19 Celebrity Passport Photos: Familiar Faces From New Angles

hollywood boulevard stars with names of celebrities on them

In a way, we interact with famous people every day—by commenting on their Instagram, checking out their TV shows, celebrating their wins in sports or politics (or both), listening to their best-selling albums and binging their page-turners.

And for many, it seems like big-timers live in some other world. There’s some truth in it, but it doesn’t mean celebrities don’t do the things we all do.

Say, they need documents to travel or drive a car, too. Hence, each renowned performer sports a pic on his or her identification papers, be it an Asda passport photo, a driving licence picture, or some other ID shot. Let’s check these out and, for starters, look at the stars closest to us—the most prominent people in the United Kingdom.

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UK Celebrity Passport Photos

David Beckham

old passport photo of the footballerCredit:

Neil Gaiman

the British passport photo of the writerCredit:

Virginia Woolf

the famous English writer Virginia WoolfCredit:

Hayley Atwell

driver's license of the British actress Hayley AtwellCredit:

John Lennon

the green card of the Beatles' guitaristCredit:

George Harrison

the first passport of the lead guitarist of the same bandCredit:

David Bowie

the English singer and actorCredit:

Alfred Hitchcock

old passport photo of the English filmmakerCredit: Sipa Press / Rex Features

Audrey Hepburn

film and fashion icon Audrey HepburnCredit:

Anyway, there are not so many UK passport photos of celebrities lying around in public access on the Internet, so let’s see what the other countries have to offer!

Passport Photos From Worldwide Stardom

Gal Gadot

Miss Israel 2004Credit:

Aishwarya Rai

the Indian actress in her old passport photoCredit:

Muhammad Ali

the American professional boxerCredit:

Justin Bieber

the Canadian pop star's passportsCredit:

Kim Kardashian

the US superstar in her passport pictureCredit:

Johnny Cash

the icon of country musicCredit:

Marilyn Monroe

the American actress, comedienne, songstress, and model Marilyn MonroeCredit: Brad Barket/ Getty Images

Lady Gaga

the American pop idol Stefani Joanne Angelina GermanottaCredit:

Beyoncé Knowles

the American singer, songwriter, and actress Beyonce KnowlesCredit:

Barack Obama

the 44th president of the US in his ID photoCredit:

Celebrity Passport Photos: Wrap-Up

That was quite a list, huh? We bet you thought these celebrity ID photos would be unearthly good but most of them look unusually ordinary (yet still amazing!).

Speaking of amazing: make sure to check out our compilation of funny passport photos!

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