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Why Get UPS Passport Photo Digitally with PhotoBooth Online?

FREE Biometric Photo

Get your passport photo prepared online and pay only for the printout at any printing place. You'll get your digital image immediately and also save some money along the way. Get cheap passport photos and cut your travel cost!

Compliance Guarantee

A new photo for your passport will meet all mandatory parameters, as we'll verify it for compliance with rules. As a result, you receive two photos for US passport renewal per the specifications of the USA State Department.

100% Online Process

Use your picture or take a new one to make passport photo with PhotoBooth Online. Either way, your image will be corrected instantly. Once it's done, the UPS photo services will quickly process your passport photo taken at home.

Right Photo Size & Format

Get passport style photo of required size, ready for print at the nearest printing place. We follow the authorities' strict regulations by checking width/height, light, neutral facial expression, plain white background color, and other details.

How to Prepare Your UPS Store Digital Passport Photo?

  1. Take your selfie
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    Upload/Take Photo
  2. Download pic and print in UPS store
    STEP 2
    Download Passport Photo

8 Pros for UPS Digital Passport Photo (Print in Store) at PhotoBooth Online

  1. Free of Charge

    Get your perfect passport photo prepared for free. Pay only for a file printout at your nearby printing location. With us, you can make it cost-effective and save the money you could've spent on a professional photographer. Take a passport photo for yourself or your family member with your digital camera.
  2. Works Round the Clock

    Save hours of your time and have a new passport photo done online at any time! Whether you're at home or at work, there will be no time waste of taking photos at UPS locations. Don't wait in line for US passport pictures. Use your iPhone or Android smartphone camera to shoot great photos for your passport.
  3. Easy Application

    For your convenience, we provide two image types: digital and printed files. So you can compare cropped images and decide if your passport photos are OK. Before paying for UPS photo printing, check all visible details on the picture: eyes, face, hair, glasses, clothing, jewelry, uniforms, lighting, headphones, headgear, and filters.
  4. Instant Verification

    Our web tool adjusts your passport images in a few moments. When you download passport photo, it's already auto-verified to comply with USA government passport renewal photo requirements. We check the resulting printable photos for all appearance details such as natural smile, pose, head cover, and clothes.
  5. Acceptance Guarantee

    We prepare all photos in strict compliance with the official guidelines. This means each photo has the correct resolution, head position, dimensions, lighting, printing borders, background, pixel density, colors, etc. The applied US passport photo services instructions are supported by UPS print stores.
  6. High Quality Photos

    Each passport photo we process will have the proper parameters: white background, 2x2 inches size, head size between 1 to 1 3/8 inches from the bottom to the top. Thanks to that, you can have your local UPS print a valid picture on glossy or matte photo quality paper. Submit only eligible passport photographs!
  7. Digital & Ready to Print

    Download a passport photo ready for print (as the file format is the universal high-resolution jpeg). If you choose to have it printed with United Parcel Services, mind that they also offer plenty of important printing service options like home address delivery, online submission, make an appointment online, and so on.
  8. Satisfied Customers

    Need more info or worried about prices, terms, and offered steps? If you have a question, simply email us at We love helping our users and are most interested in your getting a passport application approval. Also, you can share your experience with passport application services.

UPS Store Passport Photo: FAQ

  1. Does UPS deal with passports?

    Whether you’re preparing for a trip abroad or just want to renew your expired passport, you can visit one of their locations to have your pictures for documents taken.

  2. How do I find out which stores can take passport photos?

    Their website has a convenient page ( where you can find the addresses and opening times of the nearest locations that do a passport photo.

  3. How much is a passport photo at UPS?

    According to the store’s website, their passport photo price is $11.99. Depending on the type of delivery (expedited or standard one) you select and applying taxes, the total price of your passport photo can be higher.

  4. How to get your passport photo at a UPS store?

    If you want to use the UPS passport photo service, you need to look for the nearest office in your area and schedule an appointment. When going there, please make sure you bring your US photo ID or birth certificate (or some other identification document) with you or you won’t be able to get the service. Once your photos are ready, you can pay by cash or card (plus, there’s always the option to write a check).
    When you visit a United Parcel Service’s location to take a photo for your US passport, don’t forget about the COVID-19 measures that are in effect in your region. Stores in some states might require you to wear a mask and provide a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

  5. What do I need to bring when I get a passport photo at UPS?

    When going to the previously scheduled passport photo shoot, you need to bring your official US photo ID. This document may be your photo ID card, driver license, passport, real ID card, and so on. As a rule, you also have to provide your birth certificate. Whatever document you choose to take with you, please make sure that it’s still valid and all text is clear and readable.

  6. Does UPS offer passport photos?

    Yes, UPS offers photos for your passport alongside other services for documents. Visit in person or make an appointment first to get a passport photo. You can choose from a few options. Receive your UPS passport photo at once as you walk in at your local store or take a photo at home and order it delivered by mail.

  7. UPS service has passport photo cost and takes time, is there any other way?

    First of all, it’s not necessary to arrange a photo shoot at a UPS location exactly. There’s a faster and easier way. You can make a compliant passport photo at home with PhotoBooth Online. Unlike an out-of-home photo shoot, the whole process takes much less time (it’s only a few seconds).
    Once your image is processed, you only need to download and bring it to a nearby place that can print a photo for your passport. Of course, this place doesn’t have to be UPS or another postal service. If you do choose a UPS to do the printing, the total passport photo price will be around $0.35 instead of $11.99, which is roughly 30 times cheaper! That’s quite a cost reduction in price, right?
    When you’ve printed your passport picture, it’s handy to know if and how to staple a passport photo.