Costco Passport Photo:
How to Get It in 2024

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Costco Passport Photos in 4 Easy Steps

1. Take a casual picture

Use your phone camera to take an ordinary picture of yourself. There's no need to look for a suitable plain background or fine-tune the aspect ratio: we'll take care of every passport photo technicality for you.

2. Upload it to our website

Hit the green button and select the newly taken digital photo in your gallery to upload it. When we get your image, we'll convert it into a passport picture and check the result against all the requirements.

3. Check out the preview

Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you'll see a preview of your passport photo. The picture will be compliant, but if you don't like how it looks, you'll be able to retake it for free—as many times as you want.

4. Get your passport photos

Next, click 'Get Photo' to receive your new picture. The package will include a single digital photo and a passport photo template printable in any store in your area. A print-and-deliver option is also available.

Get Valid Photos Right Now

  1. add an image you'd like to convert into a passport photo
    STEP 1
    Upload casual snapshot
  2. download the image and print it or use the online submission
    STEP 2
    Get passport-ready pictures

Costco Passport Photo Service: Options in 2024

  1. Prices and Coupons in the UK

    Get Costco passport photos as cheap as ever—have your biometric image prepared and verified, then get passport pictures in printed or digital form. Currently, this option is available online only—for the price of £2.95.
  2. Participating UK Locations

    In 2023, all Costco photo centres in the UK were closed. Although there are still 29 branches across the UK, customers can't take and print passport photos at Costco premises anymore—all that's left is the online option.
  3. In-Store Printing Services

    Since you could only print your passport photos at a photo centre, the in-store printing service isn't available anymore as well. However, you can prepare your passport photo online and have it printed out at any other local store.
  4. Costco's Online Photo Service

    Today, you can still get new pictures for your passport without leaving home. Take and upload an ordinary photo, and the service will convert it into a perfect passport photo—save its digital copy or order pick-up at your nearest location.
  5. Money-Back Guarantee

    99.95% of the pictures made in our web passport photo service are approved by His Majesty's Passport Office. In the unlikely case that your photo is rejected, we will immediately issue a full refund or redo your image—for free.
  6. Complete Privacy

    When providing our passport photo services, we encrypt all user information and never share your data with any third parties or use it in any way. Neither your original image nor its converted version will ever be seen by anyone else.

Passport Photos at Costco:
Common Questions

  1. How much are passport pictures at Costco?

    With its photo centres shut down, Costco doesn’t offer any physical passport photo services anymore.
    However, you can still get passport photos online, and you don’t even need an active Costco membership for that! In fact, this is the cheapest option there is: it will cost either £2.95 (if you go for the basic plan) or £6.95 (if you have it printed and delivered to you).

  2. Which Costco does passport photos?

    Although there are currently 29 Costco branches operating in the United Kingdom, none of them offer passport photo services anymore. So, if you need to get photos at Costco, your only option is to use the online service.
    Please note that Costco discontinued all other physical and in-app photo services as well. For example, Costco members can’t use photo printing services or order collage prints, photo books and pictures for other popular documents.

  3. How long do Costco passport photos take?

    With the photo centres closed for good, you can only take your images online. Thankfully, it’ll take no more than a couple of minutes. Here’s how to take passport photos in the web app:

    1. Take an ordinary snapshot of yourself using your phone camera. Make sure you have sufficient and even lighting and keep a neutral expression. As for background, it can be anything.
    2. Upload the newly taken photo here. In an instant, we’ll crop it to the correct proportions, remove its background and check the result against the official specifications for passport photos. If there’s something wrong in terms of rules, we’ll give you a heads-up and recommendations on how to correct the mistake.
    3. Once we make sure your new passport photo is up to standards, you’ll see its preview. Since it’ll already be checked for compliance, you’ll only need to make sure you like it. If you don’t, you can retake it for free—as many times as you need.
    4. Once you get an image that you really like, you can save your high-quality passport photos—the package includes two digital copies of your image: a single JPEG file (suitable for online submission) and a template with multiple images in it (ready to print at any convenient location). As an option, you can also order home delivery of your printed photos.

    As you see, it only takes a couple of simple steps. Plus, you get some extra options (like baby passport photos, for example). What’s more, you won’t need to sign up—the online tool is available for everyone, not Costco members only.