Office Depot Passport Photo: All You Need to Know

January 2, 2024

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If you’re booking a nice getaway or organizing a business trip abroad, you need a passport. If you haven’t got one yet or your passport needs renewing, you have to take compliant passport photos. Then, of course, you’ll fill out the right application form and find a local passport office to hand in your paperwork.

First thing first. There are a few places where one can get passport photos, including Office Depot. In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about an Office Depot passport photo, costs, and passport photo prints.

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Office Depot Passport Photo Information

The Office Depot store specializes not only in passport photos, but also in office furniture, supplies, appliances, all the office-related stuff, and photo prints. There are about 1000 retail stores of Office Depot across 44 US states with business working hours 8 am–9 pm, 7 days a week. There might be a local store close to you too. You can use a store locator to find it:

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Office Depot photos for passports on the official website of the provider. You can always learn more by phoning the nearest Office Depot passport picture service or Customer Service Department at 1-800-463-3768.

How much do passport photos cost at Office Depot?

The Office Depot passport-sized photo cost is $14.99. It’s an average level of price around the stores and online services. For example, you can get a passport photo for as much as $19.99 in another popular store, while PhotoBooth Online gets your passport photos done without a trip to Office Depot, for just a few dollars. You’ll get a perfect photo that will be displayed on your passport biographic page with other personal information.

What is the passport photo size at Office Depot?

An Office Depot passport-style photo is exactly two by two inches (5 mm by 5 mm) with your head between 1 inch to 1 ⅜ inches (25 mm to 35 mm) from the top to the bottom. The photo will have a white background and will be printed on matte or glossy photo paper.

These are the guidelines set by the US Department of State on their official website whether you take a photo by yourself or at a passport photo-taking facility country-wide.

What are the usual Office Depot passport photo requirements?

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Whatever vendor you use, be sure that it’s aware of the official passport photo requirements. Office Depot provides the usual photo rules that cover the following points:

  • Wear casual clothes. Try to keep off from white.
  • Stick to minimal make-up and accessories.
  • With hair not obstructing your facial features.
  • Look directly into the camera.
  • Have a neutral face expression with no exaggerated smile.
  • Take off your hat, sunglasses, or tinted glasses.
  • Wear no masks, veils, or uniforms.

How to take a Passport Photo at Office Depot?

To take passport pictures at Office Depot, follow the easy steps:

  • Prepare for your passport photo shoot.
  • Use a store locator to find your Office Depot passport photo service near you.
  • Get assisted by Office Depot staff to show you the way to the passport photo kiosk or studio.
  • Get passport pictures taken.
  • Pay for the two passport photos.

Are there Office Depot kiosks for passport photo services?

An Office Depot passport-size photo kiosk or studio is a great way to comfortably take your passport photo without stress. The passport photo quality in Office Depot is compliant with the US Department of State’s guidelines.

What is an alternative to taking your passport photo in Office Depot?

As we mentioned before, there is a variety of passport photo alternatives to Office Depot’s services. Some well-known stores and pharmacies can help you to accomplish your task. However, there is a more convenient and cost-effective way, not particularly spread among passport applicants.

You can take a passport photo for Office Depot at your place, using your phone, or tripod, or ask a friend or a family member to take it for you. That said, remember not to use filters or selfies.

If you want an even better result, you can use one of the passport photo tools online. Say, PhotoBooth Online. It will verify your photo for every parameter, change your background, and correct other imperfections. Try out it now! Then you can use the best pro tip!

Pro tip:


  • Get your passport photo done at home.
  • Get a 4 x 6 template with 2 pics now on this page.
  • Save it to your memory stick.
  • Print the passport photos at Office Depot for $0.29 as a 4 x 6 printout.
  • Cut them out and attach them to your application.

Sum-up: does office depot take passport photos?

In our day and age, there is a variety of ways to take passport photos, including Office Depot. Choose the way that suits your schedule and price expectations. Be sure to follow the official rules to get a perfect photo for your 10-year-lasting passport.