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Asda Passport Photo: Options in 2023

Same-Hour Pictures

Get printed or digital Asda passport photos for £0.11 today: prepare a digital biometric image, and, if needed, have your passport pictures printed at any store nearby. Your 35x45 photos will be printed on high-quality paper.

Fast Home Shipping

You can have your 35x45 printouts delivered straight to your doorstep. To order shipping, have your biometric pictures prepared and verified, then enter your address—you will receive your newly-printed UK passport photos within two days.

Digital Passport Photo

Get an Asda passport photo without leaving home! To apply for your passport online, save the digital picture to upload at If you want to apply by post, download the template and print it for £0.11 with the Asda photo printing service.

Expert Verification

Our certified expert will check your image against the UK passport photo requirements (for background, size, etc.) to make sure it's accepted by HMPO. This is how we ensure 100% compliance—your picture will meet all UK passport office rules!

How to Get Pictures Now

  1. use our passport photo app to take your digital photo
    STEP 1
    Upload your picture
  2. download UK passport photo
    STEP 2
    Save printable pictures

Digital Asda Passport Photo Booth: All You Need to Know

  1. How Much Is It?

    Get digital or printed Asda passport pictures for £0.11 now! Have your digital biometric image prepared and, if needed, printed in any store (pickup or shipping available). Alternatively, you can take a UK passport photo at your nearest Asda photobooth for the full price of £12.99.
  2. Photo Shop and Booth Locations

    Most supermarkets will offer services to help you get that picture. To print a UK passport photo template made here, visit one of the photo shops. Need pictures from scratch? Find an Asda photo booth using the official locator and have your UK passport photos taken (the locator includes all you need to know).
  3. Asda Opening Hours

    You can visit any supermarket seven days a week but their hours may differ a lot across the country. For example, some branches start at 7 AM and close shop at 10 AM, while others work 24/7. To make sure the location you need is open at a certain time, use the official finder from the previous paragraph.
  4. Photo Printing Methods

    You can have your digital photo printed on photo paper almost instantly in one of the stores, which costs £0.11. To order printouts online and have them delivered to your home address, you can go online and try the premium passport photo service–the delivery will cost additional £2.
  5. Completion Time

    This depends on the method. For example, preparing a digital image here will take a couple of minutes. By contrast, going to a nearby Asda to use one of photo booths or print a passport photo template made here will take at least 30 minutes. Finally, having your prints shipped to you takes 5-7 working days.
  6. Photo Quality Assurance

    When using an Asda photo booth, you won't get a compliance check. However, if you prepare UK passport photos here, they will be verified against all UK passport office rules (we'll check that your pictures have the right size, you have a neutral expression, etc.). Get a perfect biometric photo!

Asda Passport Photo Booth F.A.Q.

  1. Does Asda have a passport photo booth?

    Yes, most Asda stores have special booths where you can take a digital UK passport photo and then print it right away or send it to your email. To make sure the store you’ve picked does have a kiosk, we recommend you call the store or check it online. Please mind that Asda photo printing services are also available at their counters.
    asda passport photo booth
    As for the opening times, you can use Asda photo booths to take and print UK passport photo whenever the store itself is open. Many of the chain’s locations have different opening times, so please check the official website to find out the opening hours of the nearest store.

  2. How much is a photo booth in Asda?

    If you don’t have a prepared headshot with you, you can use a local Asda photo booth to take one and print it, which will cost you about £12 (with no money-back guarantee). That’s relatively cheap, but if you’re looking to save time and money, you don’t have to pay even that. As an option, you can use PhotoBooth Online to prepare a digital passport photo, bring this template to an Asda store and print it out for the lower price of 55p only. After that, you can attach the printout to the application form.

  3. Do Asda do digital UK passport photos?

    Yes, their website has a special page where you can load your JPEG file and have it printed. You can collect it yourself or use the printouts shipping service and have the printout delivered straight to your address. The latter will cost you £2.5 per photograph. Please note this online passport photo app is somewhat limited (for example, it can’t remove the background or check your picture).

  4. Is there a quicker way to get UK passport photos?

    In case you need one urgently (say, before a flight), PhotoBooth Online is one of the easiest ways to get a compliant headshot without paying twice the price. You don’t have to waste time looking for a photography machine or professional photographer. All you have to do is to find a few seconds and take a picture with your phone camera. Then you only need to visit a local store where you can have the passport photo template printed or use its digital version for online submission. At the end of the day, you save both time and money.
    What’s more, our passport photo service doesn’t have any limit to the number of photographs you can have processed. And no matter how many passport photos you want, we won’t charge you for any of them. Plus, you have the time to do it without any rush – if you want, take tons of pictures and then just pick the best one, all for free. The only step of the way where you pay something is the moment you have your digital passport photos printed.

  5. Will the HM office accept a picture made via PhotoBooth Online?

    Yes, it’s programmed to verify the picture’s parameters like passport photo size, quality, etc. and meet the requirements for UK passport photos. Besides, we keep track of every change in these requirements and follow official guidelines when tuning our algorithms.
    Also, if you’re unsure what to wear in your United Kingdom passport photo, try different outfits! You can process as many photos as you like: we have no uploading limits.
    And when it comes to the initial parameters of your picture, there is nothing to worry about. Our home professional service allows you to make a biometric photo conveniently regardless of its format. Simply give us your image and we’ll set the correct size, adjust head proportions, add a grey background and render the colours neutral. In addition to that, we’ll make sure your passport photo has no artefacts or dead pixels. Once it’s all done, your headshot will comply with the official regulations.

  6. How do I take a UK passport photo for Asda at home?

    1. Find a room with a wall of plain colour (grey or off-white will do perfectly)
    2. Ensure proper lighting. If the sun isn’t shining too bright, use natural sunlight. If it’s dark outside, use an artificial source of light. However, you need to make sure the lighting is even and your facial features aren’t obscured by shadows
    3. If you’re wearing any headgear, take it off, as your head should be fully visible (and your hair shouldn’t cover your face). The only exception is religious headwear
    4. If you need glasses for medical reasons, you can leave them on. If used for styling purposes, sunglasses and transparent glasses aren’t allowed
    5. Having beard or stubble in passport photo is allowed
    6. As for your clothes, just make sure you’ve put on something casual and neutral that covers your shoulders (uniforms are also allowed)
    7. Stand with your back against the wall. Make sure there isn’t a door or window behind you. Maintain an upright and straight pose
    8. Keep a neutral facial expression – don’t smile, keep your mouth closed and look straight at the camera (after all, it’s not your usual selfie)
    9. Take your snapshot. If it turns out bad, don’t edit, just retake it
    10. That’s it! You can print the resulting image at an Asda location.
  7. Why take a digital UK passport photo in PhotoBooth Online?

    Pay for Printout Only

    Bad news: an actual photobooth or photographer will charge you for each session (the latter may not even refund if it comes to that). Good news: even if you want to get hundreds of passport photos at PhotoBooth Online, it’ll still be free.

    Submit Confidently

    Our online passport photo tool will make sure your image is compliant. Wondering how it works? The thing is, its algorithms are tuned to edit each file in accordance with the last update in the passport photo requirements effective in the UK.

    Use Any Image

    Already got an amazing photograph, but the background ruins it? Yes, background color does matter if you want your document accepted. However, PhotoBooth Online can replace any backdrop with nice and neutral grey.

    Print It Right Away

    We take care of every little thing for you. Give us your headshot and then we will crop, cut and edit it into a digital passport photo. You can print the resulting passport photo at Asda or any other printing location in your area.

    Retake in No Time

    Want nothing less than a perfect passport photo? Take as many photo shots as you want and then pick and use the best-looking one. Here you have all the time in the world to take a photograph that will be ideal for your new UK document.

    Get Pictures Anytime

    Our opening hours are around the clock, unlike that of an actual photobooth. No need to schedule anything, just take a snap with your phone camera and have it resized here instantly. You don’t even need to create an account for that!

    Provide Feedback

    What did you like? What can we improve? Was our information helpful? Let us know that. Your feedback helps us fine-tune our passport photo solution to make even better headshots for passports and other popular documents.