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UPS Passport Photos—Easy & Convenient

Processed from Home

Have your passport photos prepared in the comfort of your own home. Use a photo from your device or take it with your phone's camera or digital camera and upload it here. It'll be resized and professionally processed as per the required specifications. It really is that easy. Get started right away!

Set of 4 Prints or Digital Photos

Two options are available: a 4x6 template for self-printing plus a digital photo or four printed passport photos plus a digital photo. The digital photo is for a passport application completed online, and the template is for printing. Buy once and print as many times as you need.

Fastest Online Solution

The tool is equipped with built-in templates for making passport photos for different countries. It allows you to prepare a passport photo that meets the requirements in a matter of seconds. After the initial check, we check the photo again using a special passport photo system to avoid the slightest deviation from the norm.

Free Shipping or Instant E-Delivery

A digital photo and template will be sent to your inbox within 5–10 minutes after payment. You can print it right away at home or anywhere convenient for a few cents. You can also use it for online or in-person submissions on the same day. This is convenient if deadlines are running out. If you have time, you can order printed photos (Est. delivery is 1–5 business days, free).

How to Get Passport Photos (Printed & Digital)

  1. Take and upload a photo
    STEP 1
    Upload a self-taken photo
  2. Download pic and print at any the UPS store
    STEP 2
    Get results emailed or shipped

UPS Passport Photo Services in 2024

  1. Passport Photo Cost

    Get a set of four 2х2 passport photos from $2.95. Download for printing instantly or order prints online. Save time and money. Alternatively, you can take two passport photos at any local UPS store for $11.99.
  2. Taking Photo Services

    UPS stores provide passport photo services by appointment. Select a local store and make an appointment in advance. But you can also take passport photos online right now without an appointment.
  3. Photo Processing Time

    You'll receive photos as soon as possible. Just upload a photo for processing. It'll be cropped and fitted within minutes. Digital files are ready immediately after processing is completed. The shipping of prints takes 1–5 business days.
  4. Printing Services

    The UPS Stores offer professional printing services but do not print passport photos. You can prepare and print your photos right here. Simply upload your photo and order prints for only $9.95 for 4 prints (free shipping).

Passport Photo at The UPS Store: FAQ

  1. What photo can I upload?

    Place the camera at eye level. Stand straight at a distance of 1–1.5 meters from the camera.
    Look straight with a neutral expression. Eyes open. A slight smile is acceptable, but teeth should not be visible.
    If you wear glasses, take them off (since 2016 it is prohibited to take passport photos with glasses).
    The U.S. passport and ID photo must be on a white, off-white background. But you can upload a photo with any background; if necessary, we will replace it with white.
    Important: Leave enough space around your head and make sure your upper chest and shoulders are included in the frame.
    We recommend taking several pictures at once to choose the best one. You can upload photos one by one until you achieve the desired result.
    For more information, please visit State.Travel.Gov

  2. How recent should my photo be?

    The photo for U.S. passports, IDs, visa should be taken within the last 6 months.

  3. How many photos do I get at The UPS Store?

    At The UPS Store, you will receive two passport photos for $11.99. When you order online, you will receive four printed photos for $9.95 or a printable 4×6 template for only $2.95.

  4. Do UPS Stores take passport photos?

    Yes, you can take a passport photo at the UPS store, which offers photo services. Visit to schedule an appointment online. More than 3,900 The UPS Store locations offer online appointment scheduling.

  5. Can I order passport photo prints at UPS?

    No, you cannot order prints online or print passport photos in-store.
    But you can order prints here. Four prints for only $9.95 (with free shipping). Est. delivery is 1–5 business days.
    When you’ve printed your passport picture, it’s also handy to know if and how to staple a passport photo.

  6. How can I find a local The UPS store?

    Just use the Store Locator to find a store.

  7. Can you take photos for other IDs?

    Yes, we take photos for different IDs. Just select a type of photo before you upload your photo.

  8. How to get your passport photo at a UPS store?

    If you want to use the UPS passport photo service, you need to look for the nearest office in your area and schedule an appointment. When going there, please make sure you bring your US photo ID or birth certificate (or some other identification document) with you, or you won’t be able to get the service. Once your photos are ready, you can pay by cash or card (plus, there’s always the option to write a check).
    ups passport photo

  9. Does UPS offer passport services?

    Yes, the UPS stores offer a variety of services for delivery of your paperwork to the National Passport Processing Center.
    Whether you’re preparing for a trip abroad or just want to renew your expired passport, you can visit one of the local stores.

  10. Can I order delivery of my paperwork on this website?

    No, we only provide passport photos.
    Visit The UPS Store Website to use passport services.

  11. What do I need to bring when I want to use passport services at UPS?

    When going to the previously scheduled passport photo shoot, you need to bring your official US photo ID. This document may be your photo ID card, driver license, passport, real ID card, and so on. As a rule, you also have to provide your birth certificate. Whatever document you choose to take with you, please make sure that it’s still valid and that all text is clear and readable.