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What Do You Get at PhotoBooth Online?

It’s Free Badge Photo

Get a perfect picture for your company or team badge in bright colors. No need to go anywhere. Make as many digital photocopies as you want. It’s free with no limits!

It’s Neutral Background

If you have a photo already, simply upload it to our site. You’ll get a perfect ready-to-print badge headshot with an unbusy plain background.

It’s Correct Size

Our tool will generate a badge picture template with two great 2x2 inch pics in size and dimension. Print anywhere you like for cents as a 4x6 photo. Cut the badge picture out.

It Can Be Reviewed

Prepare and review the photo for your id badge. Do you want to try once more, change the shirt or fix your look? Take your time! Try as many times as you need.

How to Get Badge Photo Online?

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8 Tips For Taking a Great ID Badge Photo for Employees

  1. Get Proper Lighting

    Arrange flattering lighting while capturing your image. Good lighting, not too bright or too dark will give you a healthy complex and no shadows in the pictures. Avoid office fluorescent lights that contribute to discolored pictures.
  2. Use Tripod

    Use some help as a tripod, the phone’s timer function, or ask a team member to take your pic. Pick any place. You can adjust the scene and erase the busy background using our site.
  3. Wear Right Outfit

    Choose a shirt or casual top for a work badge photo unless you need to follow a dress code. Stick to darker colors, dark blues, black, or navy. Avoid whites, nudes, or naturals, as they might blend with a neutral background.
  4. Relax

    To avoid tense face and body posture, use some tips and tricks for relaxed expression. Take a picture when you're feeling your best, be yourself, and think of a salary raise. It might be a good way to get a good vibe on.
  5. Smile with Eyes

    Here is a tip. If you want a likable badge picture, practice your smile with your eyes in front of a mirror. Play around a bit, and your employee-fellows and yourself will love the result.
  6. Fix Your Hair 

    Neatly styled hair is your best choice. Go for your everyday look. Keep your face open to be easily recognized by security members if need to.
  7. Leave Room in the Pic 

    Make sure you leave some ample space above your head and at the sides. We'll crop it to the perfect size. Leave your face and shoulders framed.
  8. Try Heights & Angles 

    It's good practice to try out camera heights for great images. Agree to no mugshot photo. With PhotoBooth Online, you'll have no problem changing angles slightly downward or upward to capture the real you.


  1. What is a badge photo?

    It’s a business photo that is done by a photographer or an employee itself to be easily identified when at workspace. The subject usually stands against a neutral unpatterned background. The picture matches the standard DV & ID photo dimension of 2×2 inches.

  2. What to wear for badge photo?

    You can choose darker colors or softer tones, like greens, light blues, and purples. Try a few color outfits to see what is your scene.

  3. Should you smile in a badge photo?

    You can smile subtly or just smize, that is smiling with your eyes with a nice vibe on. And it’s great, since you can’t really smile away in any official photo per compliance rules – like a Post Office’s or Sam’s Club passport photo, and taken for passport office at home too, using passport photo tool and a mobile phone.

  4. How to take a good id badge photo?

    Set the place. Get some help from your colleague or a friend. Use a tripod and a phone timer function. Relax with your shoulder down and eyes open, and put on an unexaggerated smile. Not to worry about the neutral unbusy backdrop, use an online tool such as PhotoBooth Online to adjust it.

  5. What to wear for a hospital badge picture?

    If you have no strict rules for your hospital badge photo outfit, keep it professional and suitable for the occasion of showing it. Your everyday work attire is a good choice. Pay more attention to your hair, makeup, and relaxed face and body position.

  6. What are employee badge photo requirements?

    The employee badge picture requirements for a custom photo card or name badge with a photo are often set by the company. Otherwise, stick to the rules mentioned above for the best result, like good lighting, no shadows, neatly styled hair and attire, neutral, plain backdrop.

  7. How to make an id photo badge at home?

    Make sure you’ve got proper lighting for your id badge picture at home. Use defused light and stand in front of a window. Avoid bright colors, nude or taupe tones not to wash youself out in a picture or be too distracting. Smile a little, and try another camera height and angle. Use help with cropping, sizing, and background change, using our online tool at PhotoBooth Online anytime anywhere for free.