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4 Benefits You'll Get Here

Print Pictures Today

Order two printed Tesco passport photos now! No need for sign-up or booking—have your biometric picture prepared, checked and printed, then pick up your printouts in any Tesco store in your area.

Fast Home Shipping

You can have your pictures printed and shipped to anywhere in the UK. Within two days from the moment you place your order, your 35x45 passport photo printouts will be delivered to your doorstep.

Take Photos Now

Get a perfect biometric photo conveniently anywhere. Upload a picture to have it turned into a valid passport photo—you'll get a digital copy with a photo code and the option to order prints.

Guaranteed Photo Quality

A trained expert will thoroughly check your image (its background, size, head proportions, etc.) against the UK rules. Once it's done, you'll get a perfect Tesco passport photo that HMPO will accept the first time.

How to Get Your Passport Photo Right Now

  1. take a snapshot like in a tesco store
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    Upload a picture
  2. download ready image
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    Save passport photos

Tesco Passport Picture Options

  1. Cost of Photos

    It's £0.55 for two printed Tesco passport photos. Get them today: have two 35x45 images prepared and printed, then pick-up your passport pictures in-store. In a usual photo booth, the prices start at £6.
  2. Store Locations

    Visit to find a photo machine in your area. If it's too far away, use the online service to take a background-free UK passport photo at home or work.
  3. Photo Formats

    In a photo booth, you get five printed pictures and a photo code. In the online Tesco passport photo service, you'll get a digital picture, a printable template and a code to apply online.
  4. Complete Privacy

    Our home professional service won't store your picture. What's more, it won't be seen by or shared with anyone: it's an autonomous program that will edit and size your photo.
  5. Service Availability

    Use the 24/7 digital Tesco passport photo booth for £0.55—for this price, you get two prints with your passport pictures verified by a trained expert. Pick up in-store on the same day!
  6. Opening Hours

    Tesco stores open at 6-7 am and close at 10-11 pm (a few work 24/7). Also, the hours are shorter on holidays. Need a Tesco passport photo faster? Click 'Upload Photo' and get it now.
  7. Maximum Comfort

    Don't have enough time to visit Tesco's photo booth? If this is the case, you can get your photo more quickly (right at home or at work) by using the online service.
  8. Acceptance Guarantee

    Get it right the first time—on this page, you can get a 100% valid passport photo that HMPO will accept. We'll remove your background and set the right size. Compliance guaranteed.

Passport Photos at Tesco: F.A.Q.

  1. How much are passport photos at Tesco?

    Passport picture cost starts at £6 for the standard passport type. You can pay by card (contactless and chip and pin), Apple Pay, Google Pay, or in cash.

  2. What are Tesco photo shop opening times?

    It varies between 7 am and 8 pm. Check your local shop opening hours online. You can get your digital passport photo template ready on our website in seconds before you visit the printing store.

  3. Can I print a passport photo at Tesco?

    Yes. The Instant Photo Print Kiosk offers photo printing services. While it’s not available online, you can easily get help from the friendly staff of the shop offline. At the same time, there is an option to take and order your printed passport pictures at the Tesco photo booth. You can check its availability on the official website.

  4. Does Tesco have a passport photo booth?

    Yes. But don’t go on a wild goose chase, not every UK Tesco shop has one. Make sure to check your nearest Tesco stores for such services and the opening hours before you set to go.

  5. What are the prices for passport photo printing in a Tesco store?

    Printing costs around £6, but you can pay only 55p. How? Get it as a 10×15 cm (4×6 inch) postcard passport photo printout which is also used in the UK. Instead of a passport size photo.

  6. Does Tesco do digital passport photos?

    Yes. For online submission of your application, you’ll need the right file size: one digital picture at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall and at least 50KB and no more than 10MB. You can easily get such a passport picture at their photo printing services or even photoshop it yourself.

  7. What are Tesco passport photo booth locations?

    You can choose a suitable location for your area online. Here’s how to do it. Go to the Tesco website and find the location you’d like to visit for passport photos.
    Then follow the thread: Get directions – Facilities, counters and ranges – Facilities and services – Passport photo booth. The latter should be blue in colour if it’s available.

  8. Does Tesco take passport photos?

    Yes. Make sure your particular shop can take and print a passport photo for official documents. You can always use PhotoBooth Online. It’s a breeze. Upload a pic, wait a second for it to process. The photo is ready.

  9. Does Tesco do passport photos? 

    Yes. But not every location offers these services. To be on the safe side, please check it first online before visiting. The premium photo service in the store is great. However, it’s worth thinking of getting your passport photos online and then printing them for less than twice the price. 

  10. Where can I get a UK passport photo taken?

    That’s an urgent question when you are to apply for your British passport online or in person with your application form. The options are to go to a shop or resize a previously-made snapshot yourself. If you choose the latter, you can either use a free app on the web or do all the work on our website, following the official requirements no problem at all. Easy-peasy!

  11. Can I get my digital passport photo taken at Tesco?

    Right, you can. To be on top of things, confirm the opening hours for your suitable location and service availability.

  12. Is there a passport photo booth in Tesco?

    Yes. But don’t be taken aback, if your local shop doesn’t have such a service. Just use your phone or PC to find the location that does. It will take a few seconds but you’ll save time and effort to know the last update.

  13. Can I get a baby passport photo in Tesco?

    There are no strict rules that won’t allow you to do this. However, it might be a chore to get an infant to look straight into the frame or fill up the framing oval at the small premises.
    If it appears to be a problem to get the right dimensions and follow rules for eyes and face, try our service. Using it is extremely straightforward and you can take as many photo shots as you need. Until you get it right.
    With us, you’re receiving a compliant photo template that our AI-back tool and our experts will validate for eyes open, shadows, neutral facial expression, background colour, head position and proportions, and other requirements. A non paid satisfaction guarantee when you can have it nailed in no time with little effort on your part.

  14. How much does a digital passport photo in Tesco cost?

    It starts at £6. However, there is a much cheaper and stress-free way to nail the task in minutes. How?
    You can just as well get your photo template free with our online intuitive tool! Simply press the button, take a pic or upload the one you already have, and follow the instructions and information helpful provided alongside. No room for drawbacks! No banned alterations, no airbrush!
    If by any chance, your UK passport photo is not accepted by the authorities or rejected at some point in the process, PhotoBooth Online will retake your image on the spot for free.
    There is another tip on how to get your picture on paper cheaper with a printable postcard size photo template. When you get your digital template, don’t print it as a 10cmx15cm (4×6 inch) standard, but as a postcard size. It will cost pennies, around 55p. A real value-for-money bargain! Carefully cut your pictures for your document and process with your application.