What Is a Passport Biographic Page in 2024?

January 9, 2024

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biographic page of your passport

There might be cases when you’re asked to show the biographic page of your passport or submit its photocopy during the application process. It’s sometimes called a passport bio or passport biographic data page. It can get you a bit confused to define that page. The only thing that comes to mind is the photo page of your passport.

Let’s learn all about the passport biographic page!


Passport biographic page

The guesswork has proved you right. The biographic page in a passport is the most important section of the document that contains essential personal information, like the holder’s name and surname, place and date of birth, nationality, gender, number, issue and expiry dates, photograph, and signature.

The passport bio page gives essential evidence about a traveler. It is accepted by immigration officers and authorities in a foreign country, hotel check-ins, and other official procedures to validate the authenticity of the passport. The machine-readable zone of the first biographic page of your passport is also helpful to pass airport control quickly.

Why is the biographic page in a passport important?

Travelers can’t fly to a foreign country without an ID that proves their identity. That is why it’s also important to keep the bio data page on your passport undamaged. It must be legible at all times while you travel. In case of damage, major creases, marks, or smudges, that make the biographic data on your passport page unclear and illegible, you must apply for a new one. The biographic page in a new passport looks like that.

biographic page of your passport

Can the passport biographic data page be changed?

Say, you want to take a better-looking, but still compliant 2х2 picture with white background for your passport this time, a Walgreens passport photo, for instance, or an Office Deport passport photo. What then? Would you be able to switch for a new photo in the same passport? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

After issuance, a person can’t update the information on their passport bio page. You have to apply for a new passport altogether and submit supporting paperwork to prove the eligibility for changes.

For example, if you got married and wanted to take your husband’s name, you would have to apply for your new document and provide a marriage certificate.

Do I need to update a photo on my passport bio page?

Your passport validity may be 5 or 10 years. There’s normally no need to update such part of your passport biographic page as a photo. Only if your appearance has undergone, some significant alterations, like surgery or trauma, and your facial features may be harder to identify. Then, you should get a new document with the latest photo of yours for the passport office. It’s helpful to avoid possible predicaments while passing borders.

Nowadays, it’s never been easier to get a new photo for your passport online or offline. For example, you can get a passport photo at Walgreens or online without leaving home. It’ll still be compliant and accepted by the authorities.

Summing up

The biographic page in your passport is a crucial part of your document. Only the information on the passport bio page gives the authorities details on your identity and overall authenticity.