Signing Passport Photos and Passport: Key Points 2024

May 20, 2024

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can post office sign passport photo

There is some confusion whether signing passport photos is required when you submit your passport application. You have to sign the passport as its bearer, but what is the valid way to do so? Let’s reveal the myths and specify if and how we need to sign passport photos and passports.

In Focus

Signing passport photo: Step 1

First of all, let’s clarify there is nothing said about signing passport photos on the official website of the US State Department. The passport photo guidelines explain that the picture must be of the right size (2×2 inches), in color, and in squire ratio. The photo must be taken against a white background. Also, you should have a fully visible face and no glasses on. Rather than that there are no recommended manipulations with a passport photo and signing it.

Who can sign a passport photo?

There are countries, where you and your guarantor would have to sign your passport photos and put your name on them when applying for your passport. For instance, in Canada or when countersigning in the UK. However, the US Department of State does not list that in its recommendations for passport photos.

We also come across cases when the acceptance agents in the US sign the back of the passport photo when accepting the passport application and the documents from the applicant. Make sure just in case, that the signature leaves no dark marks on the white background of your picture and doesn’t affect your passport photo lighting.

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How to sign a passport? Step 2

how to sign a us passport

When you finally receive your passport, that’s where you need to make a good job of signing it. Sign the passport in the “signature of bearer” spot next to the photo page in the US passport. Check all the personal details that must match the details on the application form. If any errors, you can apply for a corrected passport.

You can sign your passport in black or blue ink. Other ink colors, markers, or pencils are forbidden.

Children can also sign passports with their signatures if they can read and write. Otherwise, a parent or legal guardian can sign a child’s passport, which is eligible and accepted by the US State Department. The guardian’s name must be written in the line followed by the specification of their kinship in brackets. The full name of the child must be written above in block letters using the same allowed ink: blue or black.

How to correct a passport signature mistake?

If you made a mistake signing your passport, the rules to follow are pretty straightforward. If the mistake is minor, you can leave it as it is. If the mistake is major and will prevent government officers from recognizing your signature or your passport signature becomes illegible, the passport has to be replaced to make it a valid travel document.

Summing up

There is sometimes misunderstanding about how to sign your passport and if you need signing passport photos. You do not need to sign your passport photos according to the official rules. On the other hand, when you receive your new passport, follow the recommendation above to put a valid signature on it.