order prints online by Costco?

    Costco offers online photo printing services via Shutterfly. Customers can upload their digital photos and order prints of various sizes, including standard prints. The online ordering process is straightforward, allowing customers to customize their prints and have them delivered to their doorstep or available for pickup at a local Costco location, depending on their preference. For more information, visit Costco’s website.