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What Do You Get Now

Passport Photo Prints

Get 4 passport pictures of 2x2 size same day. Pick up photo prints at a store near to you same-day. Order shipping. Photos are printed on matte premium paper.

Home Delivery

Get your ready passport photos without leaving home. Make an order with 2 clicks. Upload any of your available photo or take a new photo with smartphone. Complete the order!

Photo Quality Guarantee

Your photo will pass through manual check of a trained specialist. Your photo will be corrected in accordance with official rules for passport photo in case of any inaccuracies. You have a guarantee of acceptance at authorities.

Bonus! Digital Copy

Get a high-quality digital copy of your passport photo which you may use and print many times when needed. The JPEG file will be sent in 2 hours after your order by email.

How to Take Passport Photo Now?

  1. Take your passport picture
    STEP 1
    Upload or take a pic
  2. Download the resulting image
    STEP 2
    Pick at store/order delivery

How to Get and Staple Passport Photos in 2024

  1. 1. Take and Upload a Regular Picture

    Grab your phone and take a usual photo of yourself. It can have any size and background whatsoever—just upload the photo to make its format right. You can use our service anytime, as it's on 24/7, on weekends and public holidays. No need to fit the hours—avoid travelling in-person and have your passport photos prepared the easiest way now. No prior appointments are required. The service doesn't depend on the availability of a photographer at a place as in store.
  2. 2. Find a Printing Location Online

    You need to find a selected store: use the store locator on any store's official website to search for participating branches (use a search bar to type your zip code). Remember to check if your neighboring store is equipped to take passport photos. Also, make sure it's open—the hours often differ within a state (most are usually open 9 am to 8 pm). If in doubt, call first to visit the place for photo-taking.
  3. 3. Order Passport Photos In-Store

    Get 4 printed passport photos for less than a dollar at a store near you—in most places, your pictures will be ready for same-day pickup at the chosen store (or at least during these 24 hours). It's one of the cheapest ways to order prints: while in-store charges usually start at $15, uploading or taking your photo here and printing it elsewhere is much cheaper. And if you want to stay home, order delivery to your place ASAP—amazing way to get the job done easily online!
  4. 4. Staple the Photo to Your Form

    Once you get your perfectly sized 2x2 prints as a pickup at the store nearby, carefully cut one of them out, leaving some extra space along the edges. Then, put the cutout on top of the designated square on your passport application from and fasten it using a stapler—four staples is more than enough (i.e. one staple per square corner). Be sure to staple the edges only: don't ruin the photo itself! If you're not sure your stapler is strong enough, test it on a blank piece of photo paper.


  1. Does PhotoBooth Online do passport photos every day?

    You can take passport photos with PhotoBooth Online any day and anytime. Weekends, public holidays, mornings, and nights.
    If you plan on using passport photo services at a store, check the opening times as they might vary. Please note that only participating stores can offer photos for passports near you.

  2. Can you print passport photos with PhotoBooth Online's template?

    Yes. You can take a valid passport photo online now and download your printable compliant 4×6 template on our site. It’ll contain two 2×2 passport pictures.
    This way, you can get it printed in any store for less than a dollar. Save money and time on photo service for a passport or visa.
    These photos will serve perfectly for your purposes when traveling overseas and returning to the US airports.

  3. Can I use PhotoBooth Online at home?

    If you are not a big fan of photo sessions in public premises, and it’s not really your scene, try out the passport photo taking where you’re most comfortable: at the house, in the car, on the beach, on a couch, anywhere at all.
    You need your everyday clothes, a neutral facial expression with your face to the source of light, and your friend to take a pic. Take your photos at ease with an unlimited number of attempts, with a chance to change your hairstyle, outfit, jewelry, piercings, makeup, etc. You name it.
    With us, it’ll take you a couple of minutes to go through the photo-taking process and get your perfect passport photo verified to the photo rules. Take a pic, or upload an existing one, give the machine to process the image automatically, and own the result.
    You receive a single image for online submission for your passport application and a 2-picture printable template of 4×6 inches. Furthermore, you can order home delivery for two printed passport photos.

  4. How quickly can I snap a passport photo?

    With us, your passport picture is done in a few minutes. Make sure you get slightly more time if you plan on taking baby passport photos or pictures for older children. Such passport photos are suitable for all passports, including those issued for travel in urgent circumstances.

  5. Can PhotoBooth Online help me staple passport photos?

    Here are a few actionable tips to help you staple a passport photo properly to your passport application.

    1. Don’t use glue or tape to attach your picture to the form.
    2. Employ a reliable stapler.
    3. Overlay a single passport snapshot on top of the designated area of the form—top left corner.
    4. Follow the instructions on the form: staple the passport picture with four shots farther aside from the center.
    5. Take care in preserving the photo undamaged and not creased.
  6. Who usually staples passport photos?

    “If you renew your passport, you can apply by mail. That’s where you attach your photo to an application form by yourself.
    If you apply in person, do not staple your passport photo. The passport office clerk will check your photo for compliance and affix it to the form during the appointment.
    If your photo happens to be invalid, you’ll be asked to take another passport photo before stapling.

  7. How to check the specs before I staple passport photos to my form?

    Before stapling your passport photo to the form, double-check the following parameters are in place:

    1. White or off-white background
    2. 1-1 ⅜ not tilted head positioning
    3. 1.18-inch eyeline level
    4. In color
    5. No glasses, headwear, or any other accessories obscuring face visibility
    6. No filters
    7. No uniform
    8. No exaggerated smile

    When you travel to other countries with a ready document, other rules, like passport validity, come into play. However, a compliant passport photo is your initial focus.

  8. Can I staple passport photos printed on paper or photo paper only?

    You can only staple a passport picture printed on high-quality photo paper: matte or glossy. It cannot be any other paper.
    In 2024, you can have a flawless photograph for your passport without investigating the requirements. No need to be under pressure or read pages of the passport photo guide. Leave it to our AI-charged tool. Upload or take a photo now.