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How Can PhotoBooth Online Help You Print Passport Photo?

Free Instant Image

Double-check your passport photo before print. Our AI service is honed to catch the slightest discrepancies, and it provides you with a stellar result instantly. If you haven't got an image yet, get it in a blink of an eye for free. With us, you’re sure the passport photo print is valid, and the passport office doesn't reject or delay your application.

100% Acceptance

Don’t carry the world on your shoulders. Trust your biometric passport photo with print recommendations to AI and in-house experts. Save time and money, and you save a whole lot more when you arrange your passport photo printing with our digital template. That is your positive vibe and peace of mind.

Passport Photo Print Size & Tips

As photo experts, we’ve accumulated expertise and rolled-up-sleeves experience that will help you take, verify, and print your passport photo in the most effective way. Simply give us your photo, wait 5 seconds, insert a flash card, and save a printable passport photo format. Go to your local store to print passport pictures.

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Passport photos together with the application process can be a bumpy journey, to say the least. We can’t let you have that. That’s why we make sure that your photo meets the rules, and you print a US passport photo at the most reasonable price. Read on to find out your options, tips, and the latest rules.

How to Get, Verify, and Print Passport Photo?

  1. Print a passport photo
    STEP 1
    Take headshot picture
  2. Print photo for passport
    STEP 2
    Download passport pic

Print Passport Picture with PhotoBooth Online ProTips

  1. Compliance #1 Priority

    We know what passport offices want and don’t want to see in a US passport photo print: correct background and eye line, neutral expression, and no glasses or shadows that can hinder your entire face visibility. And these are just a few nuances to making a compliant pic. That's why we made it our priority to help you accomplish passport photo printing and taking easily.
  2. Ready-to-Print Format

    Once you decide to try our service, press the green button immediately. Choose a suitable portrait picture on your hard drive (memory card) or take a brand new one. Give a few magic seconds for technology to do its thing. Voila! Save your passport photo for print as a four-by-six printable photo template or a single image format for online submission. Well done!
  3. Passport Photos Intuitively

    Print a pic with our digital passport photo template easily. You just need to check the web for your nearest printing location and drop by with a saved file. Getting or verifying an image on our site is even easier. The plain and esthetic design, succinct comprehensive hints & tips at every step of the way help you hit the goal of time and compliance.
  4. Print for Cents with Our File

    Have you checked the average market price for taking and printing passport photos? Ah, well. So many factors contribute to the price composition. What you can do is print a passport photo file you get on our site as a postcard for less than $1. Can’t believe it? Give it a shot. You can fulfill the task at a store, pharmacy, library, printing shop, or community center. It all depends on your location and opening hours.
  5. AI Works for Good Photo

    One more thing you need to know before you’re off to print passport photos. In 2022, you can have a photo for your passport that you actually like, and you can have a picture that looks like you. It’s all thanks to state-of-the-art technology, that allows you to have as many photo shots as you need, and lets you fix your hair, makeup, shirt, etc. So, where to print your newly-likable passport photo?
  6. Passport Size Photos to Print 

    PhotoBooth Online is preparing the best-priced and most convenient passport photo print options for you in every state: Same Day Pickup and Ship To You. They're on their way. Meanwhile, make advantage of the passport size photo print as a 4 by 6 card for around $0.40. Note postcard photos are cheaper and come on glossy or matte quality paper at all printing facilities. All you need is to cut the ready photos to make 2 perfect prints of 2-by-2 inches.


  1. Where can I print a passport photo?

    When you get your biometric photo conveniently, decide where to get your passport pictures printed. There is a variety of places for quality photo print. Download our passport photo template in a digital format and pick a location closest to your place. So here are your options:

    1. At home: use your photo printer and do a great job yourself. You can always order passport photo prints online with a delivery to your home or work address, or local pick-up points.
    2. Online: go to the website of one of the popular stores or pharmacies, choose a postcard four-by-six format to get passport pictures at CVS, for example, as a printed version, and select paper type for your new photo. Such facilities also have a premium mail service for the quickest delivery and a money-back guarantee policy, in case there are any quality drawbacks on the pictures.
    3. Local stores.
    4. Local drugstores.
    5. Community centers.
    6. Libraries.
    7. Printing shops.
    8. Our service is about to launch print for passport photos so that our users do not worry about a thing. Stay tuned! It’s coming very soon.
  2. What is the correct passport size photo print?

    The correct size to print a passport photo is two by two inches or fifty-one by fifty-one millimeters. On our website, you’ll get a four-by-six file with two passport size photos. If you’re submitting your United States passport application by mail for document renewal, you should send away only one out of two passport photo prints to the US Department of State. You can use the second image for any other official document application with the same required parameters, or for popular documents in general.

  3. How to make sure I print passport photos correctly?

    In order to get a perfect biometric photo with compliance guaranteed, check that your photo meets all the official passport photo requirements before printing. Among them are plain white background, mouth closed, neutral facial expression, headwear only as part of everyday religious clothing or for medical reasons, no exaggerated smile, bulky accessories, or extravagant clothes.

  4. Is it expensive to print a photo for a passport?

    Depending on the photo-taking facility, passport photos cost from $15 to $20, which is a good amount of money. To make that price more affordable and lighter on your wallet, you can take a pic on our site and print your passport photo for around half a dollar at any printing facility as a postcard.

  5. What is the cheapest way to print a US passport photo?

    To easily print pictures the cheapest way, get the best four-by-six print size for that purpose with our free service. You receive two identical passport photos to print in one piece at the nearest store you normally use for your photo print for a passport or any other pictures. Satisfaction guarantee once you’ve tried and tested that way with PhotoBooth Online!