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What Do You Get Now

Passport Photo Prints

Get 2 passport pictures of 2x2 size same day. Pick up photo prints at a store near to you same-day. Order shipping. Photos are printed on matte premium paper.

Home Delivery

Get your ready passport photos without leaving home. Make an order with 2 clicks. Upload any of your available photo or take a new photo with smartphone. Complete the order!

Photo Quality Guarantee

Your photo will pass through manual check of a trained specialist. Your photo will be corrected in accordance with official rules for passport photo in case of any inaccuracies. You have a guarantee of acceptance at authorities.

Bonus! Digital Copy

Get a high-quality digital copy of your passport photo which you may use and print many times when needed. The JPEG file will be sent in 2 hours after your order by email.

How to Take Passport Photo Now?

  1. Take your passport picture
    STEP 1
    Upload or take a pic
  2. Download the resulting image
    STEP 2
    Pick at store/order delivery

Staples Passport Photo: All Takeaways in 2023

  1. Passport Photo Cost

    Get 2 printed passport photos for $0.38 at a store near you. Your pictures will be ready for same-day pickup at the chosen store. To get such a price, upload or take your photo here. Staples in-store charge starts at $14.99
  2. Working Hours

    Staples hours differ within a state. It's usually open 9 am to 8 pm. Call first to visit Staples for photo-taking. Or use our service. It’s on 24/7, on weekends and public holidays. No need to fit the hours.
  3. Store Locations

    You need to find a selected store. Use the store locator on the official Staples website to search for participating Staples stores. Use a search bar to type your zip code. Remember to check if your neighboring Staples is equipped to take passport photos.
  4. Options For Taking Photos

    You can take a passport photo in Staples stores offline. Or avoid travelling in-person and have your passport photos prepared the easiest way now. No prior appointments are required. The service doesn't depend on the availability of a photographer at a place as in store.
  5. Printing Services

    Get passport photo prints during these 24 hours. Order perfectly sized 2x2 prints as a pickup at the store nearby. Want to stay home? Then order delivery to your place ASAP.
  6. Online Orders

    Reap the benefits of passport photo online ordering. No need to rush to a photo shoot with a fixed-time appointment at Staples. Amazing way to get the job done easily online!


  1. Does Staples do passport photos every day?

    The opening times of the passport photo service vary, but they are usually open from 8 am to 9 pm. On weekends, the shop is closed earlier, around 5-6 p.m. Before the trip, check out their service locator search bar on the official website. Don’t walk out on a wild goose chase. Note that only participating stores can offer photos for passports near you.

  2. Can you print passport photos at Staples?

    Yes. Without using their passport photo services, you can simply print anything you want in-store. Just like that, you can print a Staples passport photo, once you download your printable compliant 4×6 template on our site.

  3. Does Staples still do passport photos?

    Yes. You can take pictures in-store. In mid-2022, the company launched the passport photo service in some of its locations without an appointment required. To find your office, search for a participating store that is close to you. Note that they do not offer the passport photo service online.
    If you need another quick and reliable option to get the same Staples passport photo as at the store, leverage our site. Take your photos at ease, with a chance to change your hairstyle, outfit, jewelry, piercings, makeup, etc. You name it.
    Impeccable Digital Format for Your Needs
    With us, it’ll take you a couple of minutes to go through the photo-taking process and get your perfect template verified to the photo rules. Take a pic, or upload an existing one, give the machine to process the image automatically, and own the result. On the outcome, you receive a single image for online submission for your passport application and a 2-picture printable template of 4×6 inches, for when you apply in person.
    The choice is yours.
    Staples Passport Photo Printing Easily
    Once you obtain a printable image, visit the store for printing it for cents. That’s how you can accomplish the task. On our site, download your carefully vetted file of four-by-six-inch dimensions by default with 2 images. That is a postcard template that any photocopying facility prints on glossy or matte photo-quality paper, which is acceptable by the passport office. Then, cut out your 5.1 cm by 5.1 cm pictures. Awesome!
    Pro Passport Photos at Staples Or PhotoBooth Online
    Whatever way you prefer, you get verified pictures. If you are not a big fan of photo sessions in public premises, and it’s not really your scene, try out the passport photo taking where you’re most comfortable: in the house, in the car, on the beach, on a couch, anywhere at all. You just need your everyday clothes, a neutral facial expression with your face to the source of light, and your friend to take a pic.

  4. Does Staples offer passport photos?

    Yes, they do. Check out the closest location to your place and opening hours. Though the shop doesn’t offer online service, you can pop in the shop and get a Staples passport picture done in under 20 minutes. Make sure you get slightly more time if you plan on taking baby passport photos or pictures for older children. Such passport photos are suitable for all passports, including those issued for travel in urgent circumstances.

  5. How much is a passport photo at Staples?

    You would normally pay from $14.99 to $21.99 for a set of pictures for your future document. A photograph in local Staples in California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, and Virginia may cost more than average. If you can’t find an office in your area, make the most of our site. Save money and extra time on photo service for passport or visa.

  6. Does Staples take passport photos?

    Yes. Dedicated offices offer photos for permanent resident cards, id cards, other documents, and visa photos. You can take passport photos at Staples stores as government-compliant copies. This way, your photo meets the rules set by the US Department of State, such as white or off-white background, no shadows or glare, glasses and headphones off, hats and other headwear only for religious reasons or medical purposes accompanied either by a supporting letter or a doctor’s statement respectively.
    When you travel to other countries with a ready document, other rules, like a passport validity, come into play. However, a compliant passport photo is your initial focus.

  7. Don’t want to know the specs?

    You don’t need to. In 2023, you can have a flawless photograph for your passport without meticulously investigating the topic, tips, and requirements. No need to be under pressure or read pages of the passport photo guide. Leave it to us and our AI-charged tool. We’re on it: white background, 1-1 ⅜ not tilted head positioning, with dimensions between 600×600 and 1200×1200 pixels, 24 bits in color, 1.18-inch eye line level, etc.
    True Parameters & Your Best Self
    D’you worry that your passport photo from Staples or any other facility won’t be the real you? Or what’s worse, you worry you’ll get a mugshot after only three attempts with a photo assistant? We’re with you on this one. Take your pic at home with our service without compromising picture dimensions, and be your best self. You get countless shots to try for free. Now, you can relate to the I-actually-love-my-passport-picture.

  8. Still wanna think twice?

    It’s never too good to rush into a decision. Read below for more useful information that will help you accomplish the Staples passport photo taking in seconds without wasting your resources. Take your time, learn the options you’ve got and pick the one that will suit your purpose the most: local Staples digital passport pictures are at your fingertips, all you need is printing out a hard copy at any store.
    Save Money, Get It Free
    As photograph experts, we’re well-versed in the passport application process, photo parameters, and prescribed guidelines by the US Department of State. We also know that the costs for passport photos at Staples or any other facility offline are quite pricey. Speaking of which, you need to pay $21.99 for a Staples passport picture. With us, you get a verified document image at super cost.
    Guaranteed Compliance
    Better safe than sorry is the saying to live by when it comes to photos for passports. PhotoBooth Online pivots around and achieves the stellar result of a 2-by-2 biometric picture every time you take an image with our free service. It crops, changes the background, resizes, and checks for other nuances to be intact for a compliant passport photo. Staples or not, you’re confident our photos will be accepted by the authorities.
    Staples Digital Passport Photos
    Of late, the store began taking pictures for documents. You can get a result in minutes on the spot: two Staples passport pictures for $21.99. Need an alternative? Take to Staples your digital passport photo in order to print for less than $1. You can joke it’s just what the doctors ordered. And you’re right. Especially, if it takes no effort on your part – press the button and get a valid electronic file for printing. Moreover, it’ll serve perfectly for your other purposes when traveling overseas and returning to the US airports.